The Louisiana Purchase

From the time I arrived at office early this morning, I was in a non-stop mode up until I arrived home. Yes, this was one of those days where I had stacked appointments, multiple texts and emails, and calls for immediate assistance. When having such days, it’s the drop-in’s that put the real squeeze on my time. Oh well, I think I made it thru another day, but I know it’s going to likely be a repeat of it tomorrow. When remembering back in time those days following the 4th of July, I truly don’t remember business being this hectic, but of course the buyers are still on a burn to get just about anything bought.

My first out of office appointment, was to open up a home I sold, just to allow the new buyer to measure for a piece of furniture she’s looking at purchasing, and of course it’s a normal happening when back inside, the buyers start having another good look at everything. Thank goodness I predicted it and managed to get back to office before my mid-morning appointment arrived.

Part of my reason for getting to office earlier, was to set myself down and get that pile of bills paid and placed in the mail. Well, the furniture measuring call forced me to stop in the middle of it. With fifteen minutes free before my appointment arrived, I went back at it again, but still couldn’t get it all done. It wasn’t until after my appointment left that I was able to get all the checks issued and delivered over to the post office.

Even my lunchtime was shortened to where I bought, I sat, I ate and then went back to work at getting some emails answered and phone calls returned. While paying bills, I discovered I must’ve pushed my “multi-task” button because that’s pretty much what I was doing until I had to be at my next appointment.

I had two final walk-thru’s on homes this afternoon which between them, gobbled up a good three hours of my time, and mostly because of how far I had to travel for the second one. Thank goodness both of them passed the buyers’ inspection, so that’s all I have left, is to wait for the closing time to arrive. One of the buyers has been the most conscientious with her willingness to deliver documents and always being afraid she was taking up too much of my time. Having worked with that family before, it came as no surprise she’s still the same person she was 15 years or more ago. Good people.

I’m still waiting for an answer on an offer I submitted to another agent yesterday, and in spite of my having called for an update, I’ve still not heard. I only hope there’s not any playing of games because I have absolutely no time for such nonsense. I’ve always believed that you either play fair, or don’t play at all.

My trip over to Hancock County this afternoon was a pleasant drive, and especially when having taken those forgotten blacktops that connect from the back-side, the many small towns dotting that County. It’s amazing how varied the terrain is with Hancock
County because on the north side of it, you have some major rolling hills, and on the south side, there are table-top flat fields extending for miles. Since I’ve been over there enough now, I’m pretty sure I know where the “divide” is, which is quite interesting when looking at it while driving between the two.

One of my relatives stopped by for a chat today which was nice because it sort of helped to put everything back into balance, and especially when we started talking about the old days and ways. We both agreed that those years may have been difficult, but also character building which made us what we are today. It’s too bad we’d not been around each other when younger because I think we would’ve become quite the close friends. I would say that visit ended up being the highlight of my day.

I didn’t read much of the news today, but I did happen to see where Ukraine is now finally putting to use some of the sophisticated weaponry they’d received from Europe and the United States. I was really glad to see they’d taken back Snake Island and re-planted their flag on it.

The article about some of those Russian members of the Duma now saying that they should take back Alaska since one of the Czars sold it to the United States way back in the early 1800’s. Wow. What sort of imbeciles did Putin hand-pick to “represent” the entire country of Russia? When thinking about it for a moment, I dare say the French wouldn’t be knocking on our door want the territory back which was part of the Louisiana Purchase from France. If that would happen, all of us Iowan’s would be going back to school to learn French. It seems every day or so, the propaganda coming out of Russia is all the more bizarre. There’s no question they’ve got lying down to a science.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving thru traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it.

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