Revisiting 304 N. Fairview

This southerly wind we’ve been getting, created a much warmer early morning which ended up turning into somewhat of a sticky-hot day. I was compelled to stop at a convenience store to grab a cup of java before heading Downtown, and of course the early-morning factory workers were inside buying all those bad for your health munchies which makes me wonder if there’s anyone who has breakfast at home.

Before I arrived at office, I stopped and dropped off a small bag of cucumbers to a colleague who’s grown very fond of them. My favorite saying whenever giving away such stuff is, “Take all you want, but eat all you take.” Too funny, but true.

It was a topsy-turvy day with getting a contractor started on a project, and then running up to Manly to get some new photos taken of my listing which has had some updates done on it since the last photos were taken, and after I finished, I stopped over to a contractor’s shop to talk about some work I’d like to get done before winter arrives.

The meeting lasted much longer than I expected to where I didn’t get back to the City until well after the Noon hour, and by the time I had all those old photos removed and the new ones inserted and uploaded, it was well after the hour of one. I’m still wondering where all those many hours went.

One of my old clients stopped by to pick up the baby jade plant I set aside for her, and I’m sure it will be well taken care of because the two jade plants I have in my window, were babies from her mother’s monster jade plant. I would’ve stayed and visited with her longer, but unfortunately I had to meet with one of Alliant Energy’s representatives who’d just called saying he was out at the back of my office.

My meeting with the gentleman from Alliant Energy went as well as expected because I knew he was fully up to speed regarding the problem a contractor they hired to re-pave the back alley, had created by not watching the elevation when pouring that concrete which was done two summers ago.

By raising the alley’s grade on my side far higher than it originally was, created a huge run-off problem on my property to where whenever we get any significant amount of rain, makes a huge puddle behind my building which as we all know, puddling causes undue seepage. To make matters worse, whenever the snow is melting and freezing, there’s a frozen puddle I have to be wary of because more than once I almost slipped and fell because of how icy it gets.

You’re likely asking yourself why I’d not said anything until today. Well, like most of us, we get too busy with our jobs and oft times end up pushing such stuff to our back burners. Well, today I made up my mind that something’s going to be done about that raised grade and all the extra gravel their contractor placed on my property, just so I wouldn’t be “jumping” a curb whenever driving in and out of my parking spot. I assured him that I was not going to let it go until it’s fixed because I plan on having some concrete poured back there, and I’m not having it done until that’s remedied.

Fortunately there were before and after photos taken of that alley work, so no matter who wants to start the blame game, there’s always the proof of what was originally there. As I told him today, I absolutely hate fighting with people, but if I have to, I will because when someone’s done something wrong by altering the natural flow of water, then that’s when the boxing gloves get pulled out. Unfortunately too many of our citizens don’t take a stand on things they know have been wrongfully done.

Just to give you a little inside tip, tomorrow I’ll be listing for sale a very well laid-out side-by-side brick duplex which is more on the higher end of quality. What I like about it, is the fact that the center wall dividing those two units, is double-thick and insulated against sound. Another great feature is that there’s nothing shared to where there are separate sidewalks going to each unit’s garages which one rarely finds with such duplex designs. Each side has two big bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath, and the half bath being off the master bedroom upstairs. How convenient is that? Unless the sellers change their mind on pricing, I’ll be listing it at $174,500 which in my mind is a fair price because an owner-occupant could live in one side, and rent the other side out which would subsidize their income, or possibly there’d be an extended family living in the other side. I have a feeling it’ll end up selling to an owner-occupant. Truth be told, there’s not another side-by-side like it in this City. Guaranteed.

My last appointment for the day, was to meet with the sellers of my Manly listing to sign a price reduction. We now officially have it priced at $112,500.00 which is one heck of a reduction. I’m sure there’ll be some good activity generated on it, so hopefully it’ll get sold soon after. It truly is an exceptional home, and who wouldn’t want to have a double-deep double garage, along with another single garage for extra storage? Keep in mind, it’s located west of the railroad tracks which is always a plus for buyers. Tonight’s photo is today’s exterior I took while revisiting 304 N. Fairview in Manly.

I was so terribly sad to hear Queen Elizabeth passed away today. I can clearly remember back when I was a child and seeing her on television for the first time, and calling out to my mother saying, “Mother come look. This woman looks just like you.” Of course she dismissed the idea that the Queen of England looked like her. The creepy thing about it all, is both my mother and Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like people, but that people will begin to think like computers.

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