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Before heading to office this morning, I had to stop at a gas station and get another fill-up, and after looking at the printed receipt, there’s no doubt these gas prices are making a big dent in the budgets of the many millions of Americans. Unfortunately, I can’t reduce my driving because when in the business of selling real estate, one has far more driving to do. Oh well, there’s nothing you or I can do about it, so we just have live with it. In the back of my mind, I think the reason I’ve been doing far more freezing and canning of fruits and vegetables this year, is knowing I’m creating lower monthly food costs in the future. It’s been extra work, but well worth the effort.

Most of my day was crossing back and forth between dealing with rentals, marketing properties, and desk work. I spent a good hour looking for a certification I knew I had, but for some reason, it wasn’t where I believed it was, so out on the hunt I went looking for it. After searching high and low and in every possible file drawer and cabinet, I went back to where I thought it was, and after pulling all the files out, there it was at the bottom of that drawer where it must’ve worked its way down without me noticing it. I was greatly relieved, but also a little angry with myself for not going completely thru that drawer before looking elsewhere. At least it was where I believed I put it about four years ago.

I placed a follow-up call to the buyer I showed Prairie Place on 1st yesterday, just to see where things were. Well, for some reason an attorney hasn’t yet returned a requested call, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m hoping the call will be returned tomorrow, and if not, I’m afraid my buyer’s going to be more than annoyed with that attorney. I’m just gonna hope he took the day off and will be there in the morning.

Having looked at my appointment calendar sideways today, I flubbed-up on the day I was supposed to show a person one of my client’s rentals. What made matters worse, was my having sent that prospective tenant an email regarding the no-show. Before I realized it was my mistake, I got a return email, so yours truly immediately sent one back apologizing for the mix-up, and placed the blame fully on my shoulders. I still think what got me mixed up, was that frantic searching I was doing early this morning.  Yes, when mistakes happen the most, is when we’re stirred-up, which is why I don’t like getting to that point.

Part of my conversation yesterday with a buyer, ended up being about a particular church I attend on occasion which is relatively far from our City. I was more than shocked to hear the buyer agreeing that there’s something very special about that church. I’m convinced there’s a great and good spiritual energy living in that house of worship, and after talking about it yesterday, I’ve decided if time permits, I’ll be paying it a visit this weekend.

Irregardless what Christian denomination a person is, I’d say if you haven’t paid New Melleray Abbey in Peosta Iowa, this would be the perfect time to go. I’ve been there at least four times in my life, and each time I’ve been there, I’ve driven away filled with an uplifted soul. I know they’ve made a number of changes to it since I was first there, and mostly to make more of it accessible to the general public. Those monks belong to the Cistercian order which is one of the more strict Christian orders.

If you do decide to make the trip over, be sure to leave early because it’s located close to the Mississippi River, and once you’ve had the full tour of the abbey, you’ll find all the more touristy and scenic places to visit while over there. Dubuque is very close which offers riverboat gambling, excursions, and fabulous look-out areas nearby which offer panoramic views of the Mississippi. With the colors of Fall having arrived, you’ll certainly be thankful I made the recommendation. Oh and by the way, I never drive back the same way I went because I prefer doing the full half-circle by driving in from the south and west, and leaving from the north and east. Of all the charming cities we have in Iowa, without a doubt, Dubuque is my favorite. Just for your information, it’s been said that Dubuque is the oldest settlement west of the Mississippi, with the exception of those Catholic Missions out West. If you have time, do some investigating on where to go and what to see in Dubuque and the surrounding areas.

Finding I had a free hour this afternoon, I drove over to St. Paul Lutheran and practiced the hymns I was given to play next Sunday. There’s one I’m gonna have to work on because it’s definitely quirky. When leaving, I ran into one of their senior members whom I’d not spoken with in some time, so we both stood out at the curbside and had a good long chat about how our society is evolving to where they’re noticeably pulling themselves away from going to church on a regular basis.

He did ask if I’d heard the Catholics were planning on selling St. Joseph’s Church, and of course I confirmed it by saying, “If they sell that church and the grounds surrounding it, and the buyers tear it down, that’ll be a huge mistake because it’s always been a classic example of Gothic Revival architecture in our City.” Of course being filled with a little more candor today, I went on to say that the Catholic archbishop for Mason City, had better start looking for one of the many Catholic orders to buy it, or even possibly contacting the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Chicago to see if they’d want to start a new congregation here. For sure it would be a good time for them to expand considering the the number of Ukrainians our Country’s been taking in. There are many options to consider besides selling it to a developer who’d likely moth-ball it or have it razed. Yes, the opportunities for a good fit are there, if only they’d take the time to investigate. Let’s all vote on it!

Tonight’s One-liner is: A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.

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