Chain-Stake For A Dog

Another Sunday morning had soon arrived, which prompted me to walk back to my contemplative corner and get my prayer session completed before even thinking about anything else. Over the course of these many months, I’ve discovered that if I get involved with real estate or opening my email prior, I’ve found it to be harder to get settled down enough to start my session, so unless there’s something really pressing, my Sunday morning prayer session is at the top of my list of “to do’s”.

Since I’d arrived earlier than normal, I proceeded to get some emails sent out, and one of them to a friend of mine who recently lost a family member. I did all I could to give her advice and support during another one of life’s transitions which more sooner than later, arrives at everyone’s doorstep. I’m hoping the words of encouragement I had will be of some help, and especially knowing what it’s like to lose loved ones. Not everyone, but for the most part, time does heal the wounds created by loss to the point where they’re at least manageable.

After I cranked out several other emails which needed responses, I headed over to my office piano and ran thru the hymns I was give to play over at St. Paul Lutheran. I was pretty comfortable with all of them except one piece, which is what I had to run thru about a half dozen times before I finally got it. I have to laugh to myself when believing in the past before I started playing for them, that I was pretty much up to speed with a good share of church music. How wrong I was when discovering there are countless numbers which I’ve not even heard sung let alone played. Yes, it has been a humbling experience.

Before it was time for me to head over to St. Paul, I busied myself with getting my office straightened up after this past week’s whirlwind of real estate listings and sales.  I’m very thankful I managed to keep everything moving, especially having a nearly last minute closing on a sale which we had to wait on title work from an attorney’s office and then forcing me to make a fast trip to Hampton for signatures from my seller. I was almost certain we weren’t going to get that to close on time, but thankfully we did.

Today’s music over at St. Paul went much better than I was expecting, and in spite of it being exceptionally warm up in the choir loft, I still manage to keep my cool. The piece I was struggling with at office, came out sounding as if I’d known it for years. What has been a very big help for me, is there being more people in attendance who’re singers, and the more there are, the more I’m comfortable playing. As I’ve mentioned to many, I’m not a performer, but rather an accompanist.

Over these many years, I’ve found it doesn’t take but a few lines of listening to an organist or pianist, and able to tell what type they are. Sometimes they get so carried away with their add-on’s, a person almost can’t follow the song line. Speaking of song lines, one of the members at St. Paul mentioned more than once how much she liked to sing when I’m playing for them because it’s easier for her to follow the song line. Back when I played at another church some years ago, I used to strongly suggest to the music director, not schedule difficult music for the congregation to sing, but unfortunately she wouldn’t listen so there’d be many-a-time I’d be unexpectedly playing a “solo”.

When I got back from St. Paul, I changed my clothes and went over to a little project and busied myself for a good three hours until I’d had enough because I knew there was one thing I had to do before leaving, and that was to dig out a steel fence post which someone had pounded so far into the ground, that only about a foot and a half was still sticking up. I’d tried to get it out once before, but didn’t have the appropriate shovel. By the time I did get it out, that hole was a good four or more feet deep. After getting it out, I put all the dirt back and leveled it. That steel post sticking out of the ground has been bugging me for years, so today was the day was going to get it out, even if I had to dig to China. My greatest fear about that post, was it being a trip hazard because it was too close to an area where people walk. Near the top of that post there was a hole drilled thru it which made me think it was likely used as a chain-stake for a dog. Who knows.

I thought I’d be able to get the rest of my mowing done today, but getting that stake dug out was a bigger chore than I reckoned, so I now have one more mowing to do, and likely not tomorrow because it’s supposed to be raining. My garden will be happy to get the rain, and I can only imagine how much more growth there’ll be afterwards. Since I’d made a point not to have as large of a garden as I had last year, it’s become more manageable. I mentioned to one of my colleagues that I’ll be more tanned than I’ve been in years, and mostly due to my being out of doors more. I still can’t go with wearing long-sleeved shirts, jeans and a wide-brimmed hat because I really can’t take that much of the sun.

When I returned to office, I cleaned myself up and changed back into my street clothes, and before calling it a day, I checked my email again, and there I found the offer I was waiting for, but unfortunately I was having a problem printing it out so I could scan and email it to the seller of 36 S. Illinois. After several attempts, I finally called it quits and set it aside for first thing tomorrow. I swear my office computer is getting so it doesn’t like printing out documents with e-signatures. I’ll have to find out why that’s started happening.

On my way home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and wouldn’t you know, there were people rushing about buying every kind of liquor, bags of ice, pizzas and everything else associated with 4th of July parties. Have fun, but stay safe.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When seeking truth, it’s a must you get both sides of any story.

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