The Last Rose of Summer

Another pleasant early morning arrived, and in spite of my wanting to get a little more rest, I knew I’d be rushed if I lingered in bed any longer, and only because I had some practicing to do before heading over to St. Paul Lutheran to accompany their Services on their vintage pipe organ.

On my way Downtown, I stopped and grabbed a cup of strong coffee at Casey’s, just so I’d be fully wired by the time I arrived at St. Paul. Of course I got caught again by those stoplights on S. Federal.

Once I had everything put away at office, I headed to my familiar Sunday morning corner to get my contemplative prayer session completed. There wasn’t anything that happened out of the ordinary other than having some flash-back reflections of some mean-spirited things several people had recently done to me, so all I could do was forgive them once again, and then send them back into the past where they belong forevermore. What I’ve found very unfortunate, is the continued dwelling many people do regarding transgressions others had willfully done unto them, when they should fully forgive and send it out into the universe, because the more someone dwells on unfortunate episodes, those who’ve committed those acts, are enjoying it all the more because they know they’re being remembered, even if it’s in a bad way. Make sense?

Someone said to me several years ago that the best revenge on someone who’s done something very bad to you, is to be all the more successful, along with enjoying life even more because that’s what really eats on them. I did understand why, but I certainly don’t wouldn’t subscribe to such because I personally don’t care if my success and/or happiness affects them, as I’d already forgiven them, wished them the best, but insisting they stay as far away from me as possible, but no farther, which I believe is the heart of being indifferent in a good way.

One of my colleagues whom I’d not spoken with in several weeks called just after I finished with my practicing, so we at least had a good fifteen minutes to play catch-up on things that’ve taken place since we last spoke. Both our cell phones started ringing so we cut our conversation short until another day.

I was a little late getting over to St. Paul, but still had enough time to run thru those hymns I’d be playing, and after I was fully prepared, I headed downstairs to give a little assistance to one of their members who was struggling with getting her phone set up for another live-stream of today’s Services. Luckily I got it figured out for her, and all was well.

Their Services went very well, but unfortunately there was only about half the number in attendance this morning which made me a little sad. Being as jaded as I am regarding religious gatherings, I still don’t understand why more people aren’t making a point to attend their Services, because as far as I’m concerned they’re far more spiritually uplifting than I’ve experienced in other houses of worship. I’ll just have to keep praying for more of our young to discover St. Paul Lutheran for themselves. What I’ve found to be the biggest difference, is how positive their petitions and sermons have been. I’ve never been into the fire and brimstone, loud rock-type music and big screens they have in what I consider those “new age” congregations. Another really big turn-off I have, is when finding some of them adding politics in the mix. Absolutely not for me.

Before I left, I made sure to chase down a husband and wife who have a winter home in Florida, just to find out if they’d suffered any damages. Luckily they didn’t have anything more than some downed trees and a whole lot of rain, but luckily no flooding.  They’re really nice people to where the wife asked me if I’d join them for coffee and snacks which they have every Sunday, but I had to beg-off because I had to get some much-needed outside work to do while our weather’s being supportive. While on my way back to office, I had the “feeling” they believe I don’t go down there after playing because I’m uncomfortable about it because I’m not a member of their congregation. The next time I see them, I’ll have to assure them that I’m not the least bit uncomfortable, but only because I usually have work to do afterwards. When winter arrives, I’ll be sure to make myself more visible while having a cup a java with them. Their community of faith contains some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.

The remainder of my day was spent finishing up that three weekend project, and just before I left, I stood back and gave it a good looking-over, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I know for a fact I’ll be having some aches and pains after I awaken tomorrow morning, and certainly happy to be back to non-physical real estate work.

As chance would have it, I spied a heritage rose in bloom, so I stopped and took the above photo. I dare say it’s truly the last rose of summer I’ll likely see blooming because this Friday night we’re supposed to have overnight temps in the 20’s. Ouch! I’ll likely have to get my giant onions pulled before then, just to make sure they don’t get blistered by the frost. One must always remember that if you’re gardening in a lowland, it gets noticeably colder because the cold naturally “settles” in such areas.

While outdoors, I was definitely noticing how the sun is now markedly lower in the sky, which is a reminder for us all that winter’s on its way. Just think, Christmas is less than three months away, so get yourselves prepared for the coming cold. Just this past week I mentioned I’m not deeply in hate of winter, but all the more fearful of those vortexes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Too many people expect wonders from democracy, when the most wonderful thing of all, is just having it.

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