“Would You????”

These above-average temps are welcome in one sense, but not so in others, and especially concerning these exceptionally annoying gnats that just will not leave a person alone. If I’m outdoors for any length of time, they’re at me, and of course they just love going for the eyes. Thank goodness I wear glasses. I’d be curious to know what has increased their populations this year, and let’s hope it’s not going to be a yearly occurrence associated with global warming.

My morning was filled with drop-ins, phone calls and long emails that had to be addressed, and by the time the hour of eleven arrived, I found myself nearly late for a pre-listing appointment, but thank goodness the seller’s representative was kind enough to excuse me for being five or ten minutes late.

I did my second walk-thru on the property, and delighted to find it looked a hundred percent better than the last time I was there, so I suggested the price I first offered be raised higher, and only because it’ll be presenting itself better along with the location being highly sought after, and especially considering its listing price.

After I had all the documents filled out, I handed the file to the seller’s representative and asked that everywhere I’d highlighted, be respectively initialed and signed. I dare say if I were looking for a “flip” to work on, I’d be all over it, but my workload is already spilling over, which meant an emphatic “No!”. I only hope whomever the new owner is, will be an owner-occupant instead of being the one too many more rentals in our City, and this time I really mean it.

One more example of how slipshod our so-called “independent” contractors are, was my wasted time trying to get someone to wash the windows of a property owned by one of my clients who lives out of town. What really got me boiling, was the fact that I was told the entire day today would be free for that person to start, so yesterday I said, “I’ll call you after the hour of eight to set a time to meet so I can unlock the property.”, which was agreed upon. Well, this morning I placed the call and of course no answer, so I just left it at that. Just before noontime I received a text saying they were having lunch and would call when they were on their way over. As chance would have it, I was over at the property on another matter at the hour of one but still no text, so when I got back to office around 1:30, I sent another text to the window washer saying, “You told me yesterday your day would be free. I called you this morning but you didn’t pick up. I also told you yesterday that my afternoons are always busier.” The reply I got was an infinitely long text saying the job was being a fill-in between their weeks worth of work, so I sent a text back apologizing for the inconvenience and left it at that.

What really got me was a follow-up text from the guy saying something about their be able to work on them late this afternoon and into the evening if I’d go over and unlock the door for them. “You’ve got to be kidding?” I thought. Just yesterday I told them that you can’t lock the door behind yourself unless you have a key, and for sure I wasn’t going to have that home’s door left unlocked all night. My last and final text said something to the effect, “Don’t call me. I’ll call you.” Yes, that was one more example of how lackadaisical today’s workers are. It’s almost as if they have no concept of time management and/or responsibility. How do such people keep their bills paid and customers happy?

Another hour of my day was spent with a personal meeting and subsequent phone conversations with an Alliant Energy representative regarding that faulty grade problem I’ve been having since they poured new concrete where they’d removed those steam tunnels in the Commercial Alley. As much as I insisted the grade was wrong, they finally discovered it was after personally running an elevation, so it looks like that bad pour is going to get corrected before I have new concrete poured at the back of my office. I thanked them for understanding the problem and now willing to fix it. At least there are still people and companies out there who’re willing to admit a wrongdoing on their part, and then willing to fix it.

As I’ve mentioned some weeks ago, I’ve been getting my storage area cleared of boxes of “stuff” that I’ve been accumulating over the years, so today I went thru two boxes which came from an estate about three years ago, and the only reason I took them was because the family had left them to be picked up by the trash, and after taking a peek at them, I told them I’d properly dispose of them because there were old bank statements and cancelled checks in them, along with other personal papers.

After a good hour or so of going thru them and filling three bags that’ll get shredded, I found some interesting writings and greeting cards which I’ll be sharing with all of you. The following is from a hand-penned verse which was written on a now very yellowed piece of paper, and written with a red fountain pen in cursive, so instead of scanning and posting it, I’m re-writing it below, but beware it’s a bit salacious as well as titillating, so here you go.

“Would You?”

If in this world were just us two
and all the world was good and true
and if you knew that no one knew..
Would you????

And if you dreamed of pajamas blue
and my two arms encircling you
and if you really wanted to…
Would you????

And if the world was nice and bright
and if I stayed with you all the night
and if you turned out all the lights…
Would you????

And if we were in a curtained place
and if we were sleeping face to face
and nothing between us but a little lace…
Would you????

Kiss me goodnight?

Tonight’s One-liner is: I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends.

Joe Chodur

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