Happy 4th of July 2022

Since I’d been kept awake last night up until around midnight due to some not too far away partygoers setting off fireworks, I found myself a bit on the crabby side most of the day, and likely because I didn’t get my normal rest. I understand the celebration, but I thought it was just too late for it to be going on. As much as it seemed like a repeat of Sunday due to the lack of traffic this morning, I had to keep reminding myself it was my Monday off, so happy 4th of July 2022!

When I arrived at office, I busied myself again with a possible sale file which had been hanging out there over the weekend, and only because the offer and the accompanying documents didn’t match up which sent up a red flag for me. The agent did finally text me back, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I truly wish my colleagues would be more careful about terms and conditions when writing offers, because when there’s suddenly a switching of horses in the middle of the stream, that’s when sellers start bristling which creates un-necessary stress on their part. Whenever there are changes made on offers after they’ve been ratified, it gives the sellers the mindset of “What’s gonna be next?”

Some weeks ago I received an offer on one of my listings which was so poorly written, I couldn’t tell for sure if one of the numbers was a nine or a seven. Now if my handwriting was that bad, I’d be using my computer keyboard to fill in those offer forms. I can normally read just about anyone’s printed or cursive handwriting, but that one was one of the worst I’d seen in many months.

I was surprised to find one of my client’s tenants at my office door this morning, and the main reason he stopped, was to tell me about a happening that took place late yesterday afternoon outside his apartment. Well, the long and short of it was there being an exceptionally drunk tenant across the driveway getting in his face and telling him he was trespassing by parking his car in his own designated parking spot. He said he didn’t say a word after she challenged him, but when he went to leave, he walked over and showed her exactly where the property line was. I’ll have to call the owner tomorrow and have him get after the landlord about his combative tenants. My how gutsy people can get whenever they’re liquored and/or drugged up. Since he was there, I couldn’t help sharing something that happened to me yesterday which was also an un-warranted attack. I’m coming into the belief that if we don’t stand our ground whenever someone’s on the offense, the attacks will become more frequent.

What most of our keyboard warriors don’t realize, is that if they post purposely misleading comments on our various social media platforms about a person’s business practices, they’re opening themselves up by possibly being charged with libel, and the most interesting thing I read recently, is the increasing number of people getting charged and convicted of libel, and most of it is coming from what’s been posted on our social medias. I truly get how libel and slander works because when in college, one of my instructors mentioned how easy it is to create a no-win negative impact on someone, and the example he used was, “Now tell me truthfully. How often do you beat your wife?” Now expand on it enough to where you’ll realize that asking someone such a question in public, leaves the bystanders or readers wondering if his wife is getting beaten on a regular basis. It’s that evil negative hook which is one of the dirtiest plays when attempting to erode a person’s character. I can’t remind people enough about the liabilities they’re opening up for themselves when posting lies online, and especially if they’ve got assets.

Once I had my office readied for tomorrow’s hectic day, I changed my clothes and headed out to do some additional yard work by trimming bushes, spraying weeds and mowing. I was afraid the grass would be too wet, but it was actually fine. For the past two years I’ve been battling annual sweet pea vines which have been coming up from seed, and the first year I thought I had them all pulled out, but there are more of them again this year. There’s not nearly as many, but still they’re coming up. Whomever planted them should’ve done a little more research before placing them in a bed of perennials. They really are nasty little buggers.

By the time I was finished, I was near-soaking wet, so off to the office I went to get myself changed back into my street clothes. When looking at my vehicle’s thermometer reading 87 degrees outside, I suddenly realized why I was drenched.

Because both my long-sleeved shirt and undershirt was soaked, I put them in a plastic bag to take home and launder. Instead of getting myself washed off, I decided to remain shirt-less and seat myself at my piano while my office tripod fan was blowing in my direction. I only had the piano lamp on, just so there wouldn’t be anyone seeing me seated topless while running thru various pieces of music. By the time I was all dried out, I proceeded to finish dressing and head home.

As I was driving home, I had a funny thought about my shirt-less piano playing when saying to myself, “Well, if Putin can go horseback riding shirt-less, then I should be able to seat myself at piano and play shirt-less.” The last time I checked my physique, I’d say I could give that pigmy a run for his money, and especially after he was making fun of the bodies of other world leaders, and no, I haven’t had any cosmetic alterations done to my torso, so what you see, is what you get. Too funny.

Speaking of that evil Putin, I continue to hope and pray the Ukrainians will be able to start pushing those Russian devils and their mercenaries back across their borders because that war is also a global war against democracy.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I have never voted a party line because I vote on the individual and the issues.

Joe Chodur

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