There Lay Someone Sleeping

I definitely had to high-tail it to the office this morning because it was an absolute must I get my morning office chores completed before the hour of eight arrived because I’d agreed to take most of my day off to help a dear friend with some issues he was having with the toilet in his bathroom where for some reason, over the years the wax seal must disintegrated and started rotting the floor, which in turn was causing more plumbing issues.

Just as I pulled up he was coming out of his garage with tools in hand, and of course I brought along all the tools I thought were needed to get the job done. When I stepped down into the basement and looked up where the toilet was sitting, I shook my head and said to myself, “This is gonna be a tricky one.”

After four long hours of near non-stop work, the toilet was taken out, the rotten section of flooring cut out, bracing installed, new sub-floor and flooring installed, and a new high-rise toilet hooked-up. Since he’s not much for small talk, I stood back, looked at the finished project and said, “Well, this is another example of many hands and minds making little work.” The both of us agreed that it went far better than either one of us were expecting. While driving back to the office to get my clothes changed, I was reminded of that little saying, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”

While still in my work clothes, I stopped at the Quick Trip over near the hospital to pick up a hot dog for lunch, and while minding my own business in getting my hot dog, some guy in hospital scrubs reached around me to grab a hot dog and a bun, I was in near shock he did that without even saying “Excuse me.”. Before he got out of ear-shot, twice I loudly said, “Excuse me.” Since he was ahead of me at the counter, I could tell he was completely clueless of what he’d done. I did have one of my long-term memory episodes with him, so if I should ever see him again, I’ll definitely recognize him and may possibly give him the old “evil eye”. Talk about rude. I’m sure by the way I was dressed, he considered me something far below his socio-economic status. Shame on him and everyone else like him.

To my surprise, I discovered late yesterday that I’m scheduled to play the organ over at St. Paul Lutheran this Sunday, so I arranged my afternoon schedule to allow for a good hour’s practice over there, just so I wouldn’t be struggling with the music I was asked to play. Thank goodness that change wasn’t one of those last minute ones because that’s when I normally screw up. I was also reminded while up in their gallery, how warm it gets when the afternoon sun rolls around. Good thing I got my practicing done soon enough because I was beginning to break a sweat.

My mid-afternoon was spent returning phone calls and getting some additional research done on the home I looked at yesterday, just to make sure I was comfortable with the pricing of it. I did receive another phone call on the townhouse I showed yesterday which I was near-certain had gone under contract last night because I knew there were already offers on it this past weekend. Just to make sure, I called the listing agent, and of course it did get sold, and from what wasn’t said, it likely went well over asking price. This market is getting crazier by the day.

One of my visitors this afternoon spoke about some of the happenings in other areas of our country where investors are buying up rental houses and apartment buildings and immediately jacking up the rent, and if the existing tenants couldn’t afford to pay those increases, they’d be evicted. I did share with her that I’d already read several articles about that happening which I find extremely troubling. The greed factor seems to be out of control everywhere. With the common worker wages not keeping up with inflation, there’ll likely be more un-necessary homeless people living out of their cars. Someone told me just today that early one morning a friend of hers who has a business in our Downtown, went to dump some trash in her dumpster and when she opened the lid, there lay someone sleeping. How creepy was that? It kinda reminds me of what you’d find in a third world country.

I have a meeting scheduled with another Realtor early tomorrow morning to go over the specifics of Prairie Place on 1st, and instead of doing an oral presentation, I made copies of everything associated with the purchase of them, and only because yours truly wants to make absolutely sure that agent and buyer have the opportunity to read all of it. I’d much rather do an over-kill of information than having something missed. Don’t you agree?

Hopefully the war in Ukraine is finally taking a turn for the better with the new push to re-take Kherson which was always the “jewel” conquest for the Russians, so if they do get it back, that’ll be another embarrassment for Putin and his cronies. I can only imagine what the morale is now like with those Russian soldiers who’ll soon be trapped on the wrong side of the Dniper river. Let’s keep praying hard for Ukraine’s victories.

The final walk-thru on a home we’ll be closing on tomorrow, didn’t go as well as planned because of the amount of “stuff” left in the garage, so I made sure to call the listing agent about it, and thankfully they’ll have it all under control before tomorrow afternoon’s closing. I got there before the buyer arrived just to get the lights on, and as soon as I opened the garage door, I knew there’d be an issue. Oh well, thank goodness for those understanding Realtors on the other side of that transaction.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It is possible to read the history of our country, as being one long struggle to extend the liberties established in our Constitution, to each and every person in America.

Joe Chodur

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