Many Old Ways

Last night’s storm was a bit on the frightening side, but at least we didn’t get the wind speeds that were predicted. When reading the news today, it appeared Albert Lea was in the middle of that storm with the amount of flooding they received. With the temps and humidity as high as they were yesterday, I wasn’t a bit surprised when hearing there were storms heading our way.

As of this morning, we officially have 36 S. Illinois under contract and I’m going to hope it’s going to go more smoothly than it has in the beginning. I went ahead and deposited the earnest money and then made the required journal entries in my trust account ledgers. As far as I’m concerned, that buyer got a very good buy on that home.

I had a handful of emails I had to respond to, and by the time they were sent out, the phone calls started coming in. One of them was from a past customer who wanted me to go out and take a look at his house this afternoon because he’s been thinking about putting it on the market and bumping up into something bigger and better. We set a time for just after lunch, just so I could get my other appointments taken care of.

My first out of office appointment was to show a commercial building to a customer who’s looking at expanding his business, so I headed out a little earlier to get myself familiar with it before he arrived. I’d never been in that building before, and a bit surprised it was smaller than it appeared from the street.

We were there for a good hour, and since there was no air conditioning, and by the time we left, I was feeling pretty dampish. He did decided to make an offer on it which ended up being rejected because of how far we were apart with price. It’s unfortunate the seller doesn’t realize we’re not in Downtown Rochester, Ames or Iowa City. Too many of our “powers that be” in our City government are drinking the same Kool-Aid when thinking we’re going to be a major tourist and business attraction once that whole Music Man, ghost hotel, and re-skinning of the mall is completed. I’m not a betting person, but I would step up the plate and place my bets. Yes, that’s how convinced I am it’s gonna do nothing more than create another burden on our struggling taxpayers.

By the time I was finished with those buyers, it was the hour I had to meet with this morning’s caller, so I grabbed my file on it and headed out there. When I pulled up, I was absolutely “wowed” by how meticulously the owner has been maintaining his yard, so when he came out to meet me I said, “Looks like you’ve got some landscape artist blood in you.” Yes, it was that impressive.

After I was given the full tour, we sat at his dining table so I could go over all the recent sales with him. Luckily he’s on the same page with me as far as pricing, so if and when he decides to list it, then we’ll have all that out of the way. I also gave him some pointers on what he should do to make it more appealing to the buying public. While driving away, I began remembering the dear old couple I’d sold it to before he purchased it. Unfortunately both of them are now deceased, but I can still see them clearly in my mind. They just so happened to be the only people I knew that owned a real live peacock, and when hearing the sound coming out of its beak, I came to know that the beauty of their feathers were a counter-balance to the nasty screeching sounds they make.

When I got back to office, I had more phone calls to return which kept me hopping most of the afternoon. I was reminded today of how absolutely thoughtless and selfish some people are who waste many hours of an agent’s time, and then either use another Realtor to sell or buy a home, and sometimes even buying direct from the owners. I’ve recently found myself not willing to be the “go to” person whenever they’re looking for advice or wanting to look at something because they’re wasting more of the valuable time I could be putting to use with others who’re far more grateful and deserving.

These next two days are going to have me on the run most of the time, and it won’t surprise me if I don’t get home until at least an hour or more later than normal. I’m even thinking this coming Saturday will become a spill-over from Friday, so my free Monday is going to be a paying-back by handing me a full day of real estate on Saturday, so let’s hope it’s not going to be hot and humid this weekend.

I happened to have a delightful conversation today with a young woman who’s very much into learning how to do things that most would shy away from. I just about had a jaw-drop when being told she knows all about modern farming because she’d gone to college to learn, and later had hands-on experience. The building site she lives on must be something out of a farm magazine because she raises goats, pigs, chickens and I’m sure a few other barnyarders.

Another thing which impressed me, was being told that she tries to make all her meals from scratch, and even to the point of making her own noodles. We also went on to talk about gardening, canning, freezing and butchering. For as young as she is, she certainly has quite the know-how regarding those many old ways which are re-gaining popularity with our younger generation. As I was walking away, I suddenly found myself refreshed by that non-real estate conversation.

I just happened to see a Japanese Beetle on a small Linden tree several days ago which I managed to kill, so with that said, be watchful of them because they can do one heck of an amount of damage in a very short period of time.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s easy to make a buck, but a whole heck of a lot tougher to make a difference.

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