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From the time I arrived at office this morning, I was on a burn to get started on some of my personal projects that’ve been hanging fire, which is why I made sure all of my real estate work was done before changing my clothes and heading out.

When I arrived at my outdoor project, the first thing I did was get myself sprayed down with bug repellant, and good thing I did because the gnats were in full force again, and I’m sure last night’s rain brought them out even more.

It was a laborious six hours I spent dragging, carrying, bagging and raking, but after it was over, I looked back and said to myself, “This looks better than I was expecting.”, so I just sat there for a few moments while enjoying the new “look”.

I also worked in my garden for about a half hour where I was pulling a few weeds that I’d missed last week, along with admiring that row of 150 onions I planted on the 4th of July. If we don’t have an early frost, those onions are going to be bigger and better than the ones I planted two months earlier. If indeed they do produce some large onions this Fall, then I’m gonna be waiting until the 4th of July every year before I plant onion sets.

The six yellow bell pepper plants I purchased at a late season discount, also look better than what I’d planted a month and a half earlier. I almost took a photo of them because they are getting huge. They’re still green, so we’ll see what they look like when they’ve turned yellow. Believe me, they’re nearing super-size.

On my way home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and as I was walking out, I ran into a near past customer and client whom I’d not seen in at least two years. We had a good visit over what we’ve been up to, plans for the future, and then some sharing of thoughts regarding what’s been happening in the arena of politics. Yes it was all good, and certainly glad I ran into her because it definitely helps when knowing there are other like-minded individuals in our community.

While on the phone yesterday with one of my colleagues, I shared my deep concerns about this impetuous real estate buying spree that started just after the pandemic arrived, and still on a burn.

First-off, I brought up the fact that in recent years, they’ve been more people getting their car re-possessed, and if that should start taking place with homeowners, then those financial institutions are going to be in a heap of hurt because whenever we start seeing foreclosures, that’s when home prices begin to drop, and since there are a number of newbie Realtors out selling with a vengeance, they have no clue what could possibly happen with our market in a quick way. One of the tell-tale signs of there being a slow-down, is seeing our 30 year fixed interest rates now at 5 7/8%. Once it hits six, that’s when we’re going to see things change because it’s been a number of years since the rates were that high.

Ok, now comes the boomerang when saying that for years and years, it’s never been how much you’re willing to pay for a home if you’re getting a loan, but rather what payment you can afford, so if you really want that $150K house you’ve been looking at, but your bank is telling you the payment, interest, taxes and insurance on it is our of your range, then either the seller has to drop the price, or you have to look at something cheaper. Unfortunately, that’s the way it’s always been, and likely always will be.

I had to keep my mouth zipped when listening to a “so-called” expert with our City and County finances when being told that because the sale prices of homes have gone up, and subsequent City and County assessments being raised on them which means those new homeowners will be paying more in taxes, is how our City and County is going to be able to pay for these financial follies they’ve allowed themselves to be pulled into. Unfortunately that “guru” didn’t realize that if our real estate values take a nose-dive, those assessors will have to drop those values back down. Any time someone speaks about certainty, all I ever say is, “There’s no absolute certainty other than income taxes and death, and the rest of it’s nothing more than short-term forecasting.” Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

One of my client’s tenants stopped by yesterday to drop off a bill I needed to forward, and somehow we got on the subject of whether he’ll be buying in the near future or continuing to rent. I wasn’t surprised to hear him say, “My wife and I both talked, and after seeing how the real estate prices have skyrocketed, we’re going to sit it out, and if they don’t come down, we’ll likely be moving out of town, as we can live just about anywhere because of my job flexibility.” I’ll be sad to see them go because they truly are the nicest folks, but when you have the health and welfare of your children to think about, then what can one say?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Ignorance per se is not nearly as dangerous as ignorance of ignorance.

Joe Chodur

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