Attempting To Connect The Dots

It was another early to office this morning, and glad for it because I had a few extra errands to run before the phones started ringing after eight. I also had several tradespeople to contact for some repairs needing to be made. I’ve learned the earlier in the day you call them, the more likely you’ll get scheduled. Don’t think I don’t bristle when seeing the hourly rate they charge which I still consider a bit ridiculous, and just today I received a bill from an HVAC company which listed a $14.00 part and then a $160.00 labor charge. Of course most of them bill the minimum of an hour, so a fifteen minute fix, ended up being over $180.00. Like I’ve said before, we absolutely must encourage our young men and women to get into the trades instead of thinking they’re gonna have stable jobs in fields which already have fewer openings and un-stable futures.

I finally received the closing statements from the lender on tomorrow’s closing, and for some reason, I scrutinized them more carefully than I normally do. Well, I found two mistakes on the seller’s side which amounted to well over a thousand dollars. Thank goodness I did the extra digging because I certainly wouldn’t have liked having the seller possibly coming back and questioning the math that was used by that company.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a scheduled showing of the two units I have listed at Prairie Place on 1st, so I set aside some time this morning to get the packet readied for the buyer’s review. I have a gut feeling one of them is going to get sold. Now that winter is on its way, I’m not surprised to find more people enquiring on them. It only makes sense for our elderly to buy into that regimen because it’s exceptionally senior-friendly, and without a doubt, the resident owners living there, are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.

I purposely placed a call to a near and dear one who lives out of State, just to ask if she’d baked an angel food birthday cake today in remembrance of a very special person who passed some years ago, whose birthday happened to be today. I know deep down, I called just to see if she’d remembered, and of course she did, which gave me comfort knowing that her memories are still alive.

During that conversation, I couldn’t help bringing up the subject of a heated debate I recently had with someone about how some people refer to their spouses in the company of familiars. I know it may sound petty on my part, but I absolutely cannot stand it whenever someone I’ve known for many years, continues to refer to her spouse as “my husband”. Well, it didn’t set well to the point I ended up getting chastised by the person for even brining it up. For the first time in my life, I was dubbed “brittle”. Hmm.

Well, after going over that whole heated conversation with my dear one, she also agreed that it’s either an indication of that person being possessive, or possibly not wanting to refer to her husband on a first name basis, just to maintain some sort of distance with whomever she talks to, along with making sure there’s no mis-understanding in regards to her not wanting her husband to be considered “reachable”. Whatever the reason, we both considered it a bit odd to be mixing “familiar” with “formal” when conversing with someone we’ve known for years. The next time I’ll have to address her as “Mrs.”, and then ask how her “husband” is. What do you think?

When expanding on that thought, I couldn’t help saying it reminds me of the titles given to people in the work world, such as “my secretary”, “my boss”, “my yard person”, and the list goes on. Now I know you’re thinking about how relatives refer to each other with the “my mother”, “my father”, “my grandmother”, “my aunt and uncle” and so on, which in my mind is different to the point where it’s not only a sign of respect for the elderly, but also part of our cultural mores. How many times have you heard someone referring to their parents using their first names? Yes, and the first time you hear it, you wonder, “What’s going on with their relationship?” I told my dear one today that I’m going to start using the titles of people whenever in general conversation with another. I’ll also have to try the using the “Mr.”, “Ms.” and “Mrs.” with the last names whenever addressing various people. It’ll be fun to see those subtle reactions taking place.

Instead of stopping to grab a burger for lunch, I decided to take a drive into the countryside, just to get the stink of the City off me. I’d not been out there in a while, and what I was noticing were ripening fields of corn and beans, and by the looks of how full those large ears of corn were, there’s going to be some high counts of bushels per acre. I’d heard that parts of the Midwest were having drought issues, so I guess our area farmers ought to be thankful we got the rain we did.

Having received an email today from a long-time acquaintance who mentioned something about a past fortune being told which has been troubling her, and then after taking a good amount of time to reflect, I’ll be sending one back and sharing my belief that our futures are not cast in stone because there’s always that wildcard “choice” which gets into the mix of it all. I’ll likely give an example where say a radical-minded person is hell-bent on blowing something up in say a week, a month or even longer, then there’s a likelihood that some “clairvoyant” will pick up on it because choice is no longer in the picture. Have you ever noticed most “readers” talk about close to current or past events–not far into the future? Make sense? Keep in mind, I’m not an expert on the subject by any means, but rather one who’s continually attempting to connect the dots to how it actually works. I’m convinced someone does know something about what happened to Jodie, and as we all know, the truth either sooner or later, does come out.

Tonight’s One-liner is: More marriages might’ve survived if the partners had realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.

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