Accountability And Sustainability

With the arrival of another Sunday morning, I decided to stop at a convenience store on my way to office and pick up a small cup of coffee, and since it was very early, there was only one other person in the store, and it didn’t take me but a few moments to realize that he was either the boyfriend or husband of the woman behind the counter. In spite of him attempting to act like a customer, I could tell there was something more, and especially when she asked me to step over to another register to get checked out. As I drove away, I was reminded once again how much more employees mix their personal lives with their work, which was very much unheard of a generation or two ago. I’m sure many of you still remember how it was before the cell phones and subsequent smart phones arrived. In one of the banks I worked in, personal calls were forbidden unless it was an emergency. My how times have changed.

After I got my protracted contemplative session completed, I changed into my work clothes and headed out to do some yard work, along with getting some mowing done. Unfortunately I didn’t get the mowing finished because I was interrupted by text messages and phone calls, which was likely for the better because those stopping points allowed me to cool off a bit. I believe if we didn’t have that wind blowing, it would’ve been unbearable outdoors.

Since I have a larger garden in one area, and a smaller one in another, I did manage to get the larger fenced off, just so those vile deer won’t be eating the tomatoes and peppers that will be coming on later this summer. I discovered I didn’t have enough of that fencing for the smaller one, so I’ll have to get some additional panels from either Tractor Supply or my not so favorite Menards. The sooner I get those two gardens fully encapsulated, the more at ease I’ll be.

Having noticed the Japanese beetles on some of my plants several days ago, I immediately set out some traps for them, and when looking at them today, those bags are already about a quarter full. I’m hoping there won’t be as many as last year because I had to replace some of those filled bags at least three times, and when I went to replace them, oh my gosh, those dead and dying bugs were stinking to high heaven. I’m hoping I caught them soon enough so they’ll be following the scent of those traps instead of my plants.

All morning I was waiting for a text message from the listing agent to let me know about that offer I submitted, and when it was past the hour we were supposed to get an answer, I sent a text to the agent asking when there’d be a response. Wouldn’t you know, I get a message back saying I was sent an email earlier this morning saying my offer was rejected and no countering back. You can bet I was boiling inside because our State’s real estate laws speak specifically about how offers and counter-offers are to be handled concerning the forms of communication. Just because another agent sends me a reply via email, was not considered the most appropriate unless there was a confirming text message or phone call immediately afterwards. This nonsense has happened twice this past week, and one of those emailed offers without a follow-up communication, was from what I thought was a Realtor who knew better.

Of course my buyer was not happy when I relayed the sellers’ response, so that particular property is now off the table for them. I don’t blame them a bit because that house is definitely not the prize pig of the County Fair. The reason they made a lower offer, was because I pointed out some issues with it that need to be addressed more sooner than later, which is going to cost money and time. I’m glad there are parents involved who’re helping to guide that first-time buyer. I made the assurance there’ll be something coming along that’ll be a better fit. If I’d known those sellers were going to stick to their guns with their pricing, I wouldn’t have bothered to write that offer in the first place. Some sellers believe what they have is priceless, and that of others, worthless. You know the kind.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and wouldn’t you know, I ran into a client/customer I’d not seen in years, so we stepped aside and had a nice little chat. Of course since we were grocery shopping, the subject of the spiking food prices came up, and about all I could say was, “We’ll just have to start budgeting and watching the sales when they’re published.” The price of gas also came up, and I interrupted her and said, “Well, after five years or more, I decided to go downstairs and carry up my reel mower and cut the grass at the back of my office this afternoon.” I figured I might as well start saving every cup of gas I can, and besides, that reel mower does a much better job of cutting the grass. Yes, it has to be gone over twice, but when it’s done right, it’s noticeably better looking. I’m sure the birds are loving it because they can see the bugs and worms more clearly.

After reading that article yesterday about the status of the “ghost” hotel project, and then having a good long time to think about it while I was working outdoors, I’ve come to the conclusion that the people in our City government have no clue when it comes to accountability and sustainability in their decision making processes. I could drive around our City and point out numerous failures which were at the time considered the best of ideas. I forgot to mention yesterday when talking about long-term memory retention, that my somewhat better than average memory, I often consider a blessing as well as a curse, and only because when remembering idiotic things people have done in the past, just gets me stirred up again. Who needs it? Of course when anyone says to me, “Let’s move on.”, before there’s been a resolution, for me that’s nothing more than a put down and a cop out. Once again, you know the kind.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.

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