Last Days Of A Broken Empire

In spite of it being the last day of September, I was happy to find our early morning temps higher, and it still looks as if we’re going to have a warm week ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if that hurricane is pushing all the warmer Gulf air our way.

When I arrived at office, I had a number of emails to return, as well as making time to get a long one off to a long-time friend who lives out East. There wasn’t much of any remarkable news going in that direction, but at least I found a few delightful happenings which took place this past month worth sharing.

I have another appointment to show Prairie Place on 1st next week, which has me hoping is going to be the tipping point for my buyer to go ahead and purchase it. I have no doubt that last remaining unit will be a good fit for her, and especially knowing winter is just around the corner. Come tomorrow morning, we’ll officially be entering the last quarter of 2022, and considering the up-hill battles I’ve had to endure these past months, I’ll be welcoming the new year with open arms. Please don’t get me wrong when saying such, because I’ve actually had a good nine months which should put me on track to ending up just about where I was at the end of this past year.

I’ve already got several appointments set for next week to show a rental I posted just this morning, so hopefully one of them will be a good fit. There’ll be several more small two bedroom units coming available towards the first of December, which means I’ll be busy showing them. I’ve not taken on any new rental clients in years, and the ones I still have, are long-term clients of Holtz Realty who do appreciate the work I do for them. Managing a large number of rentals in these times would be a job I’d be running away from, and quickly.

Since I’ve finally got those pears canned I was gifted, I’ll be dropping off several quarts of them to the gentleman who have them to me, just as another gesture of my thankfulness. I teased him a little when saying, “After you’ve tasted them, you may be canning them yourself next year.” He did ask me for the recipe, but I told him I wouldn’t supply it until he’s approved of their taste. I thought to myself, “Why would you give someone a recipe for something they’ve not even tried?”

I’m still waiting for a pre-approval letter on my listing over at 617 – 1st St. NE, and since today came and went without any positive news, I’m suspecting the buyer’s lender wasn’t able to supply one because of our spiking interest rates. If I don’t hear anything this weekend, I’ll have to put the push on selling it to another buyer. Oh well, when representing a seller, one must always remember that we have to do what’s in their best interest.

Most of my afternoon was filled with out-of-office appointments, so hopefully I have everyone’s needs and wants taken care of before the weekend arrives because I’m planning on getting some additional work done outdoors while our temps are up. I don’t think it’s going to be as dirty as last weekend’s marathon, and if it isn’t, I’ll be thanking the powers that be.

Without mentioning names, I definitely had quite the experience this afternoon with a dyed-in-the-wool narcissist. Wow. No matter what I said during our conversation, I was being trumped and then dismissed by a person who actually must believe he’s worthy of a crown and scepter, and for sure, of the belief he’s most one of the intelligent people ever to’ve walked the earth. Thank goodness I held my tongue because I dare say he’s one who’d likely become combative if his opinions were to be challenged. If he were a few inches shorter, I’d swear he was also suffering from Napoleon syndrome, only not as bad as that devil Putin is. When seeing Putin on stage today with his minions from those republics he wrongly annexed, I’d say he can’t be much taller than five foot two, unless those standing next to him, were giants in height.

I may be getting another listing next week which should sell because of where it’s located and the lower price range it’s in. The owner said he’s not going to be making any sort of major improvements before it’s listed, so hopefully it’ll be at least camera ready. Truth be told, I’m really not worrying about it because that price range almost always sells quickly.

When reading all the online news today, there’s no question we’re all in for some tough times ahead with climate change creating monster hurricanes and typhoons which are causing death and destruction around the world, along with that war in Ukraine killing innocent civilians and making widows on a daily basis. Of course now those pathological liars in the Russian government are saying they have proof that the United States government is responsible for bombing those two major gas lines connecting Russia and Germany. Really? My gosh, how they’ve fine-tuned their playbooks to where they can instantly turn facts into Shakespearean fiction.

I’m personally convinced Putin ordered the bombing of those lines, just as another diversion from his official proclamation, the Donbas now being permanently part of Russia. He’s also trying to instill all the more fear into the Europeans regarding the cutting-off of natural gas supplies to them. After all Putin and his regime has done since February 24th, the bulk of our world leaders are growing all the more resolute that no matter what he’s saying and planning to do next, I’d say pretty much all of them have come to the conclusion, Russia’s kleptocracy is in it’s final days of a broken empire.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Retiring is just practicing-up to be dead, and we all know it doesn’t take much of any practice.

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