Wavering Loyalties

Having had a decent night’s sleep, I was back in my normal morning routine, and glad for it because there are times when we get side-tracked by some happening which takes days and even weeks to get back into the groove of things.

Thinking I’d stop and grab a cup of java on my way to work, I decided against it because of the many cars already parked at convenience stores. It really didn’t bother me not having coffee this morning because I drank more yesterday than I normally do, and mostly because I needed to keep from getting sleepy.

Not very much exciting was happening at office this morning, so I busied myself with getting emails returned and a stack of bills paid before I changed my clothes and finished up on some mowing. I couldn’t believe how dry the lawns have become to where the grass has stopped growing, but the annual weeds were kicking into high gear. To be honest, I think I mowed more weeds than grass.

I’m not so sure what our City is going to do about all the European Buckthorn and Virginia Creeper that’s getting an even greater foothold in the landscapes of our City and countryside. Not too many months ago I happened upon a Virginia Creeper vine that had to be about as big around as a bathroom towel bar, and having climbed all the way to the top of a full grown tree. Now that was one creepy Creeper. Judging by the size of it, I’m sure the owner didn’t even know what it was. Certainly by now you’ve got the correct impression that I absolutely hate vines with the exception of Clematis which remain relatively well-contained.

Having today received the transfer document packet in an overnight, and after a good review, I’m set on my side to get that listing of mine closed out this Friday. That was another one of my listings which wasn’t on the market for even a week, so if you know of anyone who’s looking to sell, please have them give me a call because we’re running short on listings.

Much of my afternoon was spent working on files that are scheduled to close next week, and because our title companies are running on over-drive, I’ve been having to prod several of them along, just so we can make our closing dates. All three of them have out of town sellers which means I have to have all the transfer docs in my possession early enough so I can email them out, and then have the sellers get them signed before a Notary Public and then overnighted back to me. I’ve just recently noticed how much slower our postal service has become which makes matters even worse. USPS must be having a problem with keeping their employees because I’ve noticed signs posted where they’re looking for help. That’s quite the turn-about from years gone by because it used to be an uphill battle with getting hired by them due to the number of applicants.

While out at a store today, I happened to notice they had vegetable seeds on sale at discounted prices, so I picked up a pack each of carrot and dill seeds which I’ll plant in an open space in my garden. Both of them mature quickly and can stand the cold, so I’m hoping to have some super-sweet late carrots and dill for pickling. I still can’t believe how well the onion sets I planted around the 4th of July are doing. They’re actually doing as well if not better than those I planted almost a month earlier. I made a mental note regarding that late onion planting, which I’ll have to do again next year if those onions continue to do well up to their harvesting time.

I went ahead and changed those full bags of dead Japanese Beetles again, and without a doubt, they have the most revolting smell of death. Believe me, I’ve smelled enough dead things in my life, but the odor coming from those bags is enough to trigger an episode of gaging.

While on the phone today with a colleague, we somehow got on the subject of buyers and sellers who jump from one real estate “ship” to another, and whenever in the past that’s happened to me, I’d automatically turn inward wondering what I’d said or done, but since the pandemic arrived, I finally came to the conclusion that it’s just part of the way some people are with their wavering loyalties where they must somehow believe that either they’re not getting the preferential treatment they “deserve”, or they want to spread their so-called “wealth” around. To this day, I remember once asking a friend of a long-time client who’d jumped ship, why they decided to work with another agent. I just about lost it when told the reason being, they just decided they wanted to spread their wealth around. If you would’ve know their financial situation at the time, you would’ve replied, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

We’re still getting activity on my acreage listing located at 1165 Hwy 9 in Manly, which isn’t surprising, but still no offer. Without question, if I were looking for a diamond in the rough rural setting, I’d be asking, “Where do I have to sign?”. Yes, it’s that impressive, and mostly because of how well built it is, being on a hard-surface road and only a 16 minute drive from our Downtown. There’s no question a home of that size would cost upwards of $600K to replicate, so if a person paid asking price for it and threw a $100K of improvements in it, you’d be way ahead of the game. Oh well, it just goes to show how overly-specialized our society has become to where they only have expertise in their given profession, and anything outside of those realms of expertise, they’re all thumbs. It’s sad, but very true.

While out showing a home on the east-side this afternoon, I definitely noticed all the more Ash trees dying in people’s yards. Oh what an expense that’s gonna be for them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.

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