Overflowing With My

I was a little late getting to office due to several errands I had to run beforehand, but happy to have them over with before I started my day at office. I sometimes find it a bit laughable whenever people in the general public think I’m one of those who doesn’t get to office until mid-morning, when in fact, I’m there most of the time before many have even got their teeth brushed.

Once the hour of eight arrived, I changed my clothes and headed over to a home to pick up a vintage step-cabinet which was so generously gifted to me by a client. It was already taken apart as much as possible, so all I had to do was to get the drawers removed before we even attempted to move those two sections. Thank goodness I had a friend to help me get it loaded and then delivered to a storage garage where I will be finding/making time to get it stripped of its darkened varnish and then re-coated. I promised my client that I’d do everything I could to have it finished and then placed in a conspicuous location at my office. In my mind, I could already see it fully restored and proudly placed.

So many people in our general public would much rather buy new instead of taking on a project of restoration, which is unfortunate because of the greater quality of workmanship one nearly always finds in the vintage pieces. When I got a good look at it today, there’s no question a finish carpenter back around 1900 decided to make that cabinet for his family’s kitchen. Knowing the town where it originally came from, I suspect it was built by an immigrant from likely one of the East European countries. That’s just my guess. What I found the most intriguing, was it containing a large pull-out bread board, along with a narrower pull-out cutting board. The many drawers and shelved cabinets it offers, will be a great place to keep things I use, out of sight until needed. I can’t wait when it’s finished so I can call the people that gifted it to me and have them come and get a good look at it.

After I got that cabinet delivered, I headed back to office to work on four files which are scheduled to close within these coming seven days. Two of them still haven’t got their title work completed which is beginning to make me nervous. As much as I pester, it’s nearly always in vain because there are too many other Realtors squealing like piggies wanting theirs as well.

I pretty sure I’ve got everything readied on the closing that’s taking place tomorrow afternoon, so all I have left to do, is stop and pick up my sold sign and head to closing. That happens to be the home we had seven offers on in less than three days, and let me tell you, it was quite the show. The unfortunate thing about it, is there are now six very disappointed buyers out there who also wanted it. I think if it were on the market a few more days, we would’ve had even more. My sellers are happy and that’s all that matters.

The contractor I was to meet with this afternoon was over 20 minutes late, and to top it off, he sent one of his workers to look at what I was wanting done. Before he left, I nearly insisted his boss also make his own personal inspection before creating a bid, and only because I don’t want someone over-charging or under-charging because of the lack of information. It’ll be a wait and see because I was truly disappointed the actual owner of the company didn’t show up.

I have an early morning appointment to head out of town and look at a home that’s getting readied to be placed on the market. I’ve been past it many times, but never inside, so I’m hoping it’ll be just as striking. It happens to be one of those homes you’d travel far and wide to find anything even close, so whomever does buy it, will have a one of a kind here in North Iowa.

There was a text message that came in today from another Realtor saying the appraisal on the property didn’t come in at value, so I then had to call the owner and relay the bad news. Thank goodness they were already warned about it coming in under sale price because I can’t remember the last time I had any sale associated with that particular bank, ever going smoothly. And of course the appraiser they assigned to it, is notorious for coming in low. The funny thing about this business of coming in lower, is the fact that I see the same sales and make the same adjustments for value as the appraisers do whenever I’m meeting with my sellers, so what’s up with that? Deep down, I suspect there’s some dark personality issues going on which is very wrong.

For whatever reason, late last evening I began thinking about how much people use that possessive word “my”. The more I thought about it, the more I was making comparisons to how much more careful I am about the over-use of the word because for me, it’s a word which denotes control.

For example, how many times have you heard someone you personally know, referring to their wives or husbands as “My wife” or My husband”, when you are fully familiar with those spouses? How about “My car” instead of “The vehicle I drive”? And what about “A close friend” instead of “My friend”? Then there’s “My money”, “My stuff”, “My vacation”, “My tools”, “My life” and the list goes on and on.

Only because I’m now realizing how much more I use that word, I’m going to work really hard at re-phrasing what I say because the more I think about it, the more it’s one of those subtleties which sets an unwanted mood. Make sense? Now that I’ve mentioned it, you’ll also be noticing how our sentences are overflowing with my.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Only when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to live.

Joe Chodur

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