The Wienermobile’s Stop-Over

The cooling breezes coming out of the north this morning, had our temps hovering around sixty degrees which felt pretty good considering how many days we had to endure the heat and humidity. You can be sure I took advantage of the cooler temps by getting out and doing a little work this afternoon which I’d been postponing.

I received word late yesterday that my second closing was going to take place, so the first thing I did, was go and pick up my sold signs on those properties and haul them back to office. It sure was a 180 degree difference of a morning when comparing it to yesterday. Without a doubt, I sure had fun taking photos and visiting with that group wearing kilts. I meant to ask them if they had any Scotch, Irish or British blood in them, which would give them all the more license to be wearing them.

Most of my morning was spent on phone calls and closings, and since I hadn’t talked to a dear friend of mine in over a week, I made sure to give her a call. I just had to tell her about my encounter with a very angry church lady, who in my estimation, had every right to be stirred up. The tribalism that has been growing in our general public, is a reflection of what’s been taking place for generations within the inner circles of churches. If it wasn’t so pathetic, I’d be laughing about it. I couldn’t help adding yesterday how amazing it is to find most of the powers that be in that particular community of faith, being of the appearance of never having missed a meal in their lives. Ouch!

I had to make a stop at an office were a woman works whose birthday was today, which just so happened to be the same as my deceased father’s. Of course he’s been gone for a very many years, but having heard her tell me some years ago her birth date, I always make a point to either call or stop by with a birthday greeting. I went on to tell her that she’s the only human being I personally know who share’s a birth date with my father’s. I keep telling her not to be sharing her age with others because she looks at least ten years younger than she actually is.

As it was approaching lunchtime, I happened to glance at something out at the curbside of my office, and when I looked, there stood that cute Wienermobile which was being shown off at Wednesday’s RAGBRAI gathering in our Downtown. Of course I had to step out and investigate. I guess they had some business to attend to with Splash, so while they were there, I took the above photo of it with my cell phone. I did have a short chat with the driver before they headed north. How fun was that when being at my office during the Wienermobile’s stop-over? I’m sure they draw a great deal of attention wherever they land.

After grabbing a quick lunch, I changed my clothes and took some hours off to get some outdoor work done which will open up more time to get other things done this weekend. I have an early morning appointment to show the Manly acreage, along with some desk work I’ll need to attack since a nameless few did an imbecilic thing by emailing some time sensitive documents to an email address I rarely check. You can only imagine how internally angry I was when happening upon it late this afternoon. I gave a lightening-bolt reply to the senders, and in the body of it, was a stern insistence that they never send any information to that email address again. When thinking back, I’m almost certain it all got started about six months ago when one of my competitors sent a group email to others including me, and using that email address. I got after them at the time, but it looks like they’re back at it again. I think today’s stinging email got my point across because I lost well over a day’s time in getting something accomplished on a closing file. Shame on them.

I was expecting a phone call from a seller today who’d called earlier this week and wanting me to sometime in the near future, give her an estimate of value on a home owned by an aging relative. If I don’t hear from her this weekend, I’ll have to give her a call Monday morning.

On my way home, I stopped by Hy-Vee Drug to check out their 75% off flowers and vegetables, and of course I just had to buy one of those big pots containing a full grown Jalapeno Pepper plant which already had peppers on it. I made the excuse to myself that I didn’t have one of them growing in my garden, and once in a great while, I like a few slices of fresh Jalapeno with meat. Don’t you think that sounded like a good excuse?

I happened to run into a familiar face while out there, and wouldn’t you know, they’ve had another child since I last saw them. All I could say was, “I hope you’re doing a good job with the rearing of your children, because these are tough times to be raising a big family.” I wouldn’t have said that to a perfect stranger, but she knows me well enough to where I wasn’t putting her down for having another one.

When reading the news today, I was delighted to find where the Ukrainian army is moving closer to re-taking Kherson which was the big city in the south of their country the Russians over-ran early on, and mostly due to the fact that one of the Ukrainian commanders likely on purpose, refused to blow up a key bridge. I think he’s already got his tail-feathers burned. It sounds like those Russian sympathizers are getting methodically weeded out of their government and military posts, and they need to be.

I mentioned to a young man today who had his cute little blonde-headed boy by his side, how on a near-daily basis, I pray for a Ukrainian victory, and then justice be served to all those Russians who intentionally murdered innocent women and children.

Tonight’s One-liner is: War makes strange bedfellows.

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