Fall Into Such Unhealthy Traps

I had to get to office a bit earlier than normal, just so I could create a place in the back of my office to lay out, so they could get fully ripened, the last remaining San Marzano tomatoes I picked before the frost arrived. If they do ripen as they should, I’ll likely make another batch of that sugarless catsup, but if I do, I’ll not be using as much salt its recipe was calling for. On a positive note, I have already used a little of that first batch in some goulash I made several days ago, and truth be told, it made it taste all the better. I don’t know where and when these supposed shortages are going to take place, but I’ve heard twice that there’ll be a coming shortage of catsup, as well as a number of other grocery items we’ve nearly always had available.

My next little stop, was to deliver three more grocery bags full of green bell peppers over to a group who’re always willing to take anything fresh from the garden. I did mention it likely being my last delivery, unless I have an excess of rutabagas and carrots, but I’m not sure that’ll happen because I didn’t have that many planted. I was soulfully thanked for the many deliveries this past month and a half, and again, I returned the thanks for them not letting those veggies go to waste.

We did get an accepted offer on 617 – 1st St. SE today, but it’s hinging on the buyers getting me a pre-approval letter from their bank, so when I’d called them back, I gave a strong reminder for them to get me an approval letter because we’ll be continuing to show the home until it’s received. These spiking interest rates have more of an affect on purchasing power than most buyers realize, which is why I’m becoming even more insistent on getting recently generated pre-approval letters.

I did place a call to my dear friend whom I’d not spoken with in likely a week or more, just to fill her in on what’s been happening on my side of the fence. Much of our conversation centered around the hurricane in Florida, as well as our continually evolving weather patterns of the world. If it isn’t a drought, it’s wildfires, torrential rains and flooding. It seems to me these radical weather happenings are increasing in numbers on a yearly basis, which causes me to think about what Edgar Cayce said when speaking about the end of our 5,000 year cycle which will be ushered in by a number of natural disasters. In spite of him being quite accurate on nearly all of his predictions, there were some that didn’t take place, which means we can’t take everything he said as gospel truth.

After getting my phone calls returned, I proceeded to get myself prepared for the coming end of the month, just so I’ll be all the more ready for the first of October. Speaking of October, I can’t believe how many people are placing Halloween decorations out in their front yards. Good Heavens! Halloween’s over a month away. I could think of a hundred other things to do other than litter my front yard with that plastique junk.

I had a little time today to read a short article regarding the four desires driving all human behavior, which I considered quite accurate, and especially after having worked with the cross-cut of society over these many years. In a nutshell, here are the four;

1. Acquisitiveness

The wish to possess as much as possible of goods and or the title to such. Unfortunately, the more of which a person takes ownership of, the end comfort of satiety is never to be reached, which is why most never stop until they’re at death’s doorstep.

2. Rivalry

The wish to be singularly the best, has risen to greater heights by corporations, families and friends, who’ve been promoting narcissism from and early age, and when the full effects of it is revealed at maturity, it’s too late to reverse what’s been instilled from an early age.

3. Vanity

Today’s multi-media world couldn’t offer a better example of how possessed the masses have become with their continual “Look at me” antics. It’s even taken hold within our political circles which is causing all the more polarizing of thoughts and ideas.

4. Love of Power

Once again, we’re in the midst of a war in Europe which may escalate into another World War, and only because of one man’s love of power, and just consider how many lives have already been lost and families displaced. Putin was the first person to come to mind, but when thinking a little harder and drawing comparisons, there are a whole lot of other Putin wannabes in our world.

After reading these four, I’m hoping that all of us take personal note, just so we don’t fall into such unhealthy traps. As I’ve said a number of times, it’s human nature to make mistakes, but the real uphill battle, is for us to acknowledge and learn from them, just so we can become better people who can in turn make our world a better place in which to live, and this time, I really mean it!

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions, and just so happens to be a biological thing, which is why it takes several million sperm cells…to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin.

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