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It was a glorious first day of October this morning with the temps higher and the sun peeking thru a thin layer of clouds on the eastern horizon. Whenever experiencing a quiet morning as it was, one couldn’t help having momentary thoughts of how all was well in the world, and then suddenly reality hit and I started to think of all our social, political and weather issues we’re now faced with on a daily basis. Getting those sudden episodes of a peaceful and healthy world, is just a reminder for us all that we could have it, only if we’d work together to fix all those issues which were created by mankind, and almost all of it comes down to lust for money and power. How regrettable.

My first duty early this morning, was to go over to my clients home with three jars of canned pears, and in exchange, he allowed me to pick two more sacks of them off his tree. I asked him if he’d ever had canned pears with just one little button of clove in them, and he said he didn’t, so we’ll see how he likes them. I went on to tell him that I’d opened one and tasted them, and I dared to say they tasted about as close as a person could get to what my grandmother used to serve as a dessert. We’ll see if he asks for the recipe.

After I had those two bags picked, I went back inside and had a very nice visit with him. We touched on just about every subject, and to my surprise, he’s in possession of pretty much the same socio-political views I have, which I found refreshing. We also talked about some of the grand plans our City and several developers have on the drawing board, and I couldn’t help smiling when he asked, “Do you think Mason City is of the caliber to sustain such?” My poker-faced reply was an “Absolutely not.” I couldn’t help adding, “We’re not making a real-life “Field of Dreams” movie where if we build it, they’ll come.” He fully agreed.

Upon bidding him farewell, I headed back to office, dropped off those pears, and then headed out to get a good three hours of work done on a project I started last week. As much as I was enjoying the bug-less outdoors, I was being interrupted by text messages and phone calls, so in spite of being there for those hours, I’d say I wasted nearly an hour attending to those side-liners. Oh well, at least I got half of what I wanted done, so if there’s not another intervening circumstance, I’ll be working on it again tomorrow after I finish playing St. Paul Lutheran’s organ.

Once I got back to office, I changed into my street clothes and headed over to Nora Springs to show a couple a new listing that just came on the market. I happened to be exactly one minute late getting there, and only because I was caught by nearly every red light there was while on my way out of town. I really don’t get it because sometimes I’m able to sail right thru the greens, and others, I’m caught by the reds. Truth be told, the lights I hate the most are on the stretch beginning at 19th St. and S. Federal. Almost always I’m caught by either the 15th St. light, or those wrongly timed lights starting at the intersection of Hwy 122 and 65 North. I’m surprised the DOT hasn’t got them fixed by now.

The showing didn’t go as well as I’d expected, and mostly because of the few updates that were made, along with the price, so in spite of them “sort of” liking it, it’ll end up being another fly-over for them. Fortunately time is on their side. What’s been haunting them these past weeks, is the fear of our market prices suddenly dropping, and since they’ve got to make sure they’ll have enough equity coming out of their home to bump up in price, it’s definitely something for them to consider. Oh well, it was a nice trip over, along with a pleasant visit with those dear ones.

Before heading back, I was compelled to drive past an acreage that’s a for sale by owner located just on the edge of Nora Springs. Knowing my buyers had looked at it, I felt it even more important for me to give it a rubber-necking. When I came around the corner on that gravel road and looking at that homesite, it all came rushing back to me. As chance would have it, I was called out to that property last winter to inspect it, and the reason being, it was part of an estate. The executor who just happened to be in the area who lived out of State, met me there, so I gave it a walk-thru while taking notes. The broker’s opinion I sent to the attorney had an estimated sale price of somewhere in the low $80K range. Well, as such happens, another Realtor got involved and ended up selling it for somewhere in the $120K range. The current owner who must’ve decided to re-sell it, is now asking far more for it. I wish him the best of luck. Do you see now how crazy our market is?

On my way back into the City, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up some canning supplies and a few groceries. One thing they sell which I’ve grown to like very much, is ground lamb which I use to make a doctored-up meat loaf which has a pound of ground lamb mixed with a pound of hamburger. It’s more expensive to make, but far better than any meatloaf I’ve ever eaten, and to top it off, it keeps well. The last one I threw together, was baked with a topping of my sugarless home-made tomato catsup, which made it even better. That recipe is worthy of being served at a higher-end restaurant with a catchy French title. Isn’t it funny how such recipes evolve?

Before heading home, I stopped back at office to pick up those sacks of pears and then sat down and read a little of the news regarding Ukraine’s re-taking of Lyman which had been in the hands of the Russian army since May. Since it’s a key transportation hub, getting it back under the control of the Ukrainian army, has sent one more glaring message of defeat to Putin and his war-mongering cronies. One of the military commentators mentioned that Putin’s lost his relationship with reality. He’s got to go.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Self-government won’t work without self-discipline.

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