To Their Wiles

It appears we’re going to have above-average temps this week, which is just fine by me because I’m hoping to get as many ripened veggies harvested from my garden before the first frost, and since tomatoes and peppers are part of the nightshade family, they won’t tolerate even the lightest of frosts.

I’ve been diligently canning my San Marzano tomatoes as they’re ripening, and if we don’t get a frost any time soon, I’ll have my desired number of quarts of tomato sauce which is far better than anything I’d find in a groceteria. It’s a great deal of work, but’ll be well worth it during the winter months. I’m still in shock at how well those 150 onion plants are doing, and as each day goes by, they’re all the more impressive to the eye.

I thought for sure I’d have my new listing posted online, but due to some minor technicalities with a certain form that was filled out, I won’t be entering it online until tomorrow morning. Oh well, I have all the photos taken and information readied, so all I’ll be doing is entering and uploading. In spite of our interest rates having slid a bit higher in the six percent range, it looks like our market is still active.

The acreage where I ended up with five flea bites last week, showed as having an accepted offer on it this week, which is one more confirmation of how bullish the acreage market remains. The only ones I worry about, are those who’ve never lived in the country before, and not realizing that there are many other possible problems that can suddenly appear. Oh well, they’ll all have to live and learn. I just happened to have a short conversation yesterday with a city dweller who purchased one over a year ago, but I didn’t dare ask about any unexpected problems they’ve already encountered.

Having not spoken to my dear friend in well over a week, I placed a call to her, and one of the first things she asked about, were the rest of the stories regarding recent happenings which had taken place. Of course since she is a dear friend, I shared pretty much the entirety, just so she got the full picture. She went on to say how much she marvels at my ability to maintain composure when such things happen, but as I reminded her, when such episodes take place that are completely out of our control, there’s really nothing we can do other than move on. Dwelling on such nonsense just brings all the more delight to those responsible. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that and lesson learned. Remaining un-responsive while walking away is the best medicine, because leaving them to their own wiles, is likely more their own tortures than ours. Unfortunately I had to cut my conversation short due to an urgent phone call coming in, so I promised to catch up again with her soon.

I received a call from a prospective buyer on one of my listings today, so I’ll be meeting with her mid-afternoon tomorrow. You can bet I’ll be there early to turn lights on and unlock doors. I know the family, so money should be no issue.

One of my colleagues called this afternoon asking about the Manly acreage I just cancelled, an mostly quizzing me about the condition of the home as well as the status of the well and septic system. I relayed all the information I had, so if they choose to make a direct call to the seller, they can certainly have at it.

Another one of our City’s power that be called today asking about several pieces of real estate, and after I filled him in on the status of both of them, we somehow got on the subject of creepy-crawly things that’ve been happening since Sunday arrived, and since I had my share of them, we had a nice chat about things that can’t be seen, touched, heard, smelled or tasted, but are still there. Since I’ve been a peripheral fan of quantum physics, I’m near dead-certain there’s a whole lot of unexplainable things going on in the quantum world which directly affect our lives, only we don’t know what’s triggering them. Well, I believe the answers are yet to be discovered in the future. Of course by the time that happens, we’ll all be dead and buried.

I’ve been watching the daily happenings with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, along with all the extra duties Queen Elizabeth placed on her daughter Anne, Princess Royal in regards to the handling of her funeral. Many years ago I did some reading about her and since she was never much written about, I’ve been brought back up to speed with her past accomplishments. I have a relative who was born the same year, and I’d say the both of them are ones who just can’t sit still. It must have something to do with the Chinese Zodiac which is all about the year of birth instead of the day and month. Their calendar is on I believe a 60 year cycle to where you’d likely have a grandchild acting like a grandparent. How many grandparents do you know who have grandchildren born the year they turned sixty? That would indeed be worth investigating.

With about a hour to kill late this afternoon, I decided to take a drive out in the countryside, just to get a feel for the coming harvests. By the looks of all those fields, I’d say North Iowa’s going to be reporting record crops. I’m glad for them because our world is going to be in more need of cereal crops to make up for what’s been lost in the Russo-Ukrainian war. I can’t even begin to imagine what our Country would be like if some rogue Nation decided to start dropping bombs on us followed by an invading army. Too scary to even think about.

The above photo is of a bowl of strawberries I so proudly present to you this evening which were picked from the patch I started this Spring. They’ve been doing far better than I ever would’ve dreamed, so I’ve been making strawberry jam for Christmas gifting.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When you run into someone who’s disagreeable to others, you may be sure he’s uncomfortable with himself; the amount of pain we inflict upon others is directly proportional to the amount we feel within.

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