Re-Calibrating Myself

It was another night of fractured sleep, and most likely due still being in the full moon period. Not to worry, it’ll soon fade and I’ll be back to my normal routine. Since I was up and out early again, I managed to get a few personal chores done before heading to office, and one of them being the removal of a broken basement window belonging to a client, just so I could get it delivered to a glass shop as soon as they opened. I also had another half bag of cucumbers to get delivered to another group who always welcome them with open arms. I was surprised to find I wasn’t feeling terribly beat-up from all the extra physical labor I’d done yesterday, so at least I didn’t have any regrets over it.

After getting myself situated for the day, with broom in hand, I was back out at the front of my office to get all those locust leaves swept to the curb. Truth be told, I’m out there every single day until all the leaves have fallen from that tree outside my office. As much as I strongly suggested against planting them to the powers that be at the time, they went ahead and planted them anyway. Locust trees have their place in the world, and they are either in yards with no patios, decks or sidewalks, or out in a grove, because if they fall on sidewalks near buildings, every time a door is opened, them get blown or tracked inside, and we all know how windy our City is.

Pretty much my entire morning was spent placing calls and running errands up until it was time for me to meet two of my relatives who’d asked if I’d meet them for lunch at a restaurant, so when it was half-past eleven, I was walking in that restaurant’s door for another lunch while sharing family stories, along with recent events.

Most of today’s conversation centered around those that’d gone before us, and what I thought quite interesting but not surprising, was how differently certain family members were perceived at the time. I couldn’t help mentioning to one of them the fact that I don’t sing false praises of those naughty ones that had passed, but continue to tell it as I saw it at the time. When you think about it, far too many change their tune about people not long after they’d kicked the bucket who were mean-spirited and nasty nearly their entire lives. I’ve been vocal enough in the past to where I’d say something like, “They’d better make sure he or she gets screwed into the ground with a left-hand screw, just it case they try to unscrew themselves back into the living, so if they do try, they’d be screwing themselves all the deeper in the ground.” The few times I’ve said it, I never get questioned as to why I’d proposed it. Yes, deep down, most already know the core characters of those close to them, but just don’t want to admit it because they’re “family”.

I would say that luncheon with my two relatives, ended up being the highlight of my day, and mostly because I had the opportunity to soulfully say that whenever talking about unfortunate past events, they become more narrative instead of emotional because as we all know, we can’t change the past, and if we don’t remember that fact, then we’re unable to move forward with our futures. Oh and believe you me, I’ve had to endure likely hundreds of episodes over these many years where I’ve had to turn a deaf ear to the lectures of those who for some reason, would not let the past go and move on. My knee-jerk response to those who know me well is usually, “The past is dead, the future will take care of itself, which means all we’re left with, is to focus on today.” That’s not a tough one to understand, or is it? Just recently I mentioned to one of my colleagues how much I rarely if ever talk about the bad things from my past, but rather focus on those those happy events which make us smile internally whenever talking about them, because just for the moment, we’ve brought them back to life.

My afternoon showing of 1165 Hwy 9 in Manly didn’t go well at all, and so much so, the owner decided he’s taking it off the market as soon as we can get together to for signatures on one of our listing cancellation forms. While there, I pulled my for sale sign and headed back to office, and since he refused to allow the showing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, I had to call that agent and break the news. I couldn’t say I was sorry enough for not following his explicit instructions, but as all of us Realtors know, there are times when a purchase or sale isn’t meant to be, and just leave it at that. I’ll continue to wish the seller well.

Believe it or not, the remainder of my afternoon was spent running errands, getting some banking done, along with grabbing that fixed broken window and installing it before nightfall, and when I returned to office, I had a very long conversation with a caller who’s now wanting me to look at a property tomorrow morning he’s planning on listing. As much as he wanted me to give him a ballpark price on it, I absolutely couldn’t because I’d not yet seen it.

Another curious happening was getting calls from two separate people I’ve worked with in the past, asking if I’d do the paperwork for them because they’d found buyers for properties they were wanting to sell. Since before the pandemic arrived, I’ve refrained from performing the “paperwork” because it creates issues with representation, so I encouraged both of them to phone an attorney of their choice who’d be more than accommodating. After I hung up the phone from the second caller asking me to handle a FSBO sale, I couldn’t help being reminded of how much more money-oriented our general public has become, and how much more I work at re-calibrating myself to such mindsets.

Several days ago, a person I’ve known for a very many years, stopped by my office for a short visit, and as always, she had something to give me which she thought fitting, and some of them were worthy of belly-laughs. I took the above photo of it. Was it fitting?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Middle Age is that perplexing time of life when we hear two voices calling us, one saying, “Why not?” and the other, “Why bother?”

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