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After getting myself settled at office this morning, I proceeded to deliver six grocery bags full of cucumbers to a very thankful receiver. Each time I’ve made a delivery, I drive away thinking I’ve performed at least one small good for others, which gives me a warm feeling within.

With it still being the first of the month, I had to set aside time to work on my end of the month journals, as well as get some additional bills that came in, paid and then sent off, and thank goodness I got that completed before I had to run over to Clear Lake and do a photo shoot of my agent Brandon Neve’s new listing at 3 Timberlane Drive.

I knew exactly where it was located because over the years I’d shown homes in that area, and always considered it one of those tucked-away, yet charming districts which oft times go un-noticed. When I turned onto the street, I was once again smitten by the charm of its neighborhood. Unfortunately the sun hadn’t burned off the mist of the morning, but there was still enough natural light to get the shots I needed.

There are many exciting features about the home which should create a real draw for today’s buyers. It’s custom kitchen is to die for, the living/dining area is more than adequate for furniture placement, the super-sized lower level family room offers more than one entertainment area which is perfect for leisure and family gatherings. The master bedroom has its own bath, but also has a patio door leading to a private deck area which reminded me of something you’d find in a much more expensive home.

The rear yard size is much larger than average which provides room for a fire pit, a party-size deck and a storage shed, yet still has more than enough grassy area which reminded me of something you’d see on a golf course. Knowing what’s sold over in Clear Lake this season, along with the inferior qualities I’ve encountered, I’d say the home is priced to sell. Like they’ve always said, “The three most important things about buying a home is location, location, location.”, and believe me, the location couldn’t be better unless you were on lakeshore which would be many hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Tonight’s photo happens to be one I took of its upscale backyard fire pit.

When I got back to office, I proceeded to get my photos uploaded and then added a narrative of the home’s details and features. In spite of Clear Lake’s market now starting to slow, I believe we still have enough buyers out looking, so if you know anyone who may be interested in it, please have them call Brandon Neve or myself to schedule a viewing. There’s no question they’ll be wowed.

The remained of my afternoon was spent placing follow-up calls along with sending texts to clients and customers. Now that our office’s inventory is running low, I’m beating as many bushes as I can. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a price reduction, as well as two new listings either this week or next, so at least we’ll have something to run with.  I did attempt to get a price reduction on my acreage listing at 1165 Hwy 9, but unfortunately the seller has chosen to hold out on his price. I know it’ll sell to the right buyer because I can still see up-side potential written all over it. Where have all those honest to goodness do-it-yourselfers gone? The work that home needs to bring it up to speed, doesn’t scare me in the least bit.

The very troubling news I read this morning, has me even more concerned over the direction in which our crimes rates are going, as well as the neighborhoods in which those violent crimes are taking place. The most recent shooting took place in a neighborhood which I for years considered to be my “bread and butter” market to where in good times and bad, there were always ready and willing buyers and sellers. I can only imagine what the new owners of those recently sold homes in that area are thinking right now. All I can say, is that they’d better start taking some pro-active steps in getting that district back under control because there’s been far too many recent happenings which must not be casually dismissed by our law enforcement agencies. To this day, I will never forget the murder that took place in broad daylight at the Casey’s on North Federal.

It came as no surprise when hearing Gazprom is now refusing to allow anymore natural gas to be pumped to Northern Europe via the Nordstream pipeline. Yes, that evil Putin is doing everything he can to ratchet as much financial and personal pain on anyone who’s not willing to drink his KoolAid. Whenever discussing people like him who’ve dropped so low, I soulfully say, “Such humans are nothing more than a waste of natural resources.” When you think about it, he actually is a giant waste of both natural resources and innocent lives. Let us all continue to pray for the victory of the Ukrainians over the Russian armed forces and accompanying mercenaries.

I was recently reminded of how today’s corporate ways in America, is so much different when it comes to how they treat their long-employed and hard-working employees in comparison to their European counterparts. Over these past twenty years, I’ve definitely seen a shift to where a very many of the big corporations, eliminate positions, but then hire third-party companies to do the work, and only because they don’t want to pay benefits, but the down-side of it, is the inferior work that’s being done by those contractors because I’ve seen it taking place time and time again right here in River City. It’s even happening with our own City workers to where they’re out-sourcing work, and yet they wonder why our population is continuing to decline. Go figure. Oh well, it all goes back to the short-sightedness of corporate and city managers. I only wish people would stop thinking short-term, and start setting their sights on the long.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Any philosophy that can be put in a nutshell, belongs there.

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