Money To Stay Afloat

It was a typical Saturday morning, and as I suspected, the calls and text messages coming in on the acreage I listed, were numerous. Unfortunately, most of them were buyers who were getting either a Government loan, or a low-downpayment conventional loan which I know wouldn’t be able to fly because of that home not meeting their underwriting standards. Of course I also had to tell them that it was being sold “As Is”, which meant that if the DNR would require a new septic system installed, the buyers would have to bear the cost, and I’m almost 100% certain a new septic would be required. The septic system is working on that homesite, but definitely not up to DNR’s standards. Thus far, I have an appointment to show it tomorrow, and another agent from Winnebago County will be showing it Monday afternoon. It definitely needs work, but without a doubt, it’s got very good bones. I’m hoping some rich farmer living in the area, buys it for one of their children. Even if a person spent over a 100K on improvements, it would still be far under what it would cost to build new, and in my opinion, a home built like that, would far out-last something constructed with today’s materials.

After getting past the personal items in the home, the sheets of paneling, carpeting and suspended ceilings, one would suddenly realize there’s really not that much work needing to be done on the interior after those things are removed because fixing possible cracked plaster and refinishing wood floors is nothing compared to the costs of drywall and flooring. The big plus, is that woodwork not ever having been painted, and I can attest that stripping paint off woodwork is a very messy and daunting task. I dare not tell how many painted doors I’ve stripped in the past, and even now looking at a painted door, makes me want to run and hide. The wooden floors in that home are exactly like mine at office, and I can assure you, they’d clean-up as good as mine if not better.

In between phone calls, I spent my morning hours doing some much needed maintenance on my office building. I believe my having spoken several days ago about wanting to get my kitchenette finished, likely sent a subliminal message to get cracking at it again. No matter what we own, there’s always maintenance to be done on a regular basis. Before winter hits, I’m going to work on making the front of my office more wind and weather resistant, and only because of how our winter winds have grown all the stronger.

I hadn’t spoken with my dear friend in many days, so I gave her a call, just to talk about recent happenings. I was a bit taken aback when she mentioned something about a church in our City coming on the market because the last I heard, the final decision wasn’t going to be made until September. I asked where she read it, and when hearing it was on Facebook, it came as no surprise because with Facebook, it’s a free-for-all for anyone wanting attention. There’ve been numerous times where people have asked me why I don’t have a personal Facebook account, and all I say is, “My office Facebook page is more than enough.” After hearing she likes certain veggies I’m growing, I promised her some gifts from the garden. This heat and humidity is really making the vining vegetables grow. Between my keyboard music and garden, I think I’ve got enough to keep me in balance from the downtime therapy they provide. I also had to tell my friend the satanic name given to that innocent little boy. Let’s hope when he turns eighteen he’ll be changing it to something more appropriate.

There were more bills that came in, so I got them paid and delivered to the post, along with sending text messages back to a few more people who’d contacted me about that acreage. I’m going to say a little prayer that there will be a rich farmer who lives in the area who’ll pay cash for it, and then have it fixed up for a son or daughter. I’ve heard many recent stories of late from people who’re wanting to build, but are holding off because of the cost of materials. I’m afraid it’s going to be a while before they go down, and only because of the major housing shortage our Country is facing.

We didn’t have but a few drops of rain this afternoon, so let’s hope we get some later this evening, but only if it’s not being accompanied by violent storms and high winds. Yes, we do need the rain, and hopefully it’ll cool down because this high humidity and heat is getting on my nerves. Can you believe we’re only a little week away from the threshold of August? Where in Heaven’s name did this month go?

I’ve got tentative plans for tomorrow, and if it’s not raining, I’ll be back at it outdoors because we don’t have that many months remaining until the cold arrives. I’m still waiting on contractors to give me bids on some work I need to have done, so if I don’t hear from them on Monday, I’ll be on the phone again. There’s no question the work ethic has changed since the pandemic arrived, and to this day, I still don’t know where these people who’re not working, are getting their money to stay afloat.

With some time to spare, I read a little BBC News Online, and to no surprise, those evil-monkey Russians are not following thru with their agreement to allow Ukrainian ships carrying grain to begin, because they started bombing the port of Odesa. If there’s one thing that’ll be burned into the psychic of our world leaders, is the fact that anyone associated with Putin and his government, are bare-faced liars. Unless there’s something catastrophic that happens in Russia, that war is going to drag on until those Russians and their mercenaries are slowly and methodically driven back across the border. I am very happy the United States and member countries of the European Union are supplying them with sophisticated long-range missiles. Let’s hope they be the last things needed to drive those Russian devils out.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.

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