I Would’ve Missed the Kilts

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It was an up and early out this morning, and the main reason being, my wanting to get some errands run, and then head out with camera in hand to take some additional photos of the exiting masses of RAGBRAI riders who were preparing to head in the direction of Charles City.

The first batch of today’s photos, were of the various support vehicles parked around our Downtown and City parks. I then began getting shots of the encampments of the bikers who were beginning to prepare themselves for another day’s journey. Fortunately for them, they wouldn’t be traveling all the many miles they did yesterday.

As I made my rounds of getting photo shots of their sleeping sites, I happened upon groups of bikers who were already on the road, so I stopped at the corner of Kentucky and East State Street and found the perfect spot at a curbside where I could start my photo session.

When they were here eight years ago, I also took photos of their exiting, but in a far less desirable location. Today’s was perfect because just as they were coming out from under the shaded cover of those many trees lining East State Street, they were hit with a blast of early morning sunshine which was at my back. I can’t begin to tell you how much I could feel the energy emanating from all those people, and truth be told, there were times when I was getting rushes of goosebumps.

I couldn’t believe how broad the age group of people who were making that journey. All these years, I always thought it was something only our younger crowd would take on, but that mis-conception was quickly dispelled when seeing people I knew who had to be in their sixties, seventies and beyond. Good for them.

Most of the time, as the various groups were passing, I would say, “Good Morning and Good Luck to you.” Well, I’m sorry to say, at least seventy-five percent of those who responded back, were those who were fifty and older, which was creating a bit of sadness within. Many of those who were likely in their twenties and thirties, wouldn’t even glance my way after I greeted them, which is saying something about our societal fibers. I know for a fact that when I was running those 5 and 10K’s back when I was young and semi-good looking, I’d make every effort to acknowledge a greeting from someone standing at a curbside. My how times have changed.

Once again, I’ve set up a slide-show for you, so when you click on the above photo, you’ll be entering a 200+ photo viewing session. Many of the photos are simply random shots, while others were purposely taken because of either the way they were dressed, their age group, the type of bicycles, or even their personal appearance.

There were three men dressed similarly which caused me to look twice before I took a photo of them because I dare say you wouldn’t catch me wearing something like that out in public. At first glance, you’ll think they’re fully clothed.

The main photo is one I took with my cell phone which just happened by chance because I stopped at Jitters to get a small cup of coffee, but when seeing how filled they were inside, along with the number of people I knew standing around, whom I ended up being drawn into conversation, I decided to grab a cup at Casey’s on S. Federal.

Just as I was pulling into their parking lot, I happened to see two couples standing near their front door, and the two men were wearing kilts. Of course they were part of RAGBRAI, so I walked over and had a good chat with them over my morning photo-taking session. I asked if they’d mind if I took a photo of them to share on my website, and of course they were all for it. After about five minutes of conversing with them, I decided they were definitely free spirits which I found quite refreshing. Now if I hadn’t decided to stop at Casey’s, I would’ve missed the kilts. Having that short conversation with them this morning, was most certainly the highlight of my day.

As chance would have it, I managed to sneak a shot of two colleagues of mine, as well as one of my dear past customers, so in spite of having spent a good hour and a half of my morning being centered around RAGBRAI, it was definitely well worth it because I found myself fully charged for the remainder of the day. I’m definitely going to investigate the cost of that little black pull-behind I took a photo of which is called a “My Pod”. Too cute!

The remainder of my day was spent working on a closing which I thought wouldn’t happen tomorrow, but after everyone involved kicked into high-gear, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna close on time.

I did ask one of the people who were involved in the medical and security aspects of yesterday’s visitors regarding any bad happenings, and the response I got, was that there wasn’t any serious health issues, but possibly a handful of bikes stolen. My response to the bikes being stolen was, “The first place I’d check, would be the “Meth-heads Nests”. Don’t you just hate it when something like that happens to innocent people?

My last appointment of the day took me to Manly for a showing of my new listing at 304 N. Fairview. It was a good showing, but don’t think it was a right fit for the buyers, so we’ll be continuing our search. The early evening drive home was a pleasant one where I could enjoy the bucolic sights of North Iowa’s late July.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live.

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