It Sweetens Our Cares

Another Sunday morning arrived, and after having crawled out of bed earlier than normal, I put on my Sabbath’s best and headed to office, but while driving there I decided to stop at a Casey’s and grab a cup of their strong coffee, just so I’d be even more prepared for a long day.

Upon arrival at office, my first and foremost duty was to head to my dark and quiet corner to get my contemplative session completed. Part of my personal spiritual episodes, are always filled with petitions and intentions, which are normally what people would consider the praying for someone or some thing, and of course there’ve been times when I’ve had to add a person or two, as well as removing. As chance would have it, today I had one person to expunge and then one to add, which just so happened to keep them in balance. Besides those whom I personally pray for, I always send out deep prayers for those struggling Ukrainians. For the most part, it was another good session where I felt as though all the temporal weights from last week were once again lifted from me.

Since I hadn’t spoken to a colleague of mine for some days, I placed a call to her, just to find out what’s been happening on her side of the fence. As always, she’s been knee-deep in alligators which caused her to be a little on the crabby side. I couldn’t help interjecting that irregardless of what we want to believe, most of our workloads and problems are self-induced, so I flat-out said, “We must continue to remember that we make the beds upon which we sleep.” Thank goodness that brought her back down to earth so the rest of our conversation was far more pleasant.

After finishing up on my call, I went over to piano and ran thru the music I was given to play at St. Paul this morning, and by the time I finished, it was the hour I needed to skedaddle over there, and in spite of my arriving early, the church was already unlocked and the lights on, so up to the choir loft I headed.

Today was the first in a very long time they’d decided to record their Service on Facebook, and for the strangest reason, it didn’t seem to bother me a bit. Normally whenever knowing I’m being recorded, I get a bit stressed. Not today.

We had a visiting Minister from Forest City who also teaches at Waldorf College. This was the second time he’d officiated since their resident Pastor left over a year ago. I will say he has a nice voice and projects himself well. Once again after counting the number of people in attendance, I found their numbers having nearly doubled from their low. Good for them! Keep up the good work St. Paul. Oh by the way, if you’re just a bit curious as to what goes on over there every other Sunday, look up St. Paul Lutheran in Mason City, and go to where they posted today’s Services. When listening to it, just keep in mind today was a trial run, and if it’s well-received, they’ll get something purchased which will provide a better audio/video presentation. Today’s recording was on a member’s cell phone.

When I returned to office, I checked my messages and then slipped into my work clothes and made the remainder of my entire day one long physical workout. I dare not even mention what I was doing because you’d certainly think I’d fallen off my rocker, but I did survive along with a good job done. I dare say there’d be few and far between day laborers who would’ve been willing to tackle something so disgusting. You can be sure those work clothes went straight to my washing machine with it set on “super-wash”.

While working, I had to stop what I was doing because I was getting text messages, and one of them was from a person I rarely hear from, so I stepped aside so we could have a short exchange of texts. I was actually glad I stopped to chat because I was brought up to speed on some recent happenings, and he similarly after hearing what’s been taking place in my arena. I also learned a new term people use when not so kindly talking about another which is “Nut job”. It’s kinda catchy, so I just may use it whenever appropriate.

I was glad to find they’d identified the woman they found dead in the Shell Rock River, and not surprised to hear they’d sent her body to Des Moines for a full forensic. That death has question marks written all over it, and since that river has been low, I’m nearly certain she didn’t drown, so there’s only two other causes; either suicide or murder. Let’s hope they get all the answers soon because the longer it gets drawn out, the more paranoid the general public will be.

With my having not forgotten to post the photo of my giant strawberry, I’m sure after seeing it tonight, you’ll be as amazed as I was. It looks like I’ll be picking them up until our frost because they’re still a-bloomin. I’m pretty certain I’ll have just enough jam created from them to share this coming Christmas.

I’d planned on enjoying the early evening outdoors, but those wicked jiggerbugs are back at it again. I wasn’t seated for no more than ten minutes and already had four bites from them. What I really hate about them, is that they’re so small, they can squeeze thru porch screening. Ugh!

With it being the beginning of another glorious week of September, I’m wishing you all the very best these coming days.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Of all felicities, the most charming is that of a firm and gentle friendship, as it sweetens our cares, dispels our sorrows, and counsels us in all our extremities.

Joe Chodur

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