Traces Of Herbicides

Thinking I was going to have a free day today, it ended up being mostly real estate related, which didn’t surprise me considering how fast this market is moving. Shortly after arrival at office, I received a text message from a prospective buyer who contacted me several days ago about looking at homes she’d found online, and nearly every one I called on, had accepted offers on them. Today’s text was asking about additional ones she’d forwarded to me, and fortunately there were three of them still available, so most of my afternoon was taken up with the showing of two of them.

Having received all the statements I needed to finish up last month’s accounting, most of my morning was filled with banking and accounting, and exceptionally happy all the ledgers came in balance to the penny. Every time I have an end-of-the-month like that, I become thankful and grateful there were no errors. One thing I’m gonna have to do very soon, is to find another company I can order checks from because this last month’s charge to my account of $95.00 for checks that last me less than six months, which is too much as far as I’m concerned. It seems no matter what we buy of late, there’s always a noticeable price increase. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only reason they’re charging such high prices and get away with it, is because they can and they do. Doesn’t that make you want to go out and spit three times?

Another good two hours were spent going thru all my church music in search of some music which would be appropriate for Grace Baptist Church’s 150 year celebration next Sunday. Thank goodness I remembered a very old binder I had stored away which contained some vintage hymns I’d not heard in years. When I opened it, I was immediately reminded how old those pages are because of how yellow they’ve become. I paged thru the entire selection and found four keepers which I made copies of before I put them back. That binder is so old, it even has a section containing hymns in Latin. Now that’s going back more than a few decades.

Now that I have the music I need, I’ll be looking for a time slot to run over to First Baptist and run thru them. I already know what I’ll be faced with over there because they’ve not had any maintenance done on it since I was there last, so those two pedals that were “dead” the last time, will still be the same, which I’ll have to compensate for with the keyboard. It’s unfortunate they don’t have the resources to do a restoration on that old girl because it truly has a rich sound that’s not being fully utilized, and most likely because most of our younger crowd has gone digital with their piped-in video music which shows up on big screens. It’s out with reverence and in with showtime.

We spent a good deal of time at one of the two homes I showed today, which ended up being the one they offered on. While I was outside, I looked up at the house and suddenly said, “I remember this house from a real estate time, way back when I was young and semi-good looking.” I even remembered the last name of the owners at the time, and the husband now being a very successful businessman in our community. I don’t think they believed me, so in-between breaks, I stopped back at the office, pulled out my yearly sales statistics and managed to find it. Sure enough it was them, so I made a copy of that old listing which was in black and white, and then handed it to them when I met them at the second home. I’m sure they must’ve thought I truly must had the memory of an elephant, so I clarified how such things work with me. After giving them my canned explanation on how I remember certain things, they understood that I don’t have total recall. Without going into detail, it’s all about unknowingly creating memory “markers” in one’s brain which then trigger those long ago happenings.

Since we’re on the subject of memory capture and retention, it’s my belief that if a person slows themselves down enough to fully focus on what they’re seeing/hearing, they’ll remember enough to store away in long-term memory. I think this is why many of the mystics had incredibly good memories, and only because they’d trained themselves to be mindful. We likely have all the fewer of such people in today’s world, and only because we’re being bombarded from all directions with audio-visuals which keep us too stirred to be able to settle down and more fully focus on the happenings taking place around us in real-time. Make sense?

With my buyers being first-timers, I had to spend more time going over the purchase documents with them, along with explaining what’ll happen next if they should end up getting that home purchased. I’m going to stay hopeful we’ll get that sale put together because I believe it’ll be a good fit for being their first home. Yes, it needs some TLC, but I think in the long-run, it’ll be an acceptable long-term investment.

I just found out today that next weekend is Grafton’s Turkey Days which I’ve never attended, and from the sounds of it, it’s an all-out weekend affair. Many years ago I was told there was one particular family that lived in the area of Grafton who raised turkeys specifically for that celebration. If you’re looking for something fun and off the beaten path, go online and see what’s happening in Grafton next weekend. You may want to make a day of it.

While sorting thru today’s news, I wasn’t a bit surprised when reading an article talking about how they’ve discovered that around eighty percent of the people who have cancer, have traces of herbicides in their urine, which is why I’ve always been against using herbicides unless I absolutely have to, and definitely not around any fruits/vegetables. With all the sprays our farmers are using on their fields, it’s no wonder there are so many people who’re dying from cancer. Don’t think we’re not paying the price for being able to grow all the more bushels per acre of corn and soybeans, because in the end, we are.

Tonight’s One-liner is: No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

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