Always Making A Scene

In spite of it being a Monday morning, there wasn’t as many phone calls coming in which didn’t surprise me due to most everyone now focusing on RABRAI instead of real estate. I did have emails to return, as well as scheduling appointments to show my acreage listing up in Manly. I’ve been making sure any agent that shows it, knows that it is to be sold in an “As Is” condition, and unfortunately most of today’s buyers have very little downpayment, let alone reserves set aside to make the repairs it’s needing. There were two showings on it late this afternoon, and another one scheduled for eight tomorrow morning. I’m still hoping there’s an expanding farm family living close by who has a son or daughter wanting to have their own acreage setting.

After taking care of all my little Monday morning “to-do’s”, I changed my clothes and went back to work at my office project, as well as going out back and getting some weeds pulled and trash picked up that had blown in. Those dumpster-divers who open plastic garbage bags in those dumpsters lining the back alley, need to be severely chastised for making those messes and then walking away. Very early this morning there was an interesting pair who were grabbing anything that looked even close to being of value, and then tying that junk to their rickety bicycles before peddling off. I’ve also been noticing more of them hanging out in that gazebo across the street from The Manor. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any seniors from The Manor using it. It may have been a good idea at the time, but in today’s world, I would consider it more of a liability. After I got tuckered out from my labors, I cleaned up and changed back into my office clothes.

I had several homes to show later this afternoon, and by the time I got home I felt like I needed to burn my clothes because one of the homes had a strong mildew odor which was actually making my eyes water, and the other one had another strong odor which made me want to hose myself down. We all agreed that both of them were grossly over-priced considering their condition. My buyers are growing all the more disappointed, but I had to remind them that there will be others coming on the market, and likely one that’ll be a good fit.

One of my friends emailed me a news clip about Josh Hawley running down the halls of Congress shortly after he’d raised his clenched fist in solidarity to those Capitol rioters, which certainly gave them all the more of a green light to storm Congress. When seeing him later running for his life, showed what kind of character he really is. I’ve done enough reading about him to know he’s one sick person. I still can’t believe the voters of Missouri elected him. He may appear as the pretty boy who always gets the votes, but listening to him speak, becomes an absolute turn-off for me. Oh, of course he’s also trying to lead the charge with Turning Point USA which I believe has a very hard-core group of the radical right. No matter what the Senate votes on, he’s almost always making a scene and voting against it. There’s no question in my mind he has a very dark personal hidden agenda which has no place in our United of States.

I can’t believe what’s happening with all these recent shootings, and when reading about that murder/suicide out at a State Park in Eastern Iowa, makes a person wonder if there’s any sort of safe refuge against these random acts of violence. It’s almost as if there’s something we’ve missed when drawing comparisons with then and now. It’s nice that Iowa makes the national news, but definitely not in a bad way. My heart goes out to the family of the victims, but can you imagine the ripple-effect it’s going to have on those who’ve got camping trips planned? I’m sure you remember the shooting that took place at the campground next our City’s municipal pool, and all of it over a stupid parking spot. I did hear recently that the guy that got shot, is still not out of the woods because of the intestinal and vital organ damage that was done.

There’s no question people are more on edge because I’m even seeing it within the ranks of Realtors. For absolutely no reason, I got sassed really good in a text message by another agent today, and you can bet I had to count to ten before I was able to settle myself down and not respond to it. Yes, there’s a growing number of keyboard warriors out there who’re getting their jollies out of being totally disrespectful of others, and by the looks and sounds of it, there’s no distinct difference in the language used by either males or females. I can only imagine what my mother would be saying about it if she were still alive because decorum is totally out the window in these times. Have you noticed how many politicians there are running around now who don’t speak normally, but rather scream words into their microphones. Pay closer attention, and you’ll see what I mean. A generation or two ago, a person didn’t have to scream to be heard, but in these times, they’re running around like beat-up old Chevys with their mufflers missing. You remember the sound.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to meet with the sellers of a home out of town, and since I’d not been in it for a number of years, I’ll have to pull up everything that’s sold in that community this past year. I do remember it didn’t take me long to sell it the last time, but I have no idea about its present condition. It’s in a good neighborhood, but that’s about all I know at this point. I have to keep reminding myself that even the small town prices are spiking.

After my last phone call this afternoon, it looks like we’re ready for a closing on Friday, and all I need from the closing company, is the amount my buyer will have to bring in a Cashier’s check. That was definitely a close-call of a sale because there were buyers lined up to see it the following day. I’m ever-thankful my buyer didn’t wait the night.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The paradox of reality is that no image is as compelling as the one which exists only in the mind’s eye.

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