Personal And Corporate Greed

Well, for the first time in many months, I found upon awakening this morning, I’d over-slept for nearly two hours, so you can imagine how fast I was moving to get readied and out the door. I knew I’d over-done it yesterday with my working out of control, but I didn’t realize to what extent. Oh well, lesson learned enough until the next time I become possessed with a project at hand.

First thing I did this morning after arrival at office, was to go and pick up the yard sign and lockbox from the home I would be closing on mid-morning. While taking the lockbox off, I did another sneak peek at the main floor of that home, and only to get one last look at its absolutely gorgeous maple woodwork and floors. That home was but one more of those turn-of-the-century two-stories which appear ho-hum on the outside, but once inside, there’s a jaw-dropping beauty to behold.

On my way back, I took the long way around, just so I could get another rubber-neck view of those blocks of tattered and worn homes and apartment conversions which have become a blight just west of our Historic Downtown. The boarded-up windows that’ve been broken, the front porches full with interior furniture and children’s toys, the garbage bags, and unkempt lawns and structures visible in all directions. The more I drove past, the more I was being mentally “poked” by the thoughts of chronic despair, and likely being what most who were living in those dives, have resigned themselves to.

We all know there’s some overhauling to be done with our entitlement programs because as far as I’m concerned, they’re not working, and I suspect much of it is caused by the public’s non-involvement with those who’re under those programs to the point many of them are considered societal outcasts.

As I’ve been told a number of times, and then personally having known several families containing three generations of recipients who for some reason managed to get pulled under the entitlement umbrella. Since I’m not the one to make the call as to who or what’s to blame for it, but rather bringing to the forefront the question, “How does this happen?”, and “How can we fix it?” Yes, there are always those exceptions to every problem, but there’s got to be more successes than there are failures. Of course I’m definitely an opponent to the idea of just throwing money and a problem rather than finding the cause and fixing it, because I know for a fact, there are those who’ve been working on getting out from under entitlement’s yoke, but the rules and exclusions of those programs don’t allow for any easy-outs. Whenever there’s deep despair coupled with resignation, that’s when self-worth falls to an all-time low. Personally, I’d like to see some good and lasting changes to that system where there’d be more wins than losses, and without a doubt, it must begin with the children. Don’t you agree?

My mid-morning closing went very well, and while seated at the table with the buyers, the selling agent, and the closing agent, I went on to share some uplifting stories about the home they purchased, along with its general district. The only reason I became vocal, was because the buyers and young family just happened to be transplants from Minnesota, so I felt it my obligation to talk about the positives. I even went on to mention that the closing agent at one time owned a home not far from it. I smiled to myself when she quickly responded, “Joe Chodur, I’ve never met anyone in possession of the memory you have because that was well over thirty years ago!” After giving the selling agent and the closing agent a good look, I then said, “My memory has been both a blessing and a curse because whenever someone says or does something to me being totally un-called for, I remember it into perpetuity.” Oh, did I get the looks from that statement. Being a little wicked, I neglected to tell them I nearly always forgive, but never forget, which would’ve kept them from thinking I’m one those who continue to grind axes. I still can’t understand how some can carry such burdens their entire lives, and believe me, it’s out there more than we could possibly imagine.

Waiting the entire day for call-backs from contractors and still nothing, it looks like after tomorrow’s closing, I’ll be on the phone again. Don’t you think it a bit odd when finding more often than not, customers chasing after business people, rather than business people trolling for customers? Even before the pandemic arrived, I was finding how the mindsets of contractors were changing. Perhaps the reason their hourly rates and bids have gone up, is because they’d rather charge more to the fewer, just to make of the difference, which reminds me of some agents who skim the fewer big sales off the top, leaving the lesser-priced homes to those who’re struggling to make ends meet. In the past, I’ve chastised a few agents who were bragging over a big sale or two when saying, “It’s the more expensive sales that are the cake-walks, because oft times the lower-priced ones are the most difficult to get sold and closed.” In more ways than one, it’s the truth.

I had a nice long chat with one of my sellers this afternoon which became the highlight of my day. The more I’ve come to know her, the more I’m finding how similar we are in mindsets, along with the way in which we view the workings of the world. Each time we meet, there’s yet one more facet of character revealed to where it becomes an un-folding of sorts. Don’t you think that’s the better way instead of someone dumping their whole life story on your shoulders in one meeting and from then on there’s nothing?

When reading today about all the natural disasters taking place around the world, I’m growing all the more fearful that Mother Nature has finally had enough abuse and now taking matters into her own hands. I don’t even want to think about what could possibly be next, and nearly all of it’s to blamed on personal and corporate greed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.

Joe Chodur

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