As Many Women As There Are Men

Another above-average day with our temperatures happened again, and since the drying wind from the south was blowing strongly, we were approaching the eighty degree mark. Of course any time I was outdoors for a length of time, those evil jiggers were landing on my and trying to take a bite or two. I thought for sure those two nights of frost would’ve done them in, but they’re still out there.

After getting myself settled-in at office for the morning, I decided it was time to give my wooden floors a good scrubbing, and after seeing how dirty the water was, it was definitely time. If there was one thing I did while working on the restoration of my office, the refinishing of those floors was the best choice. Yes, those very many hours of getting them prepped for varnishing was a tedious and time-consuming job I’ll never want to tackle again.

I did remember it was Tuesday, but while out running errands this morning, the people scampering about were acting like it was a Monday they had long awaited, and in an even bigger hurry to get from point A to B. Believe it or not, we most certainly do have road rage mentalities living right here in River City, which is why I try to get my running done before or after the rush hours.

My buyer did stop at office for me to prepare a purchase agreement on the last Prairie Place on 1st unit we still have available, and after everything was filled-out and signed, we had a nice chat about the people who currently live there. I’m still quite confident another good “fit” for that community is about to take place. I scanned and then emailed the offer to the one in charge, so hopefully we’ll have an answer on it tomorrow.

There was a call that came in from and executor on a property that’s part of an estate who asked if I would be good enough to go over to the house and give an opinion of value. I didn’t mention anything until I arrived, regarding the fact that I had that home listed and sold nearly thirty years ago.

Structure-wise, there really hadn’t been many changes done, and since I hadn’t been in it for so many years, I’d forgotten how large the rooms were, along with all the beautiful natural woodwork, and after getting the full-blown look at everything, it was just another testament on how strong and enduring some of the exceptionally well-built homes in our City can withstand weather, wear and tear, and decomposition.

After getting a good look at it, I sat down with the executor and went over some comparable sales that’ve taken place this past year, and not to my surprise, the executor was thinking it was worth far less. It sounds like there’s a buyer in the wings wanting it, but I’m sure what was offered, isn’t anywhere near what it’s actually worth. I didn’t mention the fact that when I had it listed, my being able to see myself living there. Yes, with some deep cleaning and added cosmetics, it would sell well into the $100K range.

As I was driving away, I had a “feeling” the executor isn’t gonna want to bother listing it, and instead sell it on the cheap to someone who’s likely planning on flipping it and cut a fat hog afterwards. Yes, these are some interesting times in which we live, and for whatever reason, more and more executors of estates are wanting to get their hands washed and move on. I’ll certainly be waiting and watching to see what happens with it.  Over these past two months, that was the second home in an estate where the “family” wants to simply unload and never look back.

Between the recent price reductions and pending sales getting put back on the market, I’d say those mortgage interest rate hikes are now being felt by our buyers and sellers. The cash sales of the big ticket homes are still sailing along, which leaves me wondering where they’re getting the money. It appears those high-end buyers are looking at only the short term rather than the long, because if they’re taking out mortgages, a market correction will have them completely upside down, and if that happens, we’ll be right back to the financial crisis of 2008. Let’s hope and pray we have a soft landing instead of another crash.

Having made several attempts to call a friend of mine these past months, I finally got thru to her today, and unfortunately she’s still battling an infection that managed to take hold of her nearly a year ago. She’s such a sweet person, and in spite of the daily struggles she’s having, she remains positive. I did tell her for what it’s worth, I would pray deeply for her recovery, and if any of you have a moment, please do the same because she really is an angel. It sounded like there’s a specialist who’s going to be getting involved, so let’s hope and pray that intervention will do the trick.

I have not clue what’s going on in our Downtown because I normally see those dumpster divers early in the morning, but just recently, I’ve noticed them all hours of the day, and what’s even more troubling, there are just about as many women as there are men digging thru those garbage bags. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was in a Downtown of a third-world country. It seems it’s a daily occurrence to find mugshots in the online KIMT News. There’s no question our City has a serious problem with drug abuse.

Just today I was informed that MercyOne’s computers were taken down by an attack of male-ware which not only shut their records down, but also the very many hospitals that are using the same system. Now that’s scary. It’s no wonder I’m all the more careful about not storing any more of my office information online than I have to. What next?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Just because you finally got that monkey off your back, doesn’t mean the circus has left town.

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