How to Quit Doing Nothing

Since there was a full moon last night, and as usual, my normal sleeping pattern was altered, and with that said, I was up and out about an hour earlier than normal. The highways and streets were all the more naked at such an early hour, which I actually found delightful. I did stop at a convenience store and picked up a cup of java on my way into the City, just so I wouldn’t start getting sleepy during the day.

After getting myself settled, I went ahead and performed my Sunday morning spiritual exercise, and with it being all the quieter, made for a more fulfilling event. I had very little if any temporal thoughts coming to mind which caused it move all the faster.

The next little chore of my day, was to answer some emails that had come in over the night, and one of them happened to be another inquiry on my acreage listing in Manly. It seems there’s no end to prospective buyers wanting to live in the country, which I’m convinced is another byproduct of the pandemic where the primitive area of our brains tells us to either fight or flee, so I guess fleeing to the country is better than fighting.

Every day it seems I’m finding more street walkers out early in the morning, and this morning was no exception. Please don’t think me to be one that automatically judges a book by its cover, but once a person starts seeing a pattern with the same people, you can’t help thinking they’re up to no good. That stretch of North Federal has become quite the magnet for people sitting out on porches of sleazy rentals units, along with those entering and exiting either the two convenience stores or the three liquor stores that are up there now. Don’t they know that if you drink before eleven you’ll never get to Heaven? Oh, and while driving that stretch, be sure to watch for jaywalkers because that’s also become the norm. As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, “I thought I was gonna die!”, when seeing a woman standing next to one of those north-end porches who was both vertically and horizontally challenged, wearying a skin-tight royal purple jumpsuit. That outfit was so tight, I actually felt as thought I’d committed a sin by even looking at her. Oh my Gosh!

Since the owners of 1006 – 1008 N. Delaware had those overgrown bushes at the front of their duplex, along with those low-hanging branches over its garage removed, I headed back out to take some new exterior photos of it this morning. Without a doubt, getting those bushes removed was a hundred percent improvement on its drive-by appeal. I think those things had been there since the day it was built because those stumps were the size of small tree trunks. We’ll see if it spurs some additional interest in it. I still believe the future owner of it will be living in one of its sides. I personally could live there because of how it’s situated where the tenants don’t even share the same sidewalks leading to the separate garage service doors. A very long time ago, an elementary school classmate of mine grew up in a side-by-side, and owned that duplex up until they had to sell it and buy something that had a bedroom on the main floor. As chance would have it, that unit was also brick. It’s still there, but now owned by an investor who rents out both sides.

While on my way back to office, I couldn’t help taking the above photo of the biggest John Deere tractor I’ve ever seen, parked smack dab in front of Hogan Bremer Funeral Home. There was a sign on the back of it which said something about a ride or journey, so I assumed it was parked there for the visitation of a deceased farmer. I don’t even want to think what the price tag on one would be. It was one monster tractor to behold.

Before I changed my clothes and headed out, I spent about forty-five minutes playing catch-up on all the news feeds. I’m still sad about Queen Elizabeth’s passing, but when you get to be that age, every day of life is a gift. I guess I won’t be seeing a living look-alike of my mother anymore. For me, she’s the only one that came the closest to looking like her.

I was exceptionally delighted to see how much territory the Ukrainians have re-gained in so short a time. There’s no question their momentum is building to where the Russian army is leaving so quickly, they’re abandoning intact military hardware which I’m sure the Ukrainians will be putting to use. There’s no doubt I’ll be continuing to pray for them each and every day until every one of the “orcs” are driven back to Russia proper. I have a feeling the bulk of the Ukrainian people will not rest until all the territories Russia took over in 2014, is back under their control.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my having crossed paths with an Amish person who’d left his group about ten years ago. We had a nice chat, and since I know they speak a form of German, I said something to him, but unfortunately he didn’t understand, so I said, “Say something to me in German.”, and he did. I understood the bulk of it, which was a confirmation to him that I did know enough German to understand his Pennsylvania Dutch form. I didn’t dare ask him why he left because I knew that would’ve been too forward of me. What I also found out, is that if they don’t have a Pennsylvania Dutch word for something, they’ll insert the English equivalent. It would be interesting to spend a day at one of their enclaves, just to hear them speak and see how they live.

While out diligently laboring today, I couldn’t help thinking of the many people who’ve got themselves in their self-made sloth-filled traps. I know for sure, the big reason for the rise in their numbers, are all the social medias they’re plugged into on a daily basis. Personally, I’d be fit to be tied if I wasn’t doing something constructive. Let’s hope there’ll be courses offered on how to quit doing nothing all day. What do you think?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Over a period of time, enemies as well as lovers, come to resemble each other.

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  • Judy says:

    The John Deere tractor was not there for a deceased farmer. You assumed wrong. The tractor was there for a 46 y/o young man, a hard working blue collar worker, family man who loved John Deere tractors and loved to help on the farm at harvest just to be near John Deere tractors. His name was Josh Bier. The owners of the tractor were honoring him.