Her Fecal Roster

Another Monday morning arrived, and after having had a good physical workout in the heat and humidity yesterday, I was hard-pressed getting myself up and at em at the normal hour, so I was inevitably later to office than normally which had me racing to play catch-up with my early morning duties.

As soon as the hour of eight arrived, I was off to a financial institution to get some necessary banking done. Today’s visit was a walk-in instead of a drive-thru because I had to go in and request a copy of a missing page of last month’s statement which for some reason, wasn’t generated. Even though that account balanced to the penny, I still wanted it just in case I needed to go back to it at a later date. Like just about everything else, I was informed that they’d recently out-sourced their monthly statement generating. It’s no wonder more and more companies are pressing their customers to go digital. No thank you very much.

Just today I received a letter from the Globe Gazette alerting me that as of the end of this month, they’ll be charging their customers an extra $10.00 to send their billing out. You can bet I bristled when reading it because if I were them, I’d be discounting the cost of that rag of a newspaper they’re selling because it’s far over-priced for what a person gets. The next time I place an ad, I’m going to insist they subtract $10.00 off my bill to make up for their charge of a printed bill. Wouldn’t you feel the same way? It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out our local newspaper would never be in the journalistic league our Des Moines Register is in. But, as someone once said to me several years ago which I believe to be true, comes oft back to mind whenever seeing, reading or hearing something about what’s happening here with our general public which was, “You gotta remember Mr. Chodur, when you’re living and working out here in the hinterland of Iowa, you get what you get.”

That line was reminiscent of back when I was handed a Braunschweiger sandwich for lunch which even to this day, the smell of it congers up some nasty memories of the fights I would have with myself to eat it or go hungry. Back in those days you’d get what you get and that was that. Can you believe that nasty stuff is still being sold in the meat departments? All I can think of is the possibility those who ate enough of it, started developing a taste for those pinkish tubes of ground-up, spiced-up, and then cooked vital organs of animals. No thank you very much again!

I made a belated phone call to my dear friend this morning, and among the subjects we discussed, was the melee that took place last night somewhere in the area west of our Historic Downtown. From the sounds of it, there were a very many photos taken of it and then later posted online. She couldn’t understand why there were no police reports about the incident. I’m beginning to believe there’s quite a lot more naughty happenings going on in our City that’s not be reported to the general public. Without even being told about last night’s melee, a client/customer of mine who lives in a metro area out West, mentioned later this afternoon how closely she’s been watching the happenings in our City and having come to the conclusion that Mason City is a microcosm of what’s happening out there. Those were not very encouraging words because there are some really nasty things happening where she lives.

One of my friends stopped by this afternoon to ask what electrical contractor was my preferred choice, so I told her. I also reminded her to mention my name because they’re pretty careful about taking on new customers which is becoming more the norm due to the many more who’re not paying their bills in a timely manner. Unfortunately some trades just write it off as lost income while others go after those freeloaders in Small Claims Court which to me becomes a waste of time because we all know we can’t get blood out of a turnip. She made me laugh when saying, “My aunt used to say she’d add such people to her fecal roster.

After she left, I began thinking of the many who’d taken financial advantage of me whom I’ve add to my personal fecal scroll, and you can bet I’ll not be forgetting. I still laugh to myself when thinking what great lengths a nasty retiree went to, just to keep from paying me a $750 fee he owed me for renting his apartments for him. Thank goodness he finally sold his house thru another Realtor and moved into a retirement community an hour’s drive from here, because there were times when he’d purposely cross the street if he’d see me, just so he’d not have to be confronted by me. Oh and the funniest of things about that character, was his being deeply involved in the decision-makings of one of our larger religious communities. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? They can sit in the front pews acting so pious along with singing the loudest, but out in the real world, their mentalities take a 180 degree turn, and nearly all of them go on and on about the legacies they’re planning on leaving to their pouch-monkeys. Ouch!

I did manage to connect with a contractor who’s going to meet me at a property to provide an estimate on some work I’m needing done. I’m looking forward to meeting him because he’s already impressed me by returning my call within an hour’s time, along with scheduling our appointment the next day. Tomorrow I’m going to dive head-first into placing calls to roofing contractors which is gonna be interesting.

I happened to cross paths with a gentleman who’d done some work for a person who’d taken great advantage of me nearly a year ago whom I’ve since severed all ties. The only reason I brought the subject up, was just to let him know about the real character behind that whining voice because he’s also done work for that nameless leech. A good 15 minutes was spent sharing, and by the time I was finished, he was speechless.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Curiosity is free-wheeling intelligence.

Joe Chodur

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