Arrival Of A Glowing Spirit

Considering how warm it was outdoors early this morning, I figured our temps were going to be on the high side, and it was fully confirmed when seeing the temperature gage reading 75 degrees this afternoon. The warm breezes from the south were definitely helping them to rise.

Knowing it was going to be a slow day due to it being a holiday, I had all my real estate work completed before the hour of nine, and the rest of my day, was spent working on various outdoor projects. I was getting text messages and phone calls from other agents regarding their wanting to show several of my listing tomorrow, but other than that, I was free to keep on working. I did have a late afternoon appointment to show 224 – 12th St. SE which went well, but I have a feeling it’s not the caliber they’re looking for, but they did ask that I call them any time something comes on the market under 80K. I did ask them if they’ve been to a bank yet, and they hadn’t, so I strongly encouraged them to get pre-approved beforehand, just in case they soon find something they want to buy. If you know anyone who says they’ve already been pre-approved over two months ago, it’s best you tell them to get back to their banks and get an updated one. Once again, the 30 year rates are at 7%, which is double what they were three months ago.

I actually got more completed today than I would’ve imagined, because I thought if I got the really big things done before November 1st, I’d be doing well, so it looks like I’m already at least two weeks ahead of the game.

The farmers are definitely on a burn to get their crops out of their fields, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of it’s out by the end of this coming weekend. Fortunately for them, we don’t have rain in the forecast, so there shouldn’t be as many complaints about their harvesting struggles. I just recently read where those high-end combines that are now on the market, can pick a maximum of 200 acres of corn per day. It’s no wonder we have corporate farmers owning 2,000+ acres of farmland. Can you imagine having that many acres of cropland harvested in ten days? Wow. Back when I was growing up, if a family lived on a working farm and had 160 acres of farmland free and clear, they’d consider themselves both fortunate and comfortable. My, how times have changed.

Just as the Hunter moon was rising last night, I so badly wanted to get a good shot of it, but the tree branches were in the way, but I did manage to get the above photo which I thought to be a bit creepy-cool. At first glance, it looked as if it was the coming arrival of a glowing spirit. I may convert it to my computer’s wallpaper, just as a reminder of how spooky it was last night.

I was hoping our last frost was hard enough to kill those biting jiggers, but when I was out checking my garden late this afternoon, they were after me. For being so tiny, they sure know how to pack a bite, as well as leaving a nasty odor after being smashed. You can bet it was a very short inspection of my carrots and rutabagas. After looking at the size of them, I’ll likely be harvesting them all in a week or two.

When reading the news coming out of Ukraine today, I wasn’t surprised to find Putin having ordered random bombings of their larger cities, and of course more innocent people were killed.

Everyone’s afraid he’ll push the nuclear button because we’ve backed him into a corner, when in reality, he’s backed himself because he was the one who invaded Ukraine, and he was the one who decided to do a land-grab.

I forgot to mention a bit of information I found when doing a little research on the expansionism Russia was involved in back in the 19th century regarding their “land grab” in the North Caucasus. If you have time, do a little research on the Circassian genocide. I was about ready to vomit after reading what the Russians did to those 1.5 million innocent people. I now understand why Putin and his military cronies are drafting young men from the North Caucasus regions, and likely because they’re not the “true” Russian blood, and most of them still embracing the Islamic faith.

Putin had better tread carefully with those areas, and mostly because they’re more Turkish-leaning than Russian, and if things continue to go bad for Putin and his army, I wouldn’t be surprised if those areas of Russia start revolting, and if they do, that’s when the great un-raveling of the Russian “empire” will begin. Considering how badly Putin wanted to resurrect the old Soviet Union, he deserves to end up with far less than he started with.

If we don’t get some additional activity on our current listings, I’m going to have to start making calls for price reductions. Within these past seven days, I noticed at least six homes listed by my competitors which were under contract, are now back on the market. I would say they’re back on because those buyers’ financing didn’t get approved, and likely due to the rise in our mortgage interest rates. On a positive note, the cash sales are still taking place, and as I’ve always said, cash is the real king.

I’ve got an appointment tomorrow morning to meet with a buyer who’s wanting to make an offer on my last available unit over at Prairie Place on 1st, and I’m going to stay confident we’ll get it under contract. Wish me well.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I think it would be interesting if old people got anti-Alzheimer’s disease to where they slowly began to recover other people’s lost memories.

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