The Death Of Middle Class America

I’m sure many of you are noticing how the slow but sure the shortening of our daylight hours are becoming, and for me, it’s the darker mornings where not but a month ago, the sun was already up and smiling at the hour I normally arrive at office, but it is no more. We just have to remember that in less than thirty days, the nighttime hours will start being longer than the day’s. Isn’t that something most of us aren’t looking forward to?

The bulk of my morning was taken up with the last-minute preparations on a closing file, and then heading over to the bank and waiting for them to make some changes on documents, so by the time I’d deposited the proceeds check in the seller’s bank, it was barreling down to noontime.

I did take the opportunity to visit with the loan officer at the seller’s bank whom I’d not visited with in months. We had a nice chat over various happenings in our area, along with our own personal issues. I reminded her that she’ll be desperately missed once she’s retired at the end of this year. I’m hoping they’ll have a retirement party for her because I’ll have to make sure I’m there to wish her many happy years ahead. I guess I’ll have to grow accustomed to the ways of her associate who’s working out of an office across town. She did insist I take a peek at her brand new “retirement” vehicle she’d purchased, and while walking out I got a good look at it, and for sure she’ll be riding high in retirement style. Good for her.

When I got back to office, I busied myself with another file that’s supposed to close, and as I suspected, I later found out it’s not going to close until Friday, and only because there was yet another mis-step in communication between the buyer and his bank. This will be the second time it’s happened in less than a week, which is making me wonder what in the world is going on with those mortgage bankers. Of course it’s another big corporate bank that’s issuing the loan, which is why I strongly encourage people to give the local lenders a try. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping around.

I finally received a call back from one of the contractors, and much to my anger, I was informed that his company is not approved to work in this City. Oh how much I wanted to crawl thru the phone and give him a what for, because I’d been needlessly strung along for well over a week. The more I’m hearing about all the nods needed from City Hall before a person can have any work done, I wickedly thought there’ll likely be a day when a person has to have a permit to do a bottom-wipe. Yes, even in this bloated village, there’s a top-heavy bureaucracy which goes all the way back to the time I said, “Meritocracy will be the defining cause of the death of Middle Class America.

If you look at the statistics, you’ll soon discover that the wages and accompanying benefits of the average blue-collar worker, has lagged far behind those classified as being part of the meritocracy. It’s funny I’m talking about this tonight because while I was out working my tail off this weekend, I couldn’t help thinking about people I personally know in that particular “class” getting paid a enormous amount of money, along with bloated benefit packages, doing far less “real work” other than sitting at their desks while trying to find something unimportant to fill those hours. If there’d be 24 hour surveillance cameras posted in those offices, the general public would be shocked at how little productive work they actually do. I can vouch for that fact because I once worked in the corporate world for well over ten years, and personally saw how little some of my high-paid superiors did, and that went on year after year. Unfortunately with this cursed memory of mine, I can still see that waste of time and money, and don’t believe for a moment it isn’t still happening here in our City, State and Country.

I was a bit taken aback today when called by a prospective seller to tell me the home he was planning on listing with me, ended up being sold privately. I remained a gentleman while on the phone, along with my normal well-wishing, but after I hung up, I could feel the great disappointment building to where I had to quickly go and find something to take my mind off of it. I absolutely hate it when such sellers say something like, “We didn’t get as much as you thought it was worth, but at least we got it sold.” There went another home to an investor that would’ve likely been purchased by a struggling first-time buyer. It makes me sad, along with angry whenever seeing those young ones unable to compete with investors because they always seem have an inside source of information from which they draw.

After I managed to get settled down, it was approaching the closing hour, so I ran over to St. Paul Lutheran and did some practicing on the “old girl” for the next time I’m scheduled to play. I wasn’t there much longer than twenty minutes, but just being completely out of the “mix” of real estate for that short period, had me feeling pretty lightened. Yes, music does manage to soothe the souls of savage breasts. Just these recent times I’ve been playing there, I’ve found myself really starting to fall in “like” with their organ. It’s too bad they can’t start an organ drive to get it back into shape. I’d be the first to donate.

One of my friends forwarded me a YouTube video she’d watched several days ago, and for the only reason, her thinking I’d be learning something new about demon possession and exorcism. I shouldn’t have watched it because it became one more confirmation that evil does live in people, and the most disturbing thing that priest said was, “I’m all the busier in these times.” After it was over, I spent some moments reflecting on it, and later came to the conclusion that there are people I personally know who’re likely possessed by a demon or two, and the unfortunate thing, they have minions who’re unknowingly promoting their evil agendas. Yes, I got a good creeping-out today.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The trouble with learning from experience, is never graduating.

Joe Chodur

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