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For it being a Saturday, it sure was a hectic one for me because I felt as though I was catching myself coming and going. My morning plans were altered because of the showers, so I busied myself with returning some long over-due emails. Of course sending personal emails, is much different than the business ones because whenever sending off correspondence that’s real estate related, I’m normally very much to the point to where I believe some would think me an automaton. With that said, I have to be more careful with those being sent to friends and family, just so they don’t think me a bit on the cool side. After getting them sent off, my thoughts went back to the days when there weren’t even phones, where people would be seated at writing desks for hours at a time, just to get their business and personal correspondence sent out to recipients. It’s no wonder we can still see traces of elaborate writing desks and chairs which were created not only for beauty, but for comfort as well. My how times have certainly changed.

I also placed several calls to clients and colleagues regarding some of the recent happenings they needed to be aware of, and of course we ended up visiting about other things as well. Isn’t that the way it nearly always happens to where you think a call will last only five or ten minutes, and then it ending up at over a half hour. So with that said, I didn’t get my clothes changed and over to finish last weekend’s stripping project until half past eleven.

Knowing I absolutely had to get that stripping done, I worked non-stop until the hour of four, just to be able to say to myself, “I’m finally done!” Since I do my stripping outdoors, I had to contend with those biting gnats, and today I managed to get a flea bite on my arm which must’ve happened when I was bending down near the ground in a grassy area. It’s no wonder because there’s a whole lot of flea-infested rabbits running around our City, and I just happened to notice one not far from where I was working. I also happened to spy several clumps of hostas which were quite beautiful two weeks ago, and today I found them nearly chewed down to the ground by those wicked dear. Another thing that sent me reeling, was seeing a two foot tall Burr Oak having been completely stripped of its leaves by one of those vile creatures. My gosh! When in the “yell” is our City going to do something about them?

After I got my Saturday stripping work-out completed, I went back to office and finished up on the photos and narrative remarks on my agent Brandon Neve’s new listing located at 8 N. Jackson St. in Rock Falls which is basically a mini-suburb of Mason City. I’ve also posted one of the interior photos on tonight’s page, just so you can get a “taste” of what it looks like.

I’m sure many of you who’ve been to Rock Falls, have at one time or another, noticed a home sitting on a corner which has the most charming old-world style limestone tower attached to it. Well, as of today, it’s listed on the open market and let me tell you, it’s quite the beauty. First off, it offers four bedrooms along with two and a half baths, locally harvested, milled, and then meticulously worked oak floors and woodwork, a fully finished lower level, two spiral staircases, a sky-high tower offering a look-out and seating area for panoramic views of the outdoors, a two-stall attached garage, a two-storied two-car garage/workshop that’s got “guest house” written all over it, a double lot with flower beds and garden area, and the list goes on.

Since our listings get disseminated out into the cyber-universe, there’s no question there are already people living in far away metro areas, and getting some good looks at the photos I’ve posted. With it offering main-floor living, along with a 1st floor laundry area, there’s no doubt there’ll be inquiries from retirees looking at it, because you couldn’t get anything much closer of a fit if looking for quieter and gentler living arrangements. Anyone into car restoration or woodworking, would jump at the chance to have that two-storied garage/shop. If someone’s into gardening, be it flowers or vegetables, the yard is more than large enough for both. I absolutely love that 100+ year old Burr Oak tree that’s gracing the front of the home. What a beauty! If you or anyone you know, is looking for a home with a European flavor, please give Brandon Neve or myself a call. It truly is quite the beauty.

As well you know, whenever I’m alone working without any distractions, I more sooner than later begin thinking about things that nearly always don’t come to mind. Today’s thoughts centered around how companies dupe people into buying their products by adding their special little twists to their descriptions. For example. How much more important is “hand breaded” chicken over just plain old “breaded”? The first thing that comes to my mind is, “Did they wash their hands first?” Oh and then there’s, “All natural”. What exactly does “all natural” mean? In my estimation, that’s all they’re telling me is that it’s not a fake look-alike. Another hook is, “Farm raised” which can also mean all the same thing–the pigs or chickens were not raised in the city. Right?

Expanding even more on my thoughts today, I’ll bet you a dollar donut those people who’re selling veggies out of their pick-up truck beds, didn’t raise them locally because I’ve seen veggies being sold many weeks before our gardens are producing. Where in the world did they get those giant muskmelons? And of course those sweet corn sellers who unknowingly make us think it’s all organically grown and chemical free. Hmm. I’d have my doubts about that because I’ve seen some of those fields. Since we raised organic long before it became a catch word, it takes years for soil to be fully certified as being chemical free. “Home-grown” is another hook that’s always got me wondering as well. Unless you personally know and trust the growers, it’s nothing but a crap-shoot.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Instead of giving a politician the keys to the City, it might be better to change the locks.

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