Rubber Ducks Floating Around

It was a relatively uneventful morning for me other than placing a call to a dear friend of mine whom I’d not spoken with in days. We had another good chat which touched on everything from organized religion, inter-family squabbles, the increased poverty and drug abuse in our City, and pretty much everything worthy of discussion. As I’ve said before, it’s always good to be surrounded by people who’re not afraid to express their true opinions.

I had to run over to my new listing at 617 – 1st St. SE and replace several burned-out lightbulbs in the basement, as well as getting a ceiling light fixture re-installed in the kitchen, just so it would look like it was supposed to. Sometimes it’s those little things that make a difference in the sale of a home.

We certainly had a hot one today, and once it got past noontime, the temps were continually registering above ninety degrees well past the closing hour. I know cooler temps will be arriving later this week, and glad to find the predicted overnight temps were raised. Let’s hope we don’t have a frost until well into October.

We’ve been getting more activity on my listing at 304 N. Fairview in Manly recently, but still no offers which has me a bit frustrated considering what so many of those lipsticked pigs have been selling for. Without a doubt, that home is one heck of a buy considering its location, quality of construction and size of the garage. Keep it in mind whenever visiting with people you know who’re looking to buy.

My relatively new listing at 521 – 5th St. SE has been getting showings, but no offers as of yet. I know much of the resistance is due to there being no garage, but when you have a move-in ready home, it wouldn’t take long to save and have a new garage built. The kitchen in that home should be enough to make anyone salivate. Please keep it in mind.

Those nasty little biting black bugs were at it again today, and for some reason, they really enjoy coming after me. Luckily their bites aren’t even in the same solar system as fleas, and glad for it because those bites I received at that acreage well over a week ago, are still on a slow-heal. Even thinking about how many times I’ve been attacked by them is enough to bring on a sweat.

I happened to watch a short video of a young man living in another State who’s running for a House seat. If he were living in our Congressional District, I’d likely be helping with his campaign. He’s a new and refreshing breed of politicians who’s not aligned with big Pharma Corporations, or any of those other special interest groups who’re trying to polarize our Country. When listening to him talk about how the medias are making money out of supporting all these bat-shite crazy groups who’ve been propagandized by all of their fake news. He wants to make sure all the information available to Americans, has been fully checked for accuracy before it’s released, and as far as Youtube’s and Facebook’s free-for-all with anything goes, that as well needs to get stopped. I personally know a handful of people right here in Mason City who’re fully indoctrinated by those conspiracy theories, and just as that candidate said, it’s playing right into China’s and Russia’s hands by weakening the fibers that bind our United States.

Since we’re on the subject, I’m sure all of you know that the Russian Government controls all their news medias. Well, just today I read where the “host” of a news program in Russia who’s in her 30’s, owns property in Moscow worth several million, and knocks down a salary larger than even our most popular news hosts. When looking at a photo of her today, Tucker Carlson from Fox News came to mind. Now tell me, how can such so-called “journalists” live with themselves when they know fully-well they’re lying thru their teeth, and only for the sake of the God Almighty dollars they’re knocking down? Without a doubt, I have a below-zero respect for such characters. Shame on them all! Why can’t we have newscasters the likes of Walter Cronkite?

Having a bit too much time on my hands to read about the recent news coming out of Ukraine, I just about cried when seeing and reading the forms of torture those devilish Russian soldiers inflicted on a 67 year old man. They plugged him into excruciatingly painful electrodes, stuck long needles in his back, beat him with a pipe and broke his arm, along with having him housed with a multitude of other so-called Ukrainian sympathizers. What did bring tears to my eyes, was when he was asked if he prayed when noticing he had a religious medal around his neck. His only answer was, “Prayer was the only hope for survival I had left.” The evils taking place in countries who’re supposed to be civilized, has me still wondering if humanity is on the brink of de-evolution.

What’s now going on with Putin and his cronies with their wanting to have a staged referendum in those Ukrainian oblasts, just so they can justify annexing those areas into the Russian Federation, is definitely going to enrage the Ukrainians all the more, as well as embolden Putin and his war hawks to invoke a compulsory draft which will send more young Russian men to their graves. No matter how out-numbered those war-hardened Ukrainian soldiers are, those novice Russian soldiers will be like those yellow rubber ducks floating around in a plastic tub of water. Putin is indeed the devil incarnate. Let’s hope and pray the European Union, the United States and Great Britain remain in lock-step because Putin is in desperate need of finding our weak spots.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that need to be.

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