New Crops of Bad Seeds

When I looked at the outside temperature while driving to office this morning, I was a bit shocked when seeing it 49 degrees. Ouch! It won’t be too many days longer and we will be getting nipped by light frostings in our low-lying areas, and I’m hoping it’ll be more later than sooner because my pepper plants are finally maturing, and believe you me, there are some big ones this year.

After I got settled at office, I drove over to another willing entity that’s been gladly taking my grocery bags of cucumbers. Today I had three bulging bags of them which were received with smiles and thanks. In all the years I’ve grown cucumbers, I actually don’t ever remember having two hills of them copiously producing so many for so long.

My early morning appointment to meet the seller of a home located at 521 – 5th St. SE did go well, so after going over the comparable sales, along with recommending some additional improvements to be, the seller agreed to have me list it later this afternoon, which gave me time to prepare a listing file upon return to office.

I would’ve had it posted online today, but I’m having to wait until tomorrow morning to take photos, so possibly by the time Noon arrives tomorrow, I’ll have everything uploaded. The sellers made a radical price change to where it’s now listed at $128,500. Having fully researched the recent sales in the area, I’m going to remain confident it’ll go under contract quickly because it’s located close to the River Heights Addition which puts it smack dab in walking distance to the library, museum and Historic Downtown.

The home has been completely renovated to the point one would think they’re walking into a brand new one. I gave profuse praises over the top-drawer kitchen which’ll certainly be the drawing card for the home. The other attractive features include a main floor bedroom and half bath, two huge bedrooms upstairs with abundant closet space, along with there being a built-in laundry area on the 2nd floor. There’s no question whomever moves into the home, will have little or nothing to do other than set up residence.

While there, the seller shared some touching life stories which I considered memorable, and especially since he grew up in a completely different area of our country. Once it sells, I do hope he stays in touch because I could sense a deep and great goodness about him one rarely finds in these times, which I found exceptionally refreshing.

Please watch for the posting of my listing tomorrow, and do share with all your Facebook friends and family because the seller definitely wants it sold. Don’t be fooled by the drive-by because there’s a whole lot more one would ever expect, within.

While at office this morning, I prepared a cancellation of contract on my listing at 1165 Hwy 9 and sent it off with a stamp self-addressed envelope for a more quick return. While preparing it, and then thinking back on yesterday’s unfortunate episode, I considered that cancellation the best remedy, and in spite of there possibly being some sort of hard feelings on the seller’s part, I will continue to wish him the best irregardless what he decides to do with that acreage.

Considering all the illuminations that took place both yesterday and today, I was compelled to call one of my relatives whom I had lunch with yesterday, just to share the number of happenings that had taken place since we parted company after our lunch. After sharing each event, I’d get an “Oh my God!” response. Since we’re kindred spirits of sorts, I went into far more depth in regards to my personal opinions, and it came as no surprise hearing her words of agreement.

Thinking back on the photo of that keyring I posted last night, I can freely admit that I have come a long way baby, in more ways than one, and as I said to my client today how from bad things come good things as long as we reach for them, these recent days have confirmed my belief. What I also mentioned to my relative, was how much more we come to know about certain characters when and after we’ve detached ourselves from them. Yes, there are psychological vampires slowly working their way into circles onto which they can freely feed without being noticed. And yes, they can be cunning characters, but once discovered, it’s best to sever all ties and flee as fast as one can because their hunger will sometimes create unfortunate re-captures.

When having come to know a great many various families over these long years, there’s no question in my mind that morphic resonance plays a great part in a human’s growth and development. Too many times I’ve heard people blaming their mothers or fathers for what they’ve become, but in reality, it’s just been honestly transferred on from their parents and grandparents. I know it sounds very simplistic, but it’s almost like unknowingly planting bad seeds, and the following years, you get new crops of bad seeds. I’m sure my radical words will create an immediate denial with many, but after stepping back and taking a closer look at inter-family and extended family dynamics, there’ll be some unfortunate truths discovered.

Remember back a few days ago when I mentioned something about ignorance in and of itself, not being a bad thing, but when there’s an ignorance of ignorance, that’s where the real danger lies. No matter how much therapy, reading and practice is being done to change oneself, there’s no hope until there’s an acknowledgement of an ignorance that’s not wanting to be faced, but once accepted, the long-lasting turning point begins.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it’s regret for the things we didn’t do that’s inconsolable.

Joe Chodur

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