The Great Brain Drain

Well it happened as I suspected. We had a frost heavy enough in the lowlands to kill all the pepper and tomato plants, but I’m not worrying a bit because I managed to get everything picked that was ready beforehand. Without a doubt, I can freely admit I had a very good run at having an exceptionally productive garden this season. The only plants remaining to be harvested are those 150 onion plants, the carrots and rutabagas. I tried my darnedest to grow cabbage, but the grasshoppers and green worms just wouldn’t leave them alone. Oh well, I know for sure that if I want cabbage, I’ll have to get it planted as early as possible, just so they’ll be far ahead of the bugs.

One of my dear past clients called early this morning asking if I wanted any pears from his tree, and knowing what type they were, I gladly accepted his offer, but I had to go and pick them because of his health condition, so when the hour of eleven arrived, I was out to his house picking those wonderful pears. I’d say by the time I stopped, I had about forty pounds picked and sacked. I was not surprised to find that the birds and squirrels had ruined some of them, and when my client mentioned seeing deer standing on their hind legs to pull them off, I wasn’t a bit surprised. Neither he nor I could figure out where they must be coming from because where he lives, there’s really no place to hide. Like I said, they’re everywhere in this City. In exchange for the pears, I gave him a heaping sack of giant bell peppers, and gladly received because their garden wasn’t producing much at all this year.

It’ll be a virgin voyage for me with getting those pears canned because we never had pear trees, but I fully remember my grandmother canning them, and they were oh so good. Whenever we were at her home for Sunday dinner, her form of desert was a sauce dish with old fashioned cottage cheese topped with four nice slices of spiced canned pears. I don’t think I’m going to use any spice because I prefer the full flavor of them. I also promised to give my gifting client a jar of them because he’s never had home-canned ones.

My first afternoon appointment was to show a condo out on the west side of our City. I was hoping the showing would go well, but the more we looked, the more problems we found, so it ended up being a definite “No”. We did talk about timelines and other possible options, so at least I’m now up to speed with what my buyer is actually looking for in a condo or townhome.

My last appointment went very well, and so much so, I have a “feeling” they’re going to be that home’s new owners. Since I know its neighborhood very well, I brought them fully up to speed regarding what homes in that district normally sell for. What’ll make me the happiest, is knowing it’ll be owner-occupied instead of it being sold to another investor who’ll not give a hoot about making any improvements.

The owners of 1006 – 1008 N. Delaware decided to take their duplex off the market for now, and only because of how our interest rates have been fluctuating, so I’ll have to find an new tenant for the side that’s now vacant. It was a little unfortunate about them deciding to take it off because we came very close to having it sold this week. Oh well, we can’t always get offers put together as we’d like, but that’s the way real estate sales works.

I sure wish they’d get that stretch of 19th St. SW fixed because it’s becoming very annoying with having to detour on side streets, and when the traffic count is high, there are lines of cars waiting at that 4-way stop sign on Pierce. I have a feeling there was a major break in a sewer or water line under that bridge, because they’ve been at it for days and days.

There’ll be a first showing on my new listing up in Manly tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully it’ll be a good one and that’ll be sold. With the home two doors down being priced at well over 30K more, I’d say my listing offers more bang for the buck. I love the extra-large double garage it has.

I happened to notice just yesterday, a property being sold on auction which had me baffled because in my estimation, it’s far too expensive, as well as unique home to be selling under the gavel. I don’t know whose brainy idea that was, but if it’s being sold without reserve, those sellers may be in for a big unpleasant surprise. Let’s hope there’s a buyer in our area for it who’s seen the posting.

When reading the European news today, I wasn’t surprised to find that the EU is pointing the finger of blame on Russia for sabotaging those underwater natural gas lines which the Russians had shut down. I also read where the CIA had warned the EU some weeks ago about there possibly being an attack on those pipelines. That Putin is the devil incarnate and needs to be removed from office, be it one way or another, and the sooner the better.

I’ve been watching some of those news videos of the Russians who’ve already managed to get out of Russia, and every one of them were saying they’ll not be going back until their government has been changed. They’re also saying that it’s been a secret within their regime regarding the real number of conscripts they’re calling up, and that being a million instead of 300K. Can you imagine how many educated and highly trained technicians, scientists, doctors and engineers are working hard to get out? There’s absolutely no question Russia’s in the midst of the great brain drain. What’ll be left?

Tonight’s one-liner is: People who want to share their religious views with you, almost never want you to share yours with them.

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