Social Vampirism Is On The Rise

It was a glorious morning with the temps tolerable and the sun shining brightly. The extra light coupled with low humidity created a positive impact on me from the time I left home. Of course I did have to stop and purchase a strong cup of coffee before heading to office, just so I’d be “juiced-up” by the time I arrived over at St. Paul to play their morning Service.

Of course the first thing I had to get done, was my Sunday morning contemplative prayer session, so once I got thru the door, I dropped everything and headed to my darkened corner. After I finished up with my chain of intentions, I focused on the war going on in Ukraine. In spite of it appearing as if the tides are turning in that war, I don’t feel it’s anywhere near the time for us to let up on our prayers for them because if even one innocent Ukrainian has been killed by those ruthless Russians and their mercenaries, then it’s still not enough.

I’m sure the morale of those Russian soldiers who’re well behind the front lines and thinking their out of harms way, is fast being eroded due to the recent bombings taking place in areas deemed safe. Even the daughter of Putin’s confidant who fully supported the invasion of Ukraine, took an early dirt nap when the car she was in suddenly blew up and that was the end of her time on our earth. I sounds like whomever created that car bomb, was expecting her father to be with her, but at the last minute, he decided to travel alone. Sounds kinda fishy doesn’t it?

After my session was over, I sat down at piano and ran thru several of those hymns, and as soon as I was finished, it was time for me to head over to St. Paul, so I packed up my music and headed over. The weather was so pleasant, I thought about walking over, but then decided not to. Just as I turned and went down a side street, there was a young man who looked as if he’d spent the night under a tree, rapidly riding a skateboard down the middle of the street, and even though he knew I was driving in his direction, he wouldn’t get over to the side, so of course I had to go around him. It only took one good look at him for me to assume he was on something you’d not be able to buy over the counter. Like I’ve said, there’s trouble a-brewing here in River City.

There was a visiting Pastor who happened to be here for the first time, so I went up and introduced myself, and then went over a few things just to make sure we were on the the same page. What nearly left me speechless, was when she mentioned how much she liked hearing me play “Joseph’s Coat” which I just happened to bring with me and run thru it before the members started arriving. I went on to tell her that I’d never heard it before until just last week. She was a bit taken by my not having heard it until recently, which prompted her to insist that I listen to the entire play because there are other beautiful pieces. I’ll likely hold off on it until I get that first piece cracked and then shared at St. Paul Lutheran.

The entire Service went very well, and thankful I managed to keep from making any noticeable mistakes. It would be great if today’s visiting Pastor would become a permanent fixture because she gave a good sermon, along with having a strong and pleasant singing voice. After the Service was over, one of the members even mention how well she sang, so perhaps she’ll be there more often. Let’s hope.

As I was driving back to office, I happened to notice three women standing behind a building in the Downtown, and one of them holding some sort of bound picture folio. They were flipping thru the pages and then looking at the block wall of that building. Since I was caught at a stoplight, I got a better look at who was leading the pack, and wouldn’t you know, it was the Chamber of Commerce lady, so don’t be surprised if you see another page out of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “coloring book” adorning another wall of one of our buildings Downtown. I doubt they’d dare come and ask me if I’d want something splashed on the back wall of my building because I’m sure they know by now, I’m not into changing the architectural look of a building depicting something that’s not of its style. Like just about everything else, too much of a good thing becomes counterproductive, and sometimes even toxic.

When I arrived back at office, I changed my clothes and headed out to do some work outdoors. Today’s labor was again productive to where I spent well over four hours which went flying by, and likely because I wasn’t being bothered by flies, mosquitos or gnats. Yes, it was a good workout which helped to rid me of all the nasty thoughts regarding some happenings that took place this past week, so I should be good to go for another.

I happened upon an article today regarding social vampirism which brought back some vivid memories of those very same people I allowed into my life who’d manage to suck me dry of energy every time I’d have to listen to them or be in their presence. The author hit the nail on the head when saying most people knuckle under and cope with it, and only because they fear either rejection or possibly making their vampires angry. I fully agreed, and from personal experience, all I can say is, “The sooner you rid yourselves of such parasites, the happier and healthier you’ll be in both mind and body.” It comes as no surprise when reading that social vampirism is on the rise, so watch for the signs and conduct yourselves accordingly.

My last little chore for the day was to get several bags of ripened cucumbers picked and readied for another drop-off in the morning. I’m thankful to have those willing takers.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.

Joe Chodur

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