Micro Plastics and Air Pollution

It certainly was a fresh one when seeing out temps below sixty degrees while driving to work this morning. As much as I enjoy the cool evenings and early mornings, I know we’re heading toward that drop-dead temperature where many of our “hot crops” will stop blooming, which is why I’m continuing to hope we’re going to have a repeat of last Fall when we didn’t get a killing frost until well into October. We may possibly have such a happening because the meteorologists came out today and said we’re going to be experiencing a triple El Nina which is the first in well over a hundred years. Can you believe it’ll be three years in a row? Wow. Of course the downside of an El Nina with us, is the likelihood of more precipitation and violent storms. I don’t even want to think about another group of tornados barreling thru Iowa again which left wide paths of destruction last December.

Since I had everything readied for my late afternoon closing, I changed my clothes and continued on with getting some physical work done on an extended project which has been dogging me for far longer than I would’ve liked, but at least I did manage to get what I wanted done in that two hour time slot which brought me two hours closer to getting it finished.

It was nearing my the lunch hour, so I headed over to Quick Trip again to pick up another hotdog. Today I happened to run into an old client/customer of mine who at first was being a little on the brittle side with me until I snapped back and said something to the effect, “I can see life hasn’t been kind to you by the way in which you’re talking to me.” Thank goodness that response brought him back to being the person I remember. We had a nice visit for the most part with the exception of him saying something about never seeing me at church anymore. Well, I had to do some additional explaining which included my informing him that I play the organ over at St. Paul Lutheran every other Sunday. Of course I had to give him a visual as to where it’s located because he was confusing it with Trinity Lutheran. If there’s one thing that really gets under my skin, is whenever someone challenges me over where and when I go to church. Some years ago a guy got really nasty with me regarding that very subject, and after enduring just so much of it, I walked away and basically placed him in my unchanging persona non gratis file, and there he shall remain. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed that’s been happening these past five or six years, is how borderless people have become with others, and so much so, I wouldn’t have dreamed such things being freely spoken about years before. Welcome to the new world where it’s all out there and anything goes.

After I returned to office, I did some internet news reading while having lunch, and did I ever get my eyes opened when reading about BPA’s and the effects they’re having on our environment and especially our health.

I know some countries have banned BPA’s to a certain extent, but after getting a good read on it all, including all the products we’re using that contain them. It’s no wonder the percentages of overweight people have skyrocketed, along with the associated health problems that accompany it, and nearly entirely due to micro plastics and air pollution.

The researchers have pretty much concluded that the amount of BPA’s we have in our system, is directly caused by all the plastic packaging that started to flood our market in the 1960’s. I’m sure many of you remember that before then, nearly everything was either in a tin, glass bottle or jar. Now look at it whenever out shopping. You almost never find glass being used. The real turning point for me, was seeing ketchup and mayonnaise being sold in plastic rather than glass bottles and jars. And just think how many people are drinking bottled water out of plastic containing BPA’s.

You’re likely thinking me off the deep end when saying there’ll likely be even more hard evidence discovered which will send all the manufactures scurrying to find other ways to package and sell their products. Pretty scary stuff if you ask me. After today’s read, I now know why I’ve always hated drinking out of styrofoam, plastic cups and bottles. For years I used to say, “I don’t like it because I can “taste” the plastic and styrofoam.”

The most terrifying, is the fact that our life-giving waterways, seas and oceans are heavily polluted by plastic, and I’m sure that during the breaking-down process, those BPA’s are getting into the seafood we eat. And to think it’s all on those greedy corporations looking to save a nickel or dime any way they can, and not caring a hoot about our environment. Like I reminded a high and mighty person today, “We entered this world naked and penniless, and for sure we’ll leave it naked and penniless.” By the way, that was another old saying that oft times came out of the mouth of a grandparent of mine. There’s sure been a great amount of lost wisdom this past generation or two.

I had to make a quick trip up to Northwood today on some business, and while there, I couldn’t believe how many eighteen-wheelers there were rumbling down their main street on a daily basis. If I were one of those business owners, I’d be ready to go out of my mind from the noise and vibration. I think a great deal of it is coming from that rock quarry which is just south of Northwood, and from what I’ve heard, it’s all being shipped to Minnesota.

My late afternoon closing went very well to the point where I could freely call it a soft-landing. I was getting lightly-teased by the listing Realtor, along with the buyer’s father. Not to worry, I managed to get my jabs in as well. It was all good.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Never under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Joe Chodur

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