Extended Productivity Cycle

These three-day weekends always gets me to feeling like it’s a back-to-back Sunday, and when Tuesday arrives, nearly the entire day I’m believing it’s Monday. Wouldn’t you think it best if we just lumped together all the those Monday’s off and turn them into entire weeks off? It may sound crazy, but there wouldn’t be any more of those Tuesdays feeling like Mondays. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found those short weeks always seeming to be less productive for some reason.

This was another Labor Day which was well-named because my entire day was spent laboring on various things on my list of pressing jobs. Before changing my clothes and heading out, I placed a call to a friend of mine, just to see what’s been happening on his side of the fence. It sounded like he was busy with various visits to family members, which of course this being another one of those holidays where people come together and do a little partying, it was no surprise. I didn’t hang on the phone very long because I could hear his cell phone beeping, so I bid him a quick well-wishing and farewell.

My first project of the day lasted about three hours, and by the time I called it quits, I felt like I’d crawled right back down into that dirty ditch of a job I was working on yesterday. Without going into any boring details, all I can say, is it wasn’t fun, but had to be done, and since it was outside work, I’d rather get such things done before the cold weather arrives.

After taking an hour’s break, I forced myself to get all the necessary mowing done in one felled-swoop, so two and a half hours later, I had it completed for another week or so. I couldn’t believe how long the grass had grown since it wasn’t but eight or nine days since I’d last mowed. The high humidity and little rain showers we’ve been getting must’ve energized it.

This must be the year that all the Burr Oaks got together and decided to create tons of acorns. I don’t think I’ve seen that many of those trees around town dropping them. They’re almost as dangerous as walnuts when walking down a sidewalk with them littered underfoot. There happens to be one lone Burr Oak which is quite massive, but to this day I’ve never seen it drop even one acorn. I’ll have to do a little research on them, just to see if they need another Burr Oak in its vicinity for pollination. That may be just the case because there’s not one large Oak tree anywhere near it. It’s not that I’m spying on people’s front and backyards, but it doesn’t take but a glance for me to tell what type of trees there are.

Once the mowing was done, I definitely had to call it quits for the day because I was ringing wet, nearly exhausted and starting to feel the aches and pains. You can be sure those filthy work clothes I was wearing were immediately sent to the washing machine when I arrived home.

I didn’t find much noteworthy news on the internet other than seeing the Brits elected their new Prime Minister. I was actually glad it was her instead of the other guy whom I had some misgivings about. Some have said she’s something like Margaret Thatcher, and if she is, she’ll definitely have an extended go of it. Wouldn’t it be great if Great Britain would pull itself back into the European Union? I know the Scots are still wanting to divorce themselves from Britain, and mostly because they wanted to remain part of the EU.

All that anti-Nato and anti-European Union language what was coming out of the mouths of too many global politicians including those in our Country, was one more license for Putin to invade Ukraine for the first and second time, but unfortunately it all back-fired on him the second time around. Whenever thinking about all those innocent Ukrainian men, women and children who’d lost their lives because of his poor judgement call, makes me want to vomit. Yes, there’s a great many ignorant people in this world who’re completely ignorant of their own ignorance.

I was forwarded a Youtube video this morning from a friend of mine who insisted I take the time to watch it. The video was nothing more than a random survey of only those people who’re living in Russian villages, and most of the men and women interviewed, were 50 years and above. My goodness, how completely brainwashed those people have been, and most likely because they’ve been believing all the propaganda Putin has been promoting for years on their State news feeds. The top three countries they hate the most are in the order of the United States, Ukraine and then Poland. Now tell me, what have all three of those countries done to those Russian people other than imposing sanctions, defending their own country against an invading neighbor, and lastly, another neighboring country freely and willingly taking in those war refugees?

As I’ve said before, no matter what the outcome of that war is, and even if Putin drops dead tomorrow and there’s a fledgling democracy established in Russia, it’ll take more than one generation to get the Russian people re-educated with the real truth. In spite of the Chinese people being under a similar yoke, I believe they’re more in the know than those Russian villagers. Believe me, that wasn’t a “fake news” video I was watching, which made it all the more troubling.

My last little chore of the day, was to pick six grocery bags of cucumbers which I’ll be delivering tomorrow morning to a needy cause. I’m still in shock over their extended productivity cycle.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want, is for things to remain the same, but get better.

Joe Chodur

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