Work In Unison

Another beautiful day arrived on the tail-end of July, so once we hit August, we’ll be experiencing cooler nights as the days grow shorter and our sun distancing itself from us a little bit farther as each day passes. I still can’t believe how quickly our summer is fading, but as we all know, nothing lasts forever.

I had a very early appointment to help a friend of mine, move some heavy items into a storage building, so by the hour of seven, I’d already changed my clothes and heading out to help him. I was expecting it to take us a good hour to get those things moved, but when seeing we’d had it done in a little over a half, I couldn’t help saying to him, “Now see. Many hands and minds do make little work.” That old saying holds true as long as those hands and minds work in unison.

With a little more time to kill before my 9:00 a.m. appointment at my Manly acreage, I went ahead and changed back into my street clothes, and then proceeded to work on a file that’s supposed to close this coming Friday. I did manage to get everything readied and then emailed out to my seller for signatures on those transfer documents. After I sent it off, I placed a call to my seller, just to let her know it was coming, along with giving her a head’s-up on what needed to be signed before a Notary Public.

Just to make sure I got to my acreage listing on time, I left about ten minutes early, just so I could take a more leisurely drive up there. It sure was a beautiful morning out in the country and by the looks of it, those many fields of beans and corn are going to be producing bumper crops. With the price of wheat going thru the roof due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I do hope our farmers will start planting winter wheat this fall, just so we can do our part in filling the void created by that war.

I arrived about ten minutes early, and when I walked up to the door, the owner was standing there waiting for me. Since we both share similar beginnings, along with likes and dis-likes, we never seem be at loss for something to talk about.

Once the hour of nine came and went, I was beginning to wonder if the buyers were going to show up. Once it hit half past nine, I was on my phone and placing a call to the buyer. Wouldn’t you know, he didn’t pick up, and his voice mailbox was full. What was again the most annoying, was getting a text not even a minute later saying something about running behind on everything this morning, but not saying if they were on their way, or if they were canceling today’s showing, so I sent another message saying I’d been there since nine, and wondering if they were on their way. Again, no reply. I shared those messages with my seller, and he immediately said, “I have helpers coming this morning, so go ahead and tell them I’m canceling the appointment.”, which is what I went ahead and did. After I sent it, and still no reply from the buyers, my seller laughed and said, “You just got ghosted.”, which I’d never before heard of such a thing, so he had to explain. Wow, I sure learned a few new words while there for nearly an hour. I will say, I have a very unhappy seller over this morning’s no-show, so hopefully I can sell it to several other buyers who’ve been showing interest in it. Wouldn’t that be fun?

On my way back, I stopped at the Casey’s in Manly and picked up a cup of coffee. I couldn’t believe how busy they were to where they had a double-deep line of people waiting to pay.  When I got back to the City, I stopped at Fareway and purchased some cleaning supplies which were needed for a 3+ hour clean-up job I had planned for today, and since it was approaching the lunch hour, I stopped at Wendy’s and purchased a small cup of chili which I had for lunch.

After getting myself changed back into my work clothes, I headed out and started working away. In those three hours, I managed, to get a number of windows washed both inside and out, a stove-top and oven cleaned, and some final prep-work for tomorrow’s clean-up of kitchen sink, baseboards wiped down and floors scrubbed. I don’t think it’ll take more than an hour to get those things done, so hopefully I’ll have time to get back at a few other lingering projects.

When I returned to office, I slipped out of my work clothes and back into my street’s, and then sat down and practiced some music I’m to play tomorrow morning over at St. Paul Lutheran. I felt pretty comfortable with them, so hopefully all will be good in the morning.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and while there, I ran into some old clients who live in Clear Lake. I couldn’t help mentioning my having noticed that million-plus property that was recently listed on North Shore Drive, ended up selling for $1,300.000.00 which ended up being over asking price. Wow! I never would’ve thought that 1930’s house being so close to the Surf Ballroom, would’ve sold for that kind of money. That sale was yet another confirmation of how maniacal today’s buyers are about acreages and homes located on bodies of water. If I had a million-plus dollars to spend on a home, it definitely wouldn’t be on Clear Lake because their window of fun in the sun is too short for my tastes, and of course those homes are way too close to each other for comfort. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

While outdoors these past several days, I’ve been noticing distinct damage having been done to trees, shrubs and plants by those Japanese Beetles. I’ll have to look and see what keeps them under control in Japan.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Beauty fades, but stupid is forever.

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