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This heat just doesn’t seem to want to let up, where even early this morning it was already feeling like it was going to be another hot and humid one. Let’s hope we get the rain they’re predicting towards the end of this weekend.

Most of my morning was consumed by an early closing which I ended up being late for because the closing agent told me the wrong office where we were supposed to meet, thus making me fifteen minutes late. I contained my anger at the time, but come Monday, I’ll be sending some firm words to the closing agent who emailed me that message. For whatever reason, that particular closing company caters to a certain real estate office to where the closer drives to their office and conducts the closings in their meeting rooms. Oh well, there must’ve been some sort of mutual agreement between both parties. You can bet I’ll be making sure that situation doesn’t happen again.

Because my seller had already moved, I took the proceeds check along with the deposit slip I was supplied, over to the seller’s bank and deposited it, and then drove back to my office and scanned the receipt and a copy of the closing statement, and then emailed it to the seller. If there wasn’t that miscommunication from the closing company, I would’ve considered today’s closing another soft landing.

Not long after I’d finished up on that closing file, my sellers of another closing which will be taking place next week, arrived at my office to sign their transfer documents, along with supplying me with a deposit ticket which I’ll use to deposit their proceeds. After everything was signed, we had a very nice visit before they had to get going. Without a doubt, they are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, and I truly hoping we can stay in contact because we’re very like-minded in many respects.

Around noontime, I stopped over to a house of a client to take another look at a cabinet which the owners decided to gift me, and the reason they wanted me to stop, was to make sure I wanted it because they believed it needed too much work. Well, after getting a good look at it again, I assured them the imperfections on it won’t be an issue because I’ll be stripping all the old varnish off of it before putting it back together. I already have the perfect spot in my office for it. I couldn’t have thanked them enough for gifting it to me because it will be put to good use, as well as being a pleasant reminder of those darned good people. Since I’ve done so very much stripping in the past, I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a project. After it’s stripped and before delivery to my office, I’ll be doing some re-arranging of furniture, as well as giving away some things which no longer serve any purpose other than taking up space.

After returning to office, I busied myself with paying some additional bills that had come in, just so I wouldn’t have them staring at me. One of them happened to be a Globe Gazette bill for a very large ad I placed last month, and just as I suspected, there were no leads generated from it. With everything being online, it’s pretty much a waste of money whenever paying for printed ads. My next attempt will be placing a re-occurring online ad, so we’ll see what sort of response that generates. I told one of my colleagues several weeks ago, how very willing I am to pay for advertisements, but only if there’s at least some sort of business generated from it, and whenever there isn’t, I feel as if I’d thrown hundreds of dollars down a rat hole.

Somehow or some way, I managed to get bitten yesterday by a flea for fleas in three different spots on my legs, and oh how they’ve been a huge annoyance with me because of how they’ve turn into very red and itchy welts. The only place I believe I got them on me, was when I was walking around in a yard of a person who has dogs, so they must’ve been in the grass. I thought I was pretty lucky so far this year until those three welts arrived. I’ll have to rub some anti-itch cream on them before going to bed tonight.

I got a comical email from one of my dear friends today regarding her having recently read an article about how so many of the hospitality companies aren’t able to keep their workers because of the low pay they receive, and then went on to say that if the “ghost” hotel does end up getting built, then the next problem will be staffing it, which prompted her to say those in the City who were adamant about having it built, will have to take on a second job to help keep it staffed. I responded back by saying that if our City gets involved with guaranteeing the loan on that like they did Southbridge Mall, then each and every one of our residents need to make their angry voices heard with City Hall, and then insist on some resignations of the staff involved, along with the council members who’d approved it. When are they going to learn that you can’t fix a mistake by making another one?

I’ve pretty much got everything done at office for the week, so after my showing tomorrow morning, I’ll be burying myself in a project or two for the remainder of the day. With summer rapidly passing, I’ve got to keep myself focused on those things that can only be done when the weather is pleasant.

During my lunch breaks this past week, I managed to get back to reading a book on organic and self-sustaining gardening which at first I didn’t find interesting, but the more I’ve been reading case studies of various organic vegetable farmers around the country, I’m hoping more of our younger generation will get involved in it. Several of the owners of those vegetable acreages mentioned how much more money they were making off of their all-natural veggies even from the very beginning. It came as no surprise because I personally know that if you have the knowhow, the drive and space to do it, there is money to be made.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.

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