Only A Failure To See

The rain that began last evening appeared to be an on-and-off progression of showers throughout the entire night and into the morning. Of course shortly before I awakened, my power went out and remained that way for a good four hours. I was beginning to worry about my frozen foods beginning to melt in my freezer, but fortunately they remained frozen until the power went back on. The rare times there’s a power outage, brings me back up to speed in how vulnerable our lifestyles are to such happenings. Can you imagine what it would be like to be without power for days on end like some of those poor people who are in war zones? We must also remember what those hurricane and tornado survivors have to endure when having to deal with the aftermaths of those violent storms.

After finishing up on the Sunday morning routine with my contemplative prayer session, I remained stationed in my little corner and began reflecting on some recent happenings which needed some sorting out and placing back into perspective. The unfortunate thing about getting upset over things out of our control, is allowing it to slowly eat away at us because we don’t send it down when knowing fully-well we couldn’t have done anything about it at the time, unless we’re able to learn how to correctly read crystal balls on a daily basis.

I later spent some time reading a little of our local news before moving on to the National and international. It seems just about every day I’m reading about another random shooting having taken place around our county. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s being driven by copy-cat mentalities to where the really sick minds are simply wanting their moment of National notoriety, and if that’s the case, we’d better start doing something about nipping it in the bud before it becomes an evil fad.

I got over to St. Paul Lutheran early enough to where I was able to get my practicing done, as well as having time for a little chat with their visiting Pastor. Pastor Ken lives in Albert Lea and is good enough to make the trip down whenever needed. It’s unfortunate he’s retired now because I believe he’d be a good candidate for being their permanent Pastor.

I mentioned the fact that two very dear families I know have within the past twelve months, sold their homes and re-located to Albert Lea. I teasingly said his City must have better goods and services to offer than we do. He did agree that it’s a pleasant community which is is why he decided to retire there. Some Sunday I’ll have to run up there, and make it a day of exploration. I did mention my one of my mother’s cousins lived up there her entire life, and in spite of all of her blood relatives living in and around Mason City, she preferred to stay put.

The music went relatively well, and since I knew the Communion hymn well enough, I decided to sing along while playing their piano. I sort of flubbed it on the intro, and only because I didn’t bother to practice their piano before their Services started. Hopefully next time I’ll remember that every piano plays and sounds differently. I would’ve liked to have stayed after and visited with their members downstairs, but my day’s projects were gnawing at me to get started, so off I headed back to office to get my clothes changed.

My first duty was to get back to my garden and get some weeds pulled, along with harvesting a few vegetables. All the plants looked fully refreshened from the abundant rain we received, and if they didn’t have enough, today’s high humidity would be getting absorbed by their leaves. I couldn’t believe how quickly my glasses steamed-up after exiting my car. If that wasn’t a sign of water in the air, I don’t know what else it would be. I did hear we may be getting more rain either this evening our in the night. I’m glad we didn’t have any flooding around town.

The remainder of my afternoon, was spent tediously working on getting many layers of paint removed from a very large multi-paned window. I knew I wouldn’t get it fully finished, but at least I made a noticeable dent in it, so perhaps a couple more innings like today’s, I’ll have it whipped. I don’t know what triggered the idea in my mind that it needed to have all the paint removed so it could be varnished. Let’s hope I’m not turning into a glutton for punishment.

While working on those windows, my mind began wandering and recalling past clients and customers, and what triggered my thinking about such stuff, was hearing someone recently saying they hoped they’d find some money hid-away in an estate home they recently purchased.

Well, I can tell the stories about items later found by various buyers of homes I sold. One of them was definitely haunted, but under the bedroom carpet, the owner found enough cash to do a re-model of her kitchen. One of the “artifacts” found under a rug of another home, must’ve been purposely placed there years before, and let me tell you, that photo was an overly-suggestive one–eek!

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s no such thing as darkness; only a failure to see.

Joe Chodur

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