Button-Hole Saturday

The way it was misting out this morning, I ended up having a flash-back of what such days are like as we approach a hard winter, and if it were about twenty degrees cooler, it would’ve been a perfect match-up.

After getting myself situated at office, I happened to check my email, and there I found the amended closing statement for Monday’s closing which was sent shortly after I left office yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness I printed it out and checked their numbers against mine because whomever did the adjustment on the tax pro-ration for three additional days, ended up charging my seller another $436.00 which I knew had to be completely off. Just to make sure the closing numbers I sent early last week were correct, I went entirely thru the process of calculating the taxes owed, and when finished, I found I was right, and they were completely wrong, so I emailed the person who sent it, along with the owner of that company. Several hours later I received a corrected one back from the boss saying something about it being a computer glitch. Really? Isn’t it funny how we can so freely blame computers for human error? As I’ve said, “If it’s garbage going in, it’ll be garbage coming out.” I’m going to remain hopeful there won’t be a hold-up being created come Monday morning due to that flub-up.

I had a nice little visit with a colleague of mine this morning, and since we’ve crossed paths enough over the years, I couldn’t help saying to her, “Back in those days, you used to be lizard-lipped and stoic, while I was happy-go-lucky and always ready to share something that would make everyone smile or laugh.” I then went on to say, “But now it seems our roles are reversed where you’re more talkative and out-going, and I’m turning into a regimented taskmaster.” She laughed and said, “There may be a vein of truth in what you’ve said.” Well, I can’t help saying that if I am, then it’s likely because of the many hard lessons I’ve learned over these past ten years regarding how quickly and quietly people can turn into something completely opposite, to where I suddenly realized they’d been keeping their true characters cloaked for decades. Lessons learned.

Another contractor was supposed to call me this morning to go over and give me a bid on another project I’m wanting done before winter hits, and wouldn’t you know, he was another one who didn’t follow-thru with his agreement. I know it’s not only me they’re doing it to because one of my clients has had to wait for over a month and a half to get something done which was promised that first week. Wow. I can’t get my brain wrapped around what’s going on with those tradespeople. I think we should all go back to the bartering system where one will do something for another, as long as that person’s expertise is paid in kind. Way back when farmers were not just neighbors, they’d do the same thing by helping each other in their fields, and if there was a big project like building a barn, they’d all come together and get a farmer’s barn raised in a day or two. The Amish and Mennonites are still doing it, so I think it best we start taking lessons from them.

Instead of waiting around for that contractor to call and say he was on his way, I decided to make an over-due trip out to Menard’s and then over to Fleet Farm to get some materials I was needing for a project I had planned for this afternoon. What should’ve taken no more than an hour, ended up being over two and a half, and only because I was getting pulled aside by past clients and customers, and of course I couldn’t possibly tell them I didn’t have time to visit, so there I stood until another walked up. Oh well, that’s what we have to expect when doing business in a town the size of ours. Truth be told, I was glad to have run into them.

A similar thing happened while at Fleet Farm, but my conversation with a retired Marine lasted far longer. I’d not seen him in at least two years, so there was some catching up to do, as well as sharing our thoughts about the current state of our divided Nation. I was disappointed when he said he’s stopped listening to, and watching the news for over a year, along with having no social media presence. He’s the second person I know who’s said the same thing which I’m not so sure is the right thing to do because if all “yell” started breaking out, they wouldn’t even know it. He’s very much one of those middle of the road people who can’t understand why we have radicals on both sides of the political spectrum. For what it was worth, I shared my thoughts on the matter, so hopefully he’ll start watching only the highest rated and un-bias news feeds. I gave him some suggestions which I hope he’ll follow thru with, because it’s not good to have one’s head buried in the sand. Yes, it ended up being my button-hole Saturday morning.

Unfortunately I crossed paths with a couple I’d not seen in many months who’d changed so much in appearance, I almost didn’t recognize them. I’d been waiting for the day when we’d bump into each other because I knew I would be reprimanding the husband for not being good enough to at least make an appearance at a memorial for one of his relatives. I point-blank asked him why, and the answer I got was definitely not to my liking, so I just sent it down and changed the subject. My oh my how people can change when all of a sudden their financial situations become bright to where they suddenly feel empowered, as well as dismissive towards those who suddenly mean nothing. While driving to my little project, I couldn’t help thinking about how many there are I know who’ve turned into something I personally wouldn’t be proud of, and only because of their having risen in their socio-economic statures. Unfortunately it’s becoming quite the trend that’s now being embraced. Unfortunately, such people don’t realize that there will be bumps in their roads no matter how much money they’ve accumulated.

I did get today’s stripping job done on some wood I’ll be re-purposing which’ll be quite impressive when completed. I don’t know about you, but I truly enjoy re-purposing.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To err is human; to admit it, superhuman.

Joe Chodur

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