In A Herringbone Fashion

Another early Sunday morning arrived which prompted me to high-tail it to the office and get my contemplative prayer session completed before even thinking about what I had on my plate for the remainder of the day. My session went well, and as always, I made sure to deeply pray for the deliverance of those Ukrainians from the evils being done to them on a daily basis by Putin’s military and his mercenaries. Let’s all hope and pray the Ukrainians will once and for all, push them back into the devil-holes from which they’d come. Oh by the way, the Russian soldiers are now called “Orcs”.

After my Sunday prayer session was completed, I decided to take a good hour out of my day and have a pleasant early morning drive out in the countryside. With last night’s showers having made the skies all the more blue, I couldn’t have picked a better time.

My travels took my in a wide circle of Cerro Gordo and Worth Counties. Even though it was quite early, I noticed the Johanns family out picking sweet corn on that nine or so acres they have surrounding their home which is just north of our City on Hwy 65. I’ve been noticing just these past two years, their having planted early and late sweet corn. I’m sure many of you have seen their little stands all over town, and judging by the how popular they’ve become, I’d say they’re doing a bang-up business. Good for them. I’ve actually stopped there from time to time over the years to buy a dozen or two to place in the freezer for winter use. I’m really not much of a corn on the cob fan, but I do like adding frozen corn to various stews and soups which always warms the body and soul during those cold winter evenings.

You’re probably wondering why I don’t grow my own. Well, if you had the deer and raccoon problems I’ve had to deal with over the years, you’d understand why. With the diminishing coon population around me, those numbers are made up with the increase of those giant rabbits also known as white-tailed deer. I did decide to grow a small patch of popcorn in a newly fenced area, so perhaps I’ll have enough come Fall to share with those who’d like to try it.

It was a pleasant drive, and when I was coming back on B15, I was wishing I’d taken my camera because I once again happened upon that charming round barn that’s part of a homesite. It’s a small one, but still in good repair which I consider a blessing when knowing how few and far between any sort of vintage outbuildings can be found. We can blame most of it on corporate farmers which who have absolutely no use for building sites containing structures which are not conducive to housing large pieces of machinery.

Of course every time I drive past Manly Terminal and see those monster wind turbine blades on those rail cars, I continue wondering when the polluting of our country landscapes is going to stop. If I had to live near one of those noisy things, I’d be ready to crawl out of my skin. Looking at them is bad enough, but having to hear them nearly non-stop, would have my nerves worn thin.

When I got back to office, I changed my clothes and began working a good four hours on an office project. The only stopping point I had the entire time, was to run down to Hardee’s and pick up a small burger which I took back to office and doctored up before eating. There was a lot accomplished, and for sure I’ll be having some aches and pains in the morning. Oh well, it had to be done and I’m glad it’s finally coming around.

Shortly after the hour of two, I put my tools away, cleaned myself up, changed my clothes and then headed out to show my newly listed acreage which has been getting quite a bit of activity since I posted it yesterday morning.

Today’s showing was a back-to-back where one buyer was looking at three and another about a half hour later. Both parties were showing good interest which came as no surprise because once you’re inside, the sheer size and quality of construction of the home, is what suddenly creates interest.

My second buyer was taking more time to get a good look at everything, and glad I was thoughtful enough to bring my high-powered flashlight, just so every dark corner of that home’s basement could be seen.

Every time I’m there, I discover even more positive features which I’d missed before. Today I noticed that all off the sub-flooring on the main floor was laid in a herringbone fashion which is always an indication of quality construction. Another feature I missed, was the extra effort the builder of that home gave to it when creating the cedar fish-scaling on the dormer ends and even above the first floor windows facing the road. I was definitely wowed after getting a better look at the way they were created. I hope whomever buys it, will go down to the first layer of paint that was placed on them, and then re-paint them that color. I’m sure the body of the home was always white, but those shakes and the roof facias were likely painted accent colors. I’m definitely not a purist, but considering the money those people spent to have it built, I’ll bet they made sure the best of the best was used.

By the time that second showing was finished, I drove off with a good feeling that there’ll be an offer or two coming in on it soon. Whomever does buy it, I only hope they work with the quality that’s contained within, instead of ripping out walls while trying to make it something it’s not. I’ve always said, “If you’re into new homes, then please don’t buy and old one thinking you’re going to make it modern looking.”

Tonight’s One-liner is: Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.

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