Deeply Infested With Drug Addicts

Now if we don’t get a storm tonight or tomorrow, I’ll be greatly surprised, and only due to the fact that whenever we have high temps coupled with high humidity, that’s almost always the precursor of a rain-filled storm front coming our way. We need the rain, but definitely not high winds or tornados.

I had a nice chat with a colleague of mine today, and most of our conversation centered around the fact that even the older ones are now coming down with the mindset where it’s all about them, and unfortunately greed being the driving force. We both gave specific recent examples of the “I want it now” demands being placed on us, and of course both of us have had to bite our tongues while attempting to fulfill their needs.

One example I had to give, was my having questioned someone I’d done a very many freebie reports for over the years, and mostly because once in a while I’d get a referral or two from her. Thank you very much. But, when she mentioned getting rid of an old piece of furniture I’d admired some time ago, she asked what I’d offer for it because she absolutely would not tell me what she wanted for it. Well, the offer I’d given her, was more than generous because as we all know, used furniture is definitely not in vogue.

Unfortunately I created something of an insult when offering the amount because she believed it was worth far more, so I raised my offer a little more and said, “Just think about it and let me know because it’s not a make or break for me.” I was promised an answer the following Monday, but of course no call for weeks on end.

Well wouldn’t you know, I received a text from her yesterday saying she was definitely getting rid of it, an now willing to sell it for what she believed I offered, when in truth, she’d intentionally or not, added another fifty bucks to the price, which now reels me forward to today’s phone conversation where I said, “In such situations, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”, so after a good long thought this afternoon, I sent her a text back saying I would call next week and go over there with check in hand and pick it up. Before hanging up the phone this morning I said, “You can be sure if I do purchase it, it’ll get pushed far on the back-burner of things I need to bring back to life.” I’m still sorry I even mentioned my having liked that piece, so likely once it’s done, I’ll be gifting it to someone just to get it out of my sight. I’m sure you fully understand why I’ll be feeling that way.

My mid-morning appointment went very well because one of those in the group, was an old colleague of mine. We had a nice chat while her relatives were looking, measuring and planning for what they’ll be doing with the home once they’ve closed on it. The home does need some cosmetic updates which is why I’ll be reminding them again to take one room at a time instead of jumping from one to another. I strongly encourage buyers of such homes to get their bedrooms completely the way they want them because they’re the first things you see upon awakening, and last before the sandman arrives. I’ve always been of the mindset that bedrooms be transformed into personal sanctuaries where all the trials and troubles of the world are left at their thresholds.

As much as I wanted to get some personal chores done, I was pulled in various directions from the time I parked back at my office, and didn’t get completely divorced from them until it was late afternoon. All I can say about those lost hours, is the fact that our City is getting deeply infested with drug addicts and thieves, and with that said, I encourage everyone living here to take pro-active steps in making sure questionable activities get reported to the police. After today’s episode, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m turning into a on-again off-again clairvoyant because I’m still wondering why I suddenly questioned something that was not easily seen with the naked eye, unless a person was specifically looking for it. Too creepy don’t you think?

Having a good hour to kill before heading home, I managed to get a long over-due email sent to a friend who lives out East. Since we’re so far apart from each other, it’s always good for us to share the happenings on each other’s side of the fence. Because of what was talked about in the last email, I was compelled to share similar happenings which had taken place in my family. As I’ve said before and likely again, the fact that no matter how perfect in every way we believe our familial relationships are, there’s always one or two ringleaders who’ll start stirring up trouble after the old ones start dying off.

I’ve just now noticed the wind changing direction, our temps dropping and the sound of thunder in the distance, so I guess we’re gonna finally get some much-needed rain. The lawn I noticed someone cutting so short yesterday, had clouds of dust being created by the mower, so at least it’ll be given a new lease on life with the coming rain.

When visiting with a gentleman this morning regarding some issues he’s had in the past with certain people in our City government, I congratulated him for creating a paper trail, along with CC’ing others, just so there’d be continued transparency. I always tell people who’re looking for information or a “blessing” from our “powers that be”, is to always get what they’re telling you, in writing because I know of times where what was verbally agreed up, was not what was later acceptable. Don’t you absolutely hate it when people start playing such games, and for what end reason? I still believe it has something to do with if you can’t get attention in a good way, you’ll get it in a bad. I’m glad to be one whose never been that starved for attention and/or control.

I can now seen the rain falling in the distance, which is telling me it’s time to sign off. Stay safe and out of harm’s way.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The first and great Commandment is, don’t let them scare you.

Joe Chodur

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