The Peripherals That Go With It

Today’s temps were more reminiscent of mid-July rather than the first days of September, and mostly due to the southerly wind likely pushing all the warm and humid air up to us from the Southern States. Every time we have hot days this late, they always “feel” hotter than they normally do earlier in our season. I believe it has something to do with the amount of humidity in the air. Not to complain because I’m gonna be enjoying every pleasant day I can up until the deep-freeze arrives.

My car was in service again today, and only because I managed to get a shingle nail in one tire and a bolt in the other. I have no idea where I picked them up, but at least I noticed it before I had a flat. Several days ago one of my customers mentioned some naughty monkey having thrown a bunch of nails out on Hwy 122 and of course cars were getting them in their tires. I hope they caught whomever it was because that was an evil deed. I’m actually glad the schools are back in session because there’ve been far too many under-aged semi-adults doing things this summer I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing in my youth. As far as I’m concerned, they’re freely running around unsupervised, and as we all know, the more you get in a group, the more “dare” there is. They’re also getting too many evil ideas from un-filtered videos they’re watching on their smart phones.

I had a good conversation with a potential buyer who’s showing some interest in my acreage listing up at 1165 Hwy 9, and the more we visited about it, the more I’m thinking he’s going to be the one who’ll likely purchase it because he’s been down that road before with fixer-uppers. We would’ve scheduled an appointment to see it, but he’s going to be on a fishing trip up in Minnesota this long weekend, so hopefully I’ll be getting a call from him on Tuesday.

Having discovered he’s originally from Allamakee County, we had a nice chat about “God’s Country”. Yes, I’ve made enough trips over to that area of our “East” which I dare say, definitely contains strikingly diverse landscapes. I couldn’t help mentioning how creeped-out I get whenever driving in rural areas where there are exceptionally thick stands of trees on both sides of the road to the point where I can’t see thru them. For me, there must be something psycho-somatic about those trees because more sooner than later, I begin feeling nauseated. A very many years ago while riding as a passenger in a car that was traveling thru a very long stretch of thick trees, I actually had to tell the driver to stop and let me out because I was very close to an up-chuck. Thank goodness I didn’t, but it was a close call.

With it being the first of the month, I had a pile of bills I had to get checks written and then sent off in the Post, and of course just as soon as I had them sent, two more arrived in the mail. Yes, it’s becomes a vicious circle with those necessary monthly expenses, which brings me back to reminding all my past clients and customers how eternally thankful I am for the business they’ve given me over these long years.

With it being Friday, I went into our MLS to see what had closed this week, and of course I was having another jaw-dropping when seeing what those end-sale prices were. Just today when in conversation with a young man who’s getting into purchasing rental property, I quietly cautioned him about moving too quickly because every property he purchases, he’s taking out another loan. My words didn’t fall on deaf ears because he was insisting on me telling him why I said it. I shared my thoughts as much as I could regarding this maniacal buying period we’re in, as well as informing him that I’ve gone thru two major real estate market crashes. The leveraging these investors are doing, would have me near-sleepless every night with worry. No thank you very much.

As chance would have it, I managed to have a very soulful conversation with a dear one whom I’d not had an opportunity to visit with for well over a year, and since we’re personally familiar with a group of people, I couldn’t help sharing some recent happenings, as well as conversations I’ve had with people she knows. I could tell she was having a bit of an eye-opener after is narrated a particular conversation. Since she’s one of the most loving and forgiving people I know, even she couldn’t disagree with my having come to the conclusion that they’re another perfect example of how success can change a person’s character to where they’ve forgotten their pasts, along with those little “helps” we’d given them while they were climbing those ladders. As I’ve said a hundred times, “Money should be considered nothing more than a tool, rather than an end.” Oh how weary I grow whenever someone gets in my face and starts bragging about all their money and the peripherals that go with it. For me, it’s rather pathetic.

While out sweeping those Locust leaves away from my office for the umpteenth time, I was compelled to snap a photo of a smart-looking BMW cabriolet parked out front. Only moments after I shot it, the owner arrived and my first words were, “Now isn’t that a fun looking vehicle, and I hope you’ll be enjoying some scenery while driving it this long weekend.” I got a smile and then a, “Thank you. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing.” When you see it posted tomorrow, you’ll have to admit it does have “fun” written all over it.

While outdoors around dusk last evening, I managed to snap the above photo which I considered one of the best sky-views I’ve encountered. When seeing such clouds, I’m reminded of the colors used by the Old Masters in their paintings. Mother Nature can certainly put on the show when she wants to.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To exist in an echo chamber and only talk to people with whom we agree, is fruitless.

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