After It’d Cooled

While on my way to work this morning, and after glancing at my fuel gage, I stopped to get a fill-up of gas at the convenience store where I normally get it, and since the time was right about when the factory workers are stopping to pick up their grease-filled and overly sugared breakfast snacks, I internally shook my head in amazement at how little our younger crowd cares about what they’re throwing down pie holes. The prophecy given about ten years ago by a healthcare professional, is likely coming to pass, when telling me the next big burden on our medical community is going to be diabetes. I don’t even want to think about how many people I’ve recently found having it, and what’s the most concerning, is how much younger they are. Most of them haven’t a clue that it affects a great many vital organs, and what those people usually die from, isn’t diabetes, but rather from the failure of a vital organ which it had affected. Very scary isn’t it?

I had a great aunt who contracted diabetes at a younger age, and likely because her mother also came down with it in her younger years, so the genetic predisposition was already there to be passed-on. Well, she did all she could to keep herself healthy, but then she started having heart problems which is what ended up taking her by today’s standards, to an early grave. Fortunately her sister who happened to be my granny, didn’t contract it and ended up living to be well into her nineties, so I guess it’s a crap shoot when wondering when and who it’s going to hit in one’s bloodline. Some say it skips generations, others say it’s all about diet, and the rest just leave it up to fate.

Upon arrival at office, I had to get some accounting done, along with digging out an ozone machine which I purchased several years ago, to loan to a gentleman who knew I had one. He stopped by shortly afterwards to pick it up, and proceeded to tell me the cause and effects of a drain failure in his motor home. I made sure he listened to my instructions on the use of it because they can be hazardous to one’s health if used improperly. He was very thankful and promised to return it sometime tomorrow.

Not long after the hour of ten, I had my new listing located at 521 – 5th St. SE posted online for all to see. It had been previously listed with another agent, so this time around the owner decided to give Holtz Realty a try. I’m hoping the new photos and narrative is going to do the trick because it’s hard to find something that nice in North Iowa. There was already one showing on it today, and another scheduled for late tomorrow afternoon, so perhaps we will get it sold more sooner than later. I wasn’t happy to find our interest rates having climbed to six and a quarter percent today, because if they continue to rise, it’s going to put pricing pressures on unsold listings.

Around noontime I had to run out and open up a home owned by one of my clients which is in need of a full washing of its windows. I told the worker to call me when he was finished so I could lock it up, but not even fifteen minutes later, he sent a text to me saying he didn’t realize he had another appointment, so I had to run back over there to lock the front door. There’s no question in my mind there’s a growing problem with finding reliable workers who’ll do a good job and charge a fair price.

Just today I got a call from someone looking at purchasing a distressed property here, and while in conversation, he asked about available contractors in our area who’d be willing to take on a project. All I said was, “Good luck in finding one, and if you do, make sure you hang onto that person.” Yes, it’s getting that bad. I don’t even want to mention how hard it has been for me to find reliable roofers and concrete contractors. Thank goodness I did manage to find a guy who did a good job for a fair price. You can bet I’ll be using him again next year because I made sure he put me on his list.

Another reason that gentleman wants to move to Mason City, is to get away from the increasing crime in a metro area which has markedly grown since the pandemic arrived.  I have to agree we don’t have as much crime as they’re experiencing the the metros, but if you’d look at the per capita crime rates, I’m sure Mason City is right up there. Everybody’s talking about the drug problem we have, but nobody’s doing anything about it, and as well we all know, if there are users looking for money, there’s a rise in thievery, and believe you me, I’ve seen where they’d break into homes and buildings to strip out maybe fifty dollars worth of copper wire. I can’t help wondering when and where it’s all going to end.

My hour-long showing went exceptionally well today, and to the point I’m hoping to get a callback from the buyer saying, “I’m ready to make an offer on it.” There were other family members accompanying, and from what I could tell, they liked what they saw. I’m still in disbelief how some people seem to never age. I almost said to him, “Considering how good you look for your age, whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it.”

When looking at the international news today, I’m still in a bit of shock when seeing how the Ukrainian army has so quickly re-gained territories they’d lost to the Russians early-on in the war. Oh, the Russian brutalities that are now being fully revealed, are enough to make a person want to cry. I mentioned again this morning how I believe once they’ve taken back all their lost territories including Crimea, their army is going to be a force to be reckoned with in Central Europe. It sounds like those fast-retreating Russian soldiers already knew what they were up against when leaving behind stores of artillery and advanced weaponry which the Ukrainians will be turning on them.

I did manage to can three half-pints of strawberry jam last night, and after getting a good taste of it after it’d cooled, I’m confident those jars’ll be well-received Christmas gifts.

Tonight’s One-liner is: People who think they’re generous to a fault, usually think that’s their only fault.

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