The Heavy Weights Of Time

With the arrival of another Sunday morning, I found myself not wanting to crawl out of bed, and mostly due to the lack of sleep I had, and likely due to the near-full moon we were experiencing. I’ll likely have to endure another night or two of it because tonight is supposed to be the official happening of the Hunter’s Moon. My full moon awakenings are sometimes not so annoying, but others like last night’s, was beyond tolerable.

Soon after I arrived at office, I headed back to my darkened corner to get my contemplative session completed. It went well, in spite of my having flash-backs to yesterday afternoon’s out-of-town church Service, so I suspect it made more of an impression on me than I’d realized.

After finishing up my prayer session, I called a long-time friend to see if he was up and about because I wanted to deliver three of my giant-sized onions to him, and only because of his great fondness of a good onion.

Upon arrival at his home, I handed him my sack of onions, and when he opened it up, his eyes lit up while saying, “Oh my. You weren’t kidding when you said you were having a Chernobyl onion crop this year.” I assured him they would meet his approval because just last night I had a salad with them, and they were far better than what I could’ve found in a groceteria. After having a good chat, I quickly headed back to office to get my clothes changed and then head out to get some more yard work done.

It was a demanding five hours, but when looking back at it, I could see a great improvement from when I started. I wasn’t beating myself up to get it done, but rather taking short little pauses to look at the Fall colors emerging from the trees, along with spying on the little finches that were darting about in the bushes and underbrush. Yes, it was another workout, but at least I able to get loaded-up with what was happing in our natural world. It’s unfortunate so many of our young and old, don’t slow down enough to pay closer attention to the beauty Mother Nature offers up to us on a daily basis.  I knew I had to call it quits early because I had a birthday gathering to attend which was being held in a social hall of one of our City’s churches.

With birthday card in hand, I finally arrived about twenty minutes before they were supposed to call it quits, so I immediately went and found the birthday boy and congratulated him for making it another year, along with wishing him many more.

There were people in attendance whom I personally knew, so I stopped and visited with them for awhile, but unfortunately, I was told a truth which I was wondering about these recent years, which had to do with something a very naughty person did to me. So now I know who the person was that got roped into making a delivery which got it all started.
Because I’d sent that nasty happening down long ago, I wasn’t the least bit reactive, but at least I now know who did it, and who put that person up to it. I also found out that karma is now having a hand in settling the score. In my wildest dreams, I would’ve never even thought of doing such a thing to another, but as we all know, there’s a whole lot of devilish deeds being done in today’s world. Shame on all of them. All in all, that birthday celebration was very well orchestrated by family and friends, and glad I was invited.

After I bid my farewells, I headed back to office, just to make sure everything was closed up for the day, and then head over to a groceteria to pick up a few things. While there, one of my past clients came up to me and asked how the world of real estate has been, so we stood there for about fifteen minutes talking about recent trends. I did mention my seeing the interest rates were at 7% on Friday, which more sooner than later, is going to have an effect on sale prices. I did congratulate her for buying before our real estate market exploded after the pandemic arrived. Her final words were, “I’m thankful I did buy when I did, and even more thanks to you for finding me my home.”

As much as I try to get settled down while driving home, today’s drivers had me nearly fit to be tied. There were three different times when I had to honk at someone sitting at a stop sign and no cars coming, and each one of them were busy texting. I finally had to turn off on a side street on the last one, just so I wouldn’t have to wait for her to quit texting at each stop sign. I wouldn’t be surprised when the day comes and the real news gets out regarding the number of accidents and fatalities caused by texting drivers.

After reading another article about that Crimean bridge that was bombed, I’m all the more convinced the Ukrainians are going to keep putting the pressure on the Russians until they get all their land back, and that includes what Putin took from them in 2014.

Now you all know I try to be as vanilla as possible when speaking about politics, but I simply can’t remain silent whenever people start talking about Chuck Grassley running for another six years. I personally think he has no business being a United States Senator well into his nineties. Having been around a great number of people in that age group over the years, I can honestly say, no matter how fit people think they are at that age, because whether they realize it or not, the heavy weights of time have already compromised them. Being a U. S. Senator for that many years, is just one more reason why I believe there should be term limits enacted. For sure, I personally wouldn’t want to be selling real estate at that age, but rather out enjoying my final years, along with busying myself with volunteer work and whole lot of giving back to North Iowa. Don’t you think that’s the way it should be?

Tonight’s One-liner is: I want thank you for the “little things” that you so often do, and tell you that it’s a wonder to have a friend like you.

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