A Curious Jumble Of Lines

My morning drop-offs of excess cucumbers were all well-received, and in spite of being thanked copiously, the receivers had absolutely no idea how thankful I was for them taking them instead of having them go to waste. I’m pretty sure it was another divine intervention the morning I called over to Fareway to see if they wanted to purchase them, and all the produce manager had to say was, “The store manager is out for the rest of the week, so you’ll have to wait to talk to him and get his approval before we’ll take them.” You can be sure I didn’t waste much time getting off the phone because the vegetables nearly all the groceterias are getting shipped in for re-sale, are not nearly as fresh, and most certainly having been sprayed with a light coating of paraffin-like substance, just to keep them from drying out. Just as soon as I hung up the phone, the idea for another taker came to mind, and now being put to use for a better cause.

I just read on the news today that we’re expected to have a warmer than normal September which will be heaven-sent for all of us with late vegetable gardens.  My San Marzono tomatoes are now slowly ripening to where I’m not getting dumped-on with an immediate heavy crop. With their slower pace of ripening, has given me time to get around six quarts of sauce canned which is far more manageable than having to spend half the night canning several dozen.

My mid-morning closing went as well as expected, so now we’ll all have to wait until 1620 S. Federal is transformed into a drive-thru Pretzelmaker which I’m fully confident will be well-received by our general public, and especially because it’ll be a drive-thru on a major highway with fabulous visibility, along with ease of entrance and exit. It sounds like they’re going to keep their existing location in the old Southbridge Mall until they have a better “feel” for what’s actually going to be done with it. I know many may think me on a bashing burn with David Rachie, but as I said again this morning, “From the very first time I heard him speak in front of a pubic gathering, I could sense that whole performance was all blow and no go.” Besides being able to milk our City of well over a million dollars and no accountability, I’d say he’s got little or nothing to show for it.

Whether he liked it or not, the Realtor representing the seller got an ear-full from me about how I believed it all came down, which to this day, those responsible for allowing it to happen, will in the end, be reaping what they’ve sown. Just remember, Karma can also be very patient when it comes to righting wrongs. I fully agreed when that Realtor mentioned how unfortunate it is that none of the City Council members have ever had to run a business which in my mind, would be a definite pre-requisite for such positions. Nearly no one drawing a salary understands the concept of profit and loss, sustainability and marketability.

Since I’ve got my sharp-tongue waging, I was shocked the other day when driving past the High School. Oh my goodness! I’d say they’d have to work very hard to make something look all the uglier. To me it looks like some kind of blown-up plastic toy which when being created, got stuck in a machine and came out twisted. Is it supposed to be a throw-back to mid-century modern, eclectic, or maybe just a curious jumble of lines, textures and colors? Wow. After getting a good look at it, the first thought that came to mind was, “Fools and their money are soon parted.”

I was out of office more than in this afternoon, which had me running errands, picking up signs, along with making my normal first of the month stops. My favorite teller at the bank waited on me, and the first thing she said was, “I’m still getting a good laugh out of that comical encounter you had some weeks ago.” I did mention how much we do need some good belly-laughs, and especially in these tumultuous times where it seems everyone’s walking around with a chip on their shoulders, along with believing they’re the center of the Universe and expecting to be treated as such. Before pulling away, I insisted having seen her, would end up being the highlight of my day, and that’s exactly what that chance meeting ended up being.

One of my colleagues gave me line on another contractor whom I shortly afterwards called. We had a nice chat, so we’ll see if he follows-thru with giving me a fair bid for what I’m needing to have done. I did tell him that he came highly recommended by one of my colleagues, so if he does do good work, I’ll have another job for him before winter arrives.

I’m still on a burn to get those two Prairie Place on 1st units sold, so tonight I’m asking all you dear ones to really put it out there that I get them sold more sooner than later. Now that winter’s around the corner, this is normally the time when the serious buyers show up. I did notice the City cut down that dirty black walnut tree growing far too close to the south side of their units. No longer will people walking down those sidewalks, have to worry about turning their ankles on nuts that’ve dropped. Walnut trees belong in groves and not areas where people walk.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The secret to becoming a great liar, is to keep lying.

Joe Chodur

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