Resurrecting Those Past Events

It was definitely an interesting morning when having arrived at work and discovering 3 Timberlane Drive wound up getting sold late last night. It definitely came as no surprise since I know how popular that district is with its larger than normal lot sizes and less-traveled streets. As I’ve mentioned before, today’s buyers are more interested in privacy than they’ve been in the past, which I believe is just another by-product of the pandemic.

There was more bill-paying and accounting to do this morning which didn’t take as long as I’d expected, and mostly due to everything balancing to the penny right off the bat. Whenever that happens, I’m immediately relieved when knowing I’ll not be trapped at my desk for extended periods until finding those mistakes. These recent months’ accounting have been unusually accurate which I’m definitely not complaining about.

Having received an invitation to an outdoor barbecue over at First Citizens Bank which was being held over the noon hour today, I decided to make an appearance, and only because I normally don’t take in such events, and since it was a bit of a slow day, I figured it was time.

Upon arrival, I found myself the first one to grab a plate, which was nice because normally I’m standing behind a half dozen who’re slowly poking thru the food lines. While working my way down those tables of food, I stopped and greeted the providers, along with sharing a few thoughts.

With plate in hand, I headed to the end seat of a vacant table and got myself situated before I started munching on my grilled hamburger, potato salad and fruit salad. As always, their food was good and the atmosphere was pleasant while seated under their big tent. One of my old colleagues sat down next to me, which prompted verbal exchanges of shop talk.

Just after I finished eating, I noticed someone I really didn’t want to encounter because I absolutely despise being nice to those who never seem to miss an opportunity to disparage others, and only because they’re of the mindset that it’s better to pull others down to their levels, rather than lifting themselves up. I’m nearly convinced the reason I’ve been targeted the most by that individual, is the fact that I know the entire story of the creepy tribal family from which that individual comes. So now you see why it’s better to stay clear of such people, rather than going thru the motions of being civil when knowing the moment I turn my back, they’re back at it again. The biggest problem I have with today’s individual, is the continued attempts to discredit both me and my office. I’ll not ever forget the time I was told by a client who’d decided to list her home with me, having been asked by this nameless person, “Can’t you find someone better?” Upon hearing that, I had I could do to keep from lowering myself to that “thing’s” level.

While driving back to office, I suddenly recalled one of my episodes of acute memory which happened a number of times a very many years ago, and all centering around this strange young girl with scraggy-long blond hair, who must’ve been possibly five years old, wearing a filthy little girls dress and haphazardly running around barefooted. Sometimes around dusk she’d be seen peering out from behind a distant tree. Let me tell you, the sight of her at certain times, was like seeing a ghostly figure out of a horror movie. I’m still wondering why in the world the thoughts of those episodes came rushing back to mind. Could it possibly have been something I’d eaten that triggered it or someone’s mojo resurrecting those past events? Who knows, but hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow with no more of those ghostly thoughts.

I did take time to run over to my dear friend’s home to drop off an old book I’d found in a box of others I’d been sorting thru. For whatever reason, I picked it up and paged thru it, and wouldn’t you know, that book was part of library’s collection at one time, and the last person to check it out in the year 1951, just so happened to be a childhood and current friend of hers. As chance would have it, her friend will be visiting our City soon, so when she’s handed that book, there’ll certainly be a surprise. What kind of happenstance was that all about?

While I was there, she insisted I take and page thru a combination medical reference, cookbook and veterinary manual which was published in 1912, which I gladly took.  Today’s visit was definitely meant to be.

When I returned to office, I sat down and randomly paged thru it, until I was stopped when seeing several old-time recipes for making salad dressing. When reading one of them, I’m pretty sure it’s a dead-ringer to the dressing my mother would make to put on the delicious summer salads she’d create. I can’t wait to try it.

The Ukrainians have finally admitted they were the ones who set off those explosions at a Russian airbase in Crimea. For sure that news will be all the more demoralizing for those Russian troops who’re stationed there. I was also happy to read they’re now making advances on all fronts in the east and south of Ukraine. I believe getting those big bridges in Kherson disabled, will become a no-way out for those retreating Russians.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?

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